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Good Music News...Festival Schedule...In Studio

Jul 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And…it be Monday. We have some rain in the forecast for what will be a busy Monday. Flood warnings were out last night…my TV kept reminding me all night. Out west huge wildfires are still raging. The Christmas tree crop in Oregon is in bad shape this year because of all the heat. And parts of Arizona had huge hail and a ton of water…particularly Flagstaff…which by the way is a beautiful place to visit.



My friend Brady Seals called me over the weekend to let me know he’s selected songs for his next project and that 4 songs that the two of us have written through the years will be on it. AND…we have the title track for it too!  Release date looks to be sometime in October. Brady is just one of my favorite talents in this town. We go back to when he snuck into the Mineshaft Lounge in Cincinnati (where he’s from) underage to compete in a weekly talent contest I helped emcee. And then of course I’ve followed his career with Little Texas, Hot Apple Pie, and his major record label solo career as wise. So some good news and I can’t wait for folks to be able to hear some of these songs we’ve been holding onto for a while. Thank you Brady.



I also got a sneak preview listen to a new song coming out on Kristy Cox. If you follow this blog, then you know Kristy is an award-winning bluegrass artist from Australia that I write with and have been blessed to have had her record several songs of mine on her last couple of CDs. Her new album is almost done, and her producer Jerry Salley sent me a copy of what will be the first new single for her that Jerry and I wrote with Kristy from an idea I had about honoring those doctors and nurses who have been on the frontline for a long time now battling for folks’ lives. Gosh, it just turned out so great, and I hope that at least in some small ways that this song might remind us how lucky we are to have those folks fighting for us.



The Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival August 19-21 just released the full schedule for this year. I’ll be busy. I’m part of two songwriting classics with my friend Brady Seals where folks can sign up to write with us and learn more about that craft.


And then I’ll be playing three different shows during the run of the festival.


Friday August 20, I have two shows.


At 4 pm I’ll be in a songwriter round with Dallas Remington and Onoleigh, two female writers I’ve not met. We’ll be at Dollywood.


Then at 7:30 pm I have a “Hits & Grins show with my pals Victoria Venier & Steve Dean at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery.


Then Saturday August 21 I’m at the Park Vista Hotel with Brady Seals and Gerald Smith for 7:30 pm show.


The Smokies are beautiful, and the writer’s festival will give you a chance to see a lot of writers who have written a lot of the songs you’ve heard on the radio. Might as well plan on booking a cabin or hotel and join us for the fun.



There are reports that say the FDA will approve the Pfizer vaccine within the next couple of months. And with that news Israel is saying the Pfizer vaccine is “significantly” less effective against the Delta variant that’s going around.


In NYC 1/3rd of all hospital workers have chosen not to be vaccinated…so far.


USA Today reported this morning that deaths are up 25% from two weeks ago with cases rising now in every state.



J Lo and Ben Affleck are shopping for a mansion it appears. They just got a tour of this 70 MILLLION dollar mansion in California. How long does it take to tur a 70-million-dollar mansion anyway? Pretty sure I’ll never know. It’s going to take the Roomba a long time to clean that place.



To Bill Anderson, who’s almost a neighbor of mine. They celebrated Bill being a member of the Grand Ole Opry for 60 years now!  An unreal accomplishment. And he’s still doing it. One of the greatest country songwriters of all time and he’s still writing hits for today’s younger country artists too. Like this classic he co-wrote with Jon Randall that Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss took to the top of the charts.



Think folks aren’t ready to cruise again?  A world cruise that will cost you $73,000 per person just went on sale. It completely sold out in less than 3 hours. That’s a lot of buffets and ice carvings.



Because, in Las Vegas a woman broke into a dentist’s office over the weekend and extracted 13 teeth from an anesthesia patient. Proof that the heat can really get to some folks. Check out this story and the picture of the teeth stealer.



3 men have been charged with 63 crimes for the Missouri Duck Boat disaster that occurred on Table Rock Lake in Branson where several drowned. The case was tossed out of Federal Court originally, but now it’s being brought before a Stone County judge in Missouri. Involuntary manslaughter being the main charge.


That news caught my attention because I was in Branson playing the Billy Yates Songwriter Show. A HUGE storm blew up out of nowhere and I barely got in my hotel room before wind and heavy rain really started hitting hard. The next thing I know I hear siren after siren after siren racing down the main drag just outside my hotel. I found out why later when I turned on the news. Just a tragic story that could have been prevented if they had just erred on the side of caution when the bad weather reports first came out that day.



Craig Campbell who’s a great country artist and his wife Mindy have decided to open a little coffee place in Eagleville, Tennessee their hometown. They’re placing it in a 185-year-old building they’re restoring, and it should be open next year. My favorite part about this is the name they chose. They’re naming it Grindstone Cowboy Coffee. Glen Campbell would be proud.



In Fort Worth over the weekend the lawn police demanded a guy a cut his lawn. He didn’t answer the knock on the door, so the city folks started mowing the overgrown lawn. That’ when the dude opens the door and starts firing shots. Nobody was hurt. He’s in jail. His lawn looks great now. Remember to be careful when you knock on a door in Texas folks.



There are some folks who swear that putting castor oil on your hair helps make it thicker and longer. All I know is it tastes awful. Anyone else have had their mouth held open as a kid so the parents could put a spoonful of that in your mouth…for whatever reason that was that I can’t remember?  An unforgettable experience. I think I’m still scarred from it. Heck, it even sounds awful, doesn’t it?  Castor Oil?  30 weight oil surely tastes better.



NBC announced that 85% of the Super Bowl ads for next year are already sold. I’m thinking the ad sales for the National Cornhole Championship is significantly less.



“Florida Man Charged for Tossing an Alligator on His Roof to Teach It A Lesson”. One Arm Fred should be going before a judge soon.



My friend Jenny Tolman is in studio today beginning earnest work on her next album with her fiancé’ Dave Brainard doing the producing. I’m going to stick my head in for a while and hear some of that as 4 songs that I’m a part of are going to be on this next album to follow up her Jennyville album that received so much critical acclaim. It’s going to be a lot of fun to hear some of that going down today.


Have a great Monday!

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