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Bluegrass Nominee...Fools on Stools...Watermelon Crush

Jul 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning has rolled around. A 91 degree high on tap today.


I wrote a new song with my IBMA nominated bluegrass songwriter of the year Rick Lang. Good for him. He told me he was completely surprised by his nomination and those are the best kinds. The International Bluegrass Music Association holds their big conference every year down in Raleigh and Rick asked if I was going? Once again, I can’t as I have shows scheduled in Tennessee and Georgia and just can’t get down and back and make it work as much as I’d love to. Rick wanted me to be one of the bluegrass writers this year and do a little clinic. And that’s a surprise to me knowing I would even be part of a bluegrass writing panel. I’m flattered and surely wish I could go do that.


A couple of years ago I was a writer on “I’m Going Under” that I wrote with Karen Taylor Good that Darin & Brooke Aldridge recorded that was up for a “Gospel Bluegrass Song of the Year” award and couldn’t make it then. The song didn’t win, that went to my friend Becky Buller who I also write with. But someday…I’ll get there. And thanks for asking Rick.


Oh…and yea, we got a new up-tempo bluegrass song written together yesterday.



I got word this week that all the VIP tickets are gone for the big “Fools on Stools” concert coming up in November down in Key West Florida that I’ll be part of with my friend Brent Burns along with 4 other funny songwriters. The event will be held at the Key West Theater and will sell out. So if you’re thinking about going this year to the biggest Parrot Head gathering in the country at the “Meeting of the Minds” …better grab a ticket quickly. This is going to be a really funny show, and I appreciate Donny Brewer who will also be playing in this show inviting me. Mark your beach calendar for November 4.


I did watch some of Game 4 of the NBA Championships with Phoenix and Milwaukee. The Bucks evened up the series last night at 2-2 with a win. I don’t watch much NBA basketball. I like it in person, not so much in TV. And I lived in Milwaukee six years and watched nothing but atrocious basketball from the Bucks those years so it’s amazing to see them in the finals…finally. I’m rooting for the Deer.


One year I sort of covered the Bucks for the radio station I was working at. I got a press pass…sat right on the floor for a few games. I went in the locker room once for an interview. If the player was standing…I had to hold my microphone up REALLY high to reach the player’s mouth. And the players just wanted to get it out of the way for the most part…not exactly friendly. Our radio station played country music and had little interest in NBA so even though I went to a few games, we never really mentioned them a lot. The Bucks caught on to that, and that was the end of my press pass. But it was fun to sit on the floor and watch those giants play for a few games. Go Bucks!



Certainly Covid concerns will change the look of the Olympics coming up in Tokyo where there will be no crowds. The host city is also suspending liquor sales AND they will not drape medals over the winner’s neck all because of Covid-19.


Here in the US Chicago will once again require travelers to test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours of their visit or one will have to quarantine for 10 days once you get to the Windy City.


And in Mississippi officials claim that 90% of their Covid cases come from unvaccinated folks. On the flip side of that…at least 8 fully vaccinated hospital workers in Vegas tested positive.


I’m pretty sure that when Carrie Underwood recorded that smash hit that she never ever thought some woman in Ohio would literally take her hands off the wheel of her car just to test her faith in God. She’s 31 years old and had her 11-year-old in the car with her when she took her hands off the car, ran through a red light, spun, hit two cars and then a house. Fortunately nobody was hurt including her young daughter. They tested her mind and tested her for alcohol. Neither applied. Proof that faith can sometimes be a weird thing.


After asking God to pick my Powerball numbers for years with no luck, I’ve come to realize that God is a little too busy doing more important things than drive my car or pick my lotto numbers. That thought led to this song that I wrote with two ladies in a duo “The Steel Blossoms”. The song is called “Jesus Is a Little Bit Busy”. 



There are online groups that help others learn how to be as frugal as they are. Cut coupons etc.


One person suggests cutting off a hockey stick and make a broom out of it. It’s sturdier…stronger.


Another has a little clip thing the put on the toothpaste tube to help squeeze out every last squirt of Colgate.


One lady suggests going to the local marketplace and ask if they have any damaged fruits or vegetables. She claims they might give you those for free.


The late comedian Jack Benny was noted for being frugal. Everyone made jokes about it (although in reality he was not cheap). One of my favorites came from a comedian back in the day who said that “Jack is so cheap that one time when he took me to McDonald’s, he backed his car through the drive-through window, so the cashier would be on my side”.



Did you know that Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos can crush a watermelon between his knees?  Why one would want to do that is beyond me, but here’s proof. I’ve gotten to an age where I don’t think I could crush an egg between my legs, but I won’t be testing that theory any time soon.


And…there is a 78-year-old woman who’s getting ready to enter a power lifting competition. At 78 Linda Patterson from Albuquerque can lift more than some men half her age. I see a watermelon in her future.



My online writing appointment is with my bluegrass friend Troy Engle in Pennsylvania this morning. I don’t think there’s ever been a bluegrass song called “Squeeze My Watermelon”. Today might be the day.


Have a great Thursday!






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