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New Studio Songs...Congrats To My Wife...Yard Sales

Jul 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning the 20th of July already.



I had the pleasure of sitting in a studio on Music Row and listening to some new Jenny Tolman songs that we’ve written with Dave Brainard being recorded for her next album out early next year. I’m never ceased to be amazed at the skill set of the musicians who come in and just make musical magic happen. And hearing the songs come to life never gets old. They were recording at what I remember being the old Mercury studios back in the day where Tom T Hall, and Roy Drusky, Johnny Rodriguez, Dave Dudley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and countless others recorded big hits. I remember walking in there once and heard a session going down with an artist named Hugh X Lewis back in the day and I was just starstruck and what I was seeing and hearing. So there was a little déjà vu going on yesterday too.  Can’t wait to be able to share some of what I heard yesterday soon.



I want to congratulate my wife Kathy here publicly. We have a copyright that we hung in the Whyte House yesterday and it wasn’t mine. It was hers for her book that she’s written. It’s fiction, a novel and it’s so good. And right now the editorial process has begun with her publisher in Florida and that will go on for at least the rest of the year I’m guessing as they edit and prune and get it just right before they release the book. It’s a big deal…and I’m so proud of her for just taking an idea she had, spending the time it takes to write it, and then securing a publisher for it all on her own. Congrats baby. I’m happy being the guy that constantly hears, “man…your married up”!



Last night I watched my Reds lose their 4th game in a row after being on a roll recently. Sigh. I’ve said before that one can’t go to a baseball game and NOT have a hot dog. And then I read this old Letterman quote this morning that made me laugh…but will still not stop me from having a dog when I go to the park.  Letterman said, “Do you know what I love about baseball? The pine tar, the resin, the grass, the dirt. And that’s just what’s in the hot dogs”.



So my wife tells me that she wants to go to an estate sale nearby. She saw the sign advertising it. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to an estate sale. And maybe I’ve been to one- or two-yard sales in my entire lifetime…not by my choice. My theory on that is folks who buy stuff at yard sales and the like that that stuff home and then a couple of years later have their own yard sale and put up the stuff they bought at a yard sale in their own yard sale…for less than they paid for it. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.


A guy in a band once said that he was thinking about renaming his band “Yard Sale” because of all the free publicity posters. Brilliant!



Gulp.  The Dow fell 725 points yesterday apparently spooked by the rising number of Covid cases. The fear being of course that the new Delta variant could cripple the economy again if we start shutting down again.


Quite the turnaround. Sean Hannity on Fox now begging his viewers to get vaccinated after first saying Covid was a hoax.


A federal judge in Indiana says Indiana University can require students to be vaccinated. If the FDA approves the vaccine, we’ll probably see more of this happening.


The UK opened up and with that the CDC here is encouraging Americans not to go there with the threat level at 4…their highest. In Kentucky the Governor wants more mask wearing again…even for the fully vaccinated.


Meanwhile, 29% of Americans responded in a poll and say that they believe the shot is more dangerous than the virus itself. While in France, 100,000 folks protested the pressure to get shots and the threat that businesses could be closing again.


And on it goes.



Coming to the Discovery Channel a new show titled “Naked and Afraid of Love”. What’s with all the naked TV shows?  I’m going to develop one titled “Naked and Afraid to Look”. 



I thought I’d start a new feature here on the blog today. One of the great things about being in the music business is that it has allowed me to see a lot of the world. Those trips added to the trips I’ve taken on my own and the places I’ve seen. So each day here for a while I thought I’d suggest a place for you to see if you can that I’ve already been too.  Place number one:


The Pearl Harbor tour in Hawaii. Go to the little museum. Watch the film and be reminded of what happened on that fatal day. Then take the boat ride over to the USS Arizona still under water. When we went, there were almost as many Japanese tourists as there were Americans. They were just as moved, quiet, and respectful as the Americans making the tour. The names of the sailors lost on the white wall inside the floating memorial is moving. And seeing little drips of oil that still escape the Arizona is chilling. And all of it sits in that beautiful harbor off Oahu.



A FAKE tour guide for Yellowstone is in jail. He gave tours and then encouraged the folks who went with him to do illegal things inside Yellowstone Park. If you’ve signed up for a tour and the guide suggests that you sit on the Old Faithful hole and wait for a few minutes? Time to find a new guide.



A busy Tuesday that starts with a co-write with my young Wisconsin friend Nora Collins who was just gifted a guitar from the Miller Guitar Company in Milwaukee. I’m going to pepper her with questions about that bad boy and how she got one!


Then this afternoon I’m in studio to record a song I wrote with an Afghanistan-Iraq combat engineer veteran that I wrote with out in Colorado recently. We turned his story of blowing up bombs and IED’s and the likes into a song. It’s an honor to do so and the song will be put on an album of songs like mine from other songwriters who also wrote with the veterans. My song is called “I Cleared the Way” and salutes Army vet Tim Lorenzo. An honor to get to be able to do this.


Have a great Tuesday!







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