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Weird Baseball...New Song Out...Boston Rhymes

Jul 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The weekend be gone…back to a Monday.



Mine started Friday with an online songwriting session with Gary Cavanaugh and a young friend of his he’s been writing with Meagan Allen.  Meagan is Senior at Belmont here in Nashville the big music college, but she was in Atlanta Monday morning at her folk’s house when she joined Gary and me on the computer.  For me it’s a pleasure working with young talented folks like her.  She plays both guitar and piano well…and no telling what else.  And her songwriting instincts are sharp.  That might partly be because her major in college is in songwriting.  Yes…you can get a songwriting degree at Belmont.  Who knew?  It was a great experience writing with her for the first time, so I appreciate Gary letting me into their little creative circle.  I had started an idea that I thought might fit her vocal talent and fortunately she fell in love with it. So, she’ll record a rough version of the tune in the next few days and then we’ll wait as always to see where the song might go.



Caught a couple of things on the tube.  First, I watched a little baseball…exhibition games and got a look at what the baseball season will look like on television.  Weird.  Really weird.  Wrigley field was empty of fans, and so was the Mets Stadium in New York for the Yankees-Mets matchup.  No fans in the stands.  Shots of players in the dugouts wearing masks.  The real (shortened) season starts this weekend.  My Reds have their first real game early Friday evening and I’ll watch…but man is it different.


And on Netflix I caught the movie “Den of Thieves” starring Gerard Butler. I rate it a little better than fair.  Violent…so beware or watch the Trailer first to help you decide if it’s for you.  Every time I watch a “guy” movie I learn some new colorful language…that I’m not allowed to use. 



My friend Scott Southworth’s new album “These Old Bones” is out today and includes a song the two of us wrote “Less To Break” that People Country Magazine” had nice things to say about, even suggesting it’s a best track on the CD.  I can tell you this.  It’s hardcore country for sure.  Click on the link to listen and thank you Scott for recording the song. 



The new trending Covid phrase is “Covidiots”.  You can imagine how that word is being used.  Mask or no mask?  Covidiot!


Vegas is now a big red-hot zone of cases after the town and the casinos opened back up.  There certainly seems to be a pattern.  Open up…the numbers spike.


Rural real estate prices are surging higher also related to the virus and the fact that folks want to get out of the cities and into more wide-open spaces where they feel safer. 


And if you’re wondering where the safest Covid-Free places are in the world?  Here’s the top 5 safest places.  Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Singapore and Japan. 



It’s a 50-mile wide swarm of flying ants in England.  So large that it shows up on weather maps for gosh sakes.  Yet another highlight for 2020.



Young Kylie Jenner has a 2-year-old daughter.  She just gifted the 2 year old with a Louis Vuitton Purse that cost $1,180.  And you just know the 2-year-old will stuff and peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the bottom of that expensive trinket.


AND…William Shatner?  He’s worth 100 million bucks.  He started his career making only $5,000 as Captain Kirk on Star Trek.  Over a 69 year show biz career? Safe to say he’s boldly gone to the bank a few times.



I saw an article from a travel writer listing some places he would go back to.  You can guess a lot of them.


Make you think about the places you’d go back to again and again if you could.  I’ve certainly got a lot of those.


Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Ireland, Italy, Disney World, almost and Baseball Park, The Grand Tetons, Carmel, St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas…all the Saints.  The World Series.  An Andrea Bocelli Concert. An Eagles Concert.  The Ryman Auditorium when the Grand Ole Opry is there.  Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Door County Wisconsin.  The Indianapolis 500.  Sedona, Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole.  So many places.  How bout you?



I don’t know that I have a real hobby.  Playing music for me has always been my job and my hobby at the same time.  Now…there are some really weird hobbies out there.  Here’s a few…and these are legit.


Extreme Ironing, Mooing and my fave…collecting navel fluff.  They do that in Australia apparently.  I might take up “mooing” just to see if I can find a creative way to do that in the middle of a song.



Gosh, if you play an instrument of almost any kind you’ll stop and pick that instrument up if one is near you.  I don’t think that leaves a musician ever.  Did you see Billy Joel sit down at a random piano on a sidewalk and start pounding the keys?



At the Shanghai Museum of Glass, a couple of kids got to playing and shattered the world’s largest glass blown sculpture.  It took a Spanish glassblower 500 hours to make the delicate creation of a Cinderella Castle.  It took the kids seconds to wipe it out. 



I’m co-writing with Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy this morning online.  Ayla will be just getting off the air as the co-host of the morning country show at Country 102.5 in Boston.  The two used to live just around the corner from me here in Nashville then out of nowhere Ayla got an offer to jump into radio in a major market and she did.  Both Rob and Ayla are from that region originally so it’s a return to home for them.  Ayla played on the Boston College basketball team…a starter.  She did well on American Idol one year.  Her Dad was a Senator and then Ambassador to New Zealand until recently and her Mom is a longtime TV media person in Boston.


Meanwhile Rob played a lot of hockey.  He played for Maine when he was in college and then a lot of minor league hockey. His sister was on the gold medal women’s team for hockey in South Korea where Ayla sang the National Anthem before they watched Rob’s sister help USA win the gold.


So, you can see they are talented and have already had really interesting lives. Here's one song the three of us wrote together when they were in Music City that they put on their last album with two other songs of ours.  It’s going to be great catching up with them and writing something new for them as both continue to do shows now all over the Boston region.  Here we go.


Have a great Monday!





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