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Boston Rob...A New Teal Blue Album...Bigfoot Again

Jul 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning July 22 and we’ll hit a hillbilly high of 91 degrees today. Thought it has been warm and muggy, I would say we’ve not had oppressive heat yet here in Nashville. Nothing like what the west has experienced. Word is that the heat from the California wildfires is so intense that it’s created thunderstorms that carry no rain. A weird heat phenomenon for sure.



Wednesday morning kicked off with a songwriting session with Rob Bellamy out in Boston. It was great to see his fiancé’ soon to be wife Ayla Brown stick her head into the computer screen to say “hey” also. Ayla is doing the country morning show out in Boston for the big country radio station there and she’s just lighting it up. A natural, and I knew she would be. They made a great hire. Ayla and I have written a lot of songs together too, and several with Rob…some of which they have recorded together. I’m thrilled for their success and their upcoming wedding in just a couple of weeks now.


Rob brought a “dark” song idea to the table yesterday, so we went down that dark road together and brought a new song to life. Always fun.



It was a double-header writing day as Darin and Brooke Aldridge joined me from North Carolina in the evening. I had an “North Carolina” kind of bluegrass idea that they loved and that’s what we wrote together last night. But it also gave us time to catch up with their growing careers and it gave me a chance to say “congrats” on their most recent bluegrass award nominations. That’s kind of become a regular thing for these two.


They also told me their new album is done which has three songs on it we wrote together, including their next single “Grand Ole Circle”. In fact, they are releasing a very cool limited-edition vinyl copy of the album. The record itself is teal blue in color. Very cool. The release date is the first of August. I’m planning on going over to my publishing company tomorrow to pick up a copy of that. The album title is This Life We’re Livin’.



To 96-year-old Florence Rigney from Tacoma Washington. Florence decided to finally retire as a nurse. 91 and still working in a hospital doing the amazing work nurses and doctors do. Imagine what she’s seen in her long career. And she LOVED her job enough to still be doing it at 91. Wow.


She and others like her are the reason that artist Kristy Cox and I wrote a song called “Heroes” with Jerry Salley that’s going to be her next single out soon. A song to honor all those front-line folks just like Florence.



The AP released new statistics showing that Covid-19 cases have now tripled in the last two weeks. The doctors and staff interviewed said they were frustrated and felt it was déjà vu all over again with regular surgeries being postponed trying and take care of the influx of new Covid patients. Several experts are saying it’s time to “mask up” again.


And now the new hot spot reportedly is Las Vegas that just fully re-opened for tourists and gamblers.


On the other side of the line, Eric Clapton says he will NOT play any venue that requires one to be vaccinated.



They fined the Norwegian women’s volleyball team because the girls refused to wear required bikinis. They said they saw no reason for that rule. I’d have to agree. What do bikinis have to do with playing volleyball?  Heck, I’ve been to the beach. I was in Cozumel once and played volleyball with my shirt off until a little old lady walked up to me waving a hundred-dollar bill she said she’d give me if I put my t-shirt back on.



In today’s installment I’m going to choose Sedona, Arizona. The red rocks are just breathtaking. Take a hike…get up high on a rock and soak up the beauty. There’s a road that goes up to the small airport that has a heck of a view too overlooking the city and the rocks if you don’t feel like hiking. Take your swimsuit and go to Slide Rock just outside of town which is like nature’s slippery water slide that you can go down. Eat at Javelina’s. Great Mexican food. And if you do hike, keep your eyes open for real Javelina’s that jumped out and scared the heck out of me when I was hiking above the town once with my friend out in Arizona Roger Naylor. Spend a night. Watch the sunset hit those rocks and be amazed. Take the Pink Jeep tour. They’ll show you where “The Judds” recorded this video for their hit "Love Can Build A Bridge".  One could easily live there if one could only afford it.



The new Kennedy Center honorees this time around will include Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell, Lorne Michaels the producer of Saturday Night Live, Opera singer Justino Diaz and the creator of Motown Berry Gordy. I always try to watch those shows. The list of entertainers that show up to honor the honorees is always an amazing list and the show if entertaining.


Here’s one of my favorite moments from a past Kennedy Center night when “Office star Steve Carrell walked out to honor Steve Martin.



Clint Eastwood who’s been married and divorced a few times says this about the institution of marriage. “Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning”.


And on relationships, actress Kate Beckinsale was just quoted as saying that she’s never really been on a date. “I either marry them or get pregnant by them”. Well okay then.



Kayaker Allegedly Captured Big Foot on Video Carrying a Baby Sasquatch”. (Allegedly being the key word me thinks)



I’m writing with my Arkansas friend Brent Baxter today. We were to right with Nathan Woodard who writes for the gospel part of the publishing company that I write for her in Nashville but Nathan came down with Covid…bad. He’s been bad sick and through some hell dealing with it. We’re just praying he continues to get better and through it.


Have a great Thursday!



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