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Milwaukee Guitars and Champs...Veteran's Song...Funniest Sitcoms

Jul 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday…sun is sneaking up over Old Hickory Lake again outside my little blogging window.



My writing appointment put me face to face with my young Milwaukee friend Nora Collins. Nora’s been in town 5 or 6 years now and she works hard at being creative and chasing her dream. We talked a bit about her new custom-made Milwaukee Guitar that was made by a father and son team up in Milwaukee after they had been following her career and success on Instagram. Pretty cool. And the guitar is just gorgeous. She picked out her own color “Tequila Sunrise” and you’ll see her holding it a lot of you catch one of her shows.


Yesterday I brought a verse and a chorus to the writing table that she loved so we finished that together and put another son in our co-write pile. Nora’s easy to root for in this tough business…and I’m certainly doing that. Fun Tuesday writing for sure.



I’m sure Nora was cheering big time after the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Championship. The first time in 50 years. I watched the Buck for six years when I worked radio up there. They were pretty bad. I would have never thought a small market team like Milwaukee would ever be able to do what Kareem and Oscar Robertson did for them way back in the day. Fear the Deer!  Congrats.


Random…I do have to say that I was at a Cincinnati Bearcats game one time. Oscar Robertson played his college basketball for UC and took THEM to a championship. So, I got to the bathroom…in walks the Big O and he’s standing right next to me one urinal over. Didn’t say a word to him.  Wanted to…but somehow in this porcelain setting it did not seem appropriate.



Then yesterday afternoon I was in the Daywind Studios…part of BillyBlue Publishing who I write for and recorded the song I wrote with and for Afghanistan-Iraq Veteran Tim Lorenzo who was a combat engineer clearing mines and explosives. His song is titled “I Cleared the Way”. I want to thank the Daywind group for giving up some studio time so we can honor another veteran with his story in song. It was just me and the guitar and the heartfelt words that will wind up on a Freedom Sings USA record in the future. And thanks to Justin for engineering this track with me.


It’s interesting to me that when you record a song like this, whoever is on the other side of the glass pushing the nobs and slides is moved too and wants to know more about the song…the story…and that veteran. It’s just cool to be able to share his story with lots of other folks.



The International Bluegrass Award nominations came out yesterday. My friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge who have recorded several of my songs through the year were nominated for Duo of the Year and Brooke was nominated again for Female Vocalist, and award she’s now taken home the last three years in a row.


Becky Buller who I also write with got a nomination for best Album of the Year and several other musicians and artists I know also made the list. Happy for all of them…and congratulations!



The Jeff Bezos rocket made it to space and back safely. Billionaires in space. Maybe it’s just me, but I would have had some designers come up with a different look than the pornographic look his rocket has. Comedians everywhere though are thankful.



China now has the fastest train ever. It’s called a levitating train and it goes 373 mph. And it’s designed to NOT look like that Jeff Bezos rocket. Good call.



The CDC Director now says that 87% of all the new cases of Covid are from the Delta variant.


Fully vaccinated folks will be able to cross over the border back into Canada again in three weeks. Meanwhile the word is that Australia could lock down again because of how Delta has spread there. That will make my co-writer unhappy as young Angus Gil has been planning a move to the United States and can’t do it because of Covid…still.


And with the summer Olympics just days away, the organizer says the entire event (which will have on fans in the stands) could still be cancelled because of Covid safety concerns in Tokyo.


Perhaps most startling is the news that the average life expectancy for Americans decreased by one and a half years during this pandemic. That’s the largest drop since WWII.



The EAA Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It’s a terrific air museum. It’s dedicated to the preservation of historic and experimental aircraft including antiques, classics, and warbirds. And you can jump on an old aircraft and go for a ride. I got on board an old Stearman biplane, open cockpit and all. And at one point the pilot let me take the controls to feel what it’s like to fly a classic old plane like that. Awesome. Once a year the world’s largest gathering of experimental aircraft fly in for a big gathering. And if you do make the trip, check out the Houdini Museum nearby Appleton. Houdini of course won’t be there…he escaped. But a lot of his stuff is in that museum.



Dolly Parton at age 75 put back on the Playboy costume she wore when she was on the cover all those years ago for her husband on his birthday. He liked the original cover, so Dolly put the old cover in a frame with a new picture of her as a bunny at 75 and gave it to him. Wanna know how to be a star? Follow Dolly’s lead. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be self-effacing. Own what ya got and make fun of it yourself. And don’t talk politics. Oh, and have a ton of talent like she does too. One of the greatest songwriters of all time having written “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You” by herself on the same day!



Now someone has given us “hot dog rounds” Basically it’s a hot dog that’s round to put on a hamburger bun. The originators tell us it holds your condiments better. Since I eat my plain, I don’t see me eating a round dog in the near future. I might offload some of my stock in hot dog buns though…just in case.



According to Marie Claire magazine the top 5 funniest sitcoms are:



The Good Place (what?)

Arrested Development

Parks and Rec (very funny)


And their number one choice is one not many would argue against. “Lucy”.


Everybody’s list would be different, I’m sure. My top 5 would have had both “Cheers” and “Mash” in it.



Drunk Guy Accidentally Takes A $1,200 Uber from Kid Rock’s in Nashville All the Way Back Home to Alabama.



I’ve got a double-header songwriting day. This morning I’m writing with Rob Bellamy who will be looking at me with a guitar on his computer out in Boston. Rob’s new single “If There Was No Alcohol” that we wrote together is out right now as his newest single…and it’s really a fun summertime song.


Then this evening I’ll be rhyming with Darin and Brooke Aldridge again down in North Carolina. That will give me a chance to say “congrats” to both of them for their bluegrass nominations I mentioned earlier in today’s blog.


Have a great Wednesday!

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