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Pennsylvania Grass...Prine Time...Frankenstein House

Jul 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The weekend has flat snuck up on us again.



I wrote with my Pennsylvania bluegrass buddy Troy Engle Wednesday morning. An amazing musician, the guy plays literally every string instrument and then some. He was kind of born to do this. And the great part is he brought a chorus of a gospel-grass song yesterday that he’d been whittling on, and we finished it up in short order. I found out yesterday that he’s a camper with his family and built a little camper himself basically after buying a little pull behind box trailer putting bunks and whatever his kids need to sleep in out of the rain when they’re in the great outdoors. So Troy’s hands are good at something other than just holding a guitar, or banjo, or mandolin too. Thanks for the great idea Troy.



Each week I make sure I pull up two or three song charts so that I’m familiar with what artists are hot, and what songs are getting a lot of airplay. It’s helpful for a songwriter trying to figure out which songs they’ve written might have a chance in the commercial world. A lot of the time it’s a lot of the same ole same. And that’s when it’s time for me at least to just listen to someone or some music that I think is great. And those songs are rarely the ones sitting on the charts.


I love witty writers. Roger Miller is my all-time favorite. But I’m also a big fan of the late John Prine who wrote amazing lyrics over fairly simple melodies. Couple of days ago I found one of his songs “Take A Look at My Heart” that he sings with Springsteen. I jumped online and order the album “The Missing Years” that contains that song. I just wanted you to know what will be in my ears this weekend.  What and who will you be listening to?



I’m always grateful when I’m flipping through pages of news every morning when I see LESS Covid news. Sometimes I’ve actually seen hardly any bad news. Not the case anymore. Yesterday and this morning you can’t help but see lots of alarming new info.


Hospital beds are filling up again unfortunately. My home state of Missouri is requesting funding for alternate care sites in Springfield to be able to handle the increased load of patients. They’re reaching out for more ventilators too. 231 patients are being treated for Covid right now in Green County hospitals. 104 are in critical care and 61 are on ventilators.


IN LA county indoor masks are required again. Meanwhile Canada is saying they will let tourists in again in mid-August with proof they are fully vaccinated.


The WHO is thinking we may see several more variants along with Delta popping up.  Wonder if they’ll be naming those American, Southwest, Quantas etc?


Vaccines will be ready for those 12 and under by mid-winter. Will parents line their kids up for a shot?


The Red Sox and Yankees baseball series that’s always fun because of the rivalry, is off because at least a couple of the players have tested positive for Covid. And on it goes.



I don’t think one can be a baseball fan like I am, and not love a good hot dog. Part and parcel of going to a ballpark. This morning I read that the healthiest hot dog to eat is the Applegate Natural Incured Beef Hot Dog. I have no idea what “incurred” means and I won’t be looking it up. I just can’t see me ever seeing that on the menu at the ballyard.


My favorite ballpark hot dog ever was my first one. Old Sportsman Park in St. Louis. It was burnt a little…and I was hooked. After that?  The Nolan Ryan dog at the Texas ballpark in Arlington is pretty danged good.


Just give me a plain dog, burn it, put it on a bun and I’m a happy camper.


I also read this morning that hot dogs coming out of an air fryer are tasty. I don’t have an air fryer…but I may be shopping for one soon.



In Bath England tourists can go check out a 5-story house of all things Frankenstein. Smells, noises, and I’m guessing old Frank shows up somewhere in the house. Here’s what that looks like. I probably would not go because I hate soiling my pants when I’m on vacation.



A Christian youth pastor from Spokane who has said he “wanted to make Jesus famous” has sort of backed off his stance that you should not wear a bikini at a Christian youth camp.  And here I thought Jesus was already famous.


So after backing that off he says that he does still believe in the “no produce rule”. I didn’t know what it was either. The “no produce rule” means no buns, no bananas and no breasts” need to be seen. Proof again that sometimes religion can be head scratchingly funny.



One of the greatest excuses ever for gaining weight. “We all get heavier as we get older because there’s a lot more information in our heads. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”. Me too.



“Woman Claims She Can Communicate with Her Cat Thanks to Her Amazing Meows”. I can only guess there’s a Rosetta Stone that teaches you how to talk “cat”.



I’ve got a “not much going on” weekend which is nice because next week is going to be really busy with writing appointments, studio time, rehearsal time and more. And then the following week will start a run of a lot of shows on the road. So this “feet up” weekend is welcomed.


Have a great weekend yourself.



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