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Writing With Jam...Radio Legend Retires...It Ain't Chicken

Jul 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello you old camel “Hump Day” you.



I got to sit down with Irene Kelley and write another song…#25 for our kitchen table sessions already.  And Irene made my job easier because she had a couple of lines for an idea with a great melody.  The song is born out of the subject we’re all talking about today…that the world is surely different than we’ve ever seen it before and how “friends” are more important to us than ever.  Thank you Irene.  AND…I left the house with a bonus.  A jar of jam she made herself for my wife and me.  I’m sure it’s delicious because she suggested to spread it on healthy bread meaning that the jam is probably not the healthiest treat BUT…it also means it will taste GREAT.



To Eddie Stubbs long time WSM radio announcer and Grand Ole Opry Announcer who announced he’s retiring last night on WSM.  Eddie knows more about classic country music than any human being that’s alive.  He’s a walking history lesson for country music…a professor if you will.  Eddie is part of my class of Country Radio Broadcasters…we were inducted into the Country Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame on the same evening.  There is truly no-one quite like Eddie and there will be nobody like him once he hangs up his headphones.  Every single time I listened to him on air…I learned something.  And this is coming from someone with a fair amount of knowledge about country music.  Eddie makes me look like a rank amateur.  I filled in for Eddie several times on WSM.  One night he told me to please not play any Elvis on his show.  He hates Elvis. Still makes me laugh thinking about it.  Put your feet up Eddie…enjoy whatever is next.  And thanks for the history lessons.



It was interesting to read that the Governor of Georgia yesterday is encouraging folks in the Peach State to wear a mask for 4 weeks.  Next weekend I’ll be Toccoa, Georgia for a show inside the beautifully restored Ritz Theater with Linda Davis and Lang Scott for our “Evening In The Round” show.  So, thank you for that Gov.  It’s my first show of any kind since March, and that’s welcome news for those of us that will be in your state.


Walmart announced it will be closed on Thanksgiving.  No massive crowds resembling a roller derby scrum pushing and shoving each other to get a cheap TV.  Probably a good idea.


RV rentals are up over 400% since the virus started.  Folks are trying to get away to the outdoors safely.


And some good news. New York City reported zero deaths for the first time since March.  We’ll take all the good news we can.



Mostly sunny with a fair chance of a Tsunami.  Yikes.  After a 7.8 earthquake hit off southern Alaska folks are wisely evacuating.  Nobody wanna be in a Tsunami. One more footnote to a forgettable 2020.



I joke sometimes that there is no reason for any of us to be stupid anymore.  You can Google the answer to almost anything you need answered.  You can ask Siri to do equations for you. And with You Tube you can find out “How To” do most anything.  The top 3 “How To” searches right now are: How To put in contact lenses.  How To tone various parts of the body. And How To shave for the first time. The last “How To” I personally charged was “How To Get Relief For My Sore Back”.  The guy on the video said, “Dude, don’t lift that concrete bird bath by yourself again.”


O Sole’ Fatto

In Venice the gondola boat owners are restricting capacity because of so many overweight tourists climbing in.  Wow.  Wait til the quarantine is over and all the tourists who have been grazing since the virus started come over for a visit. 


That’s one of those “bucket list” things most want to do.  My wife and I sat in one on our Italy trip a couple of years ago.  The guy poling us down the beautiful canal was singing in Italian and did not know the words to “Achy Breaky Heart” that I requested. Dang.  So, I pulled up a “How To Sing Achy Breaky Heart” in Italian You Tube video for him.



Italian Police say they have found drugs in coffee beans.  Well, that explains why I feel a little more jacked up than normal after just one cup of java.  I’m partial to the Starbucks Cocaine Pike blend myself.



KFC is developing poultry free chicken nuggets.  No chicken in CHICKEN nuggets. It will be made in some lab from chicken cells and plant material.  To be honest, I always wondered if their chicken nuggets were made of chicken anyway. This move will allow more chickens now to live old enough to collect their social security checks.



Now Fruit Loops has a Fruit Loop Ice Pop.  Yep, the popsicle tastes like the cereal. Cool.  Now if I can get a Mac and Cheese Ice Pop…all will be well in my world.



Robin Williams would have been 69 today.  Gone to soon…at his own hands.  Nobody was ever quicker on his feet.  A machine gun rapidity with his lines.  I had the pleasure of seeing his stand-up show once and never laughed so hard.  Truly amazing what he could do.  And some of the improv stuff he did with his friend Jonathan Winters is priceless too.  Wish he was still amongst us making us laugh.


My writing appointment is with Josh Shilling today…one of my favorite partners in rhyme. My job is pretty darned easy when I write with Josh because he’s such a great musician AND singer. One of the great side benefits of being a struggling songwriter is getting to hear some of my co-writers sing. And Josh is most certainly part of that group.


Have a great Wednesday!













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