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Barkin' in The Park...Songwriters Hall of Famers...No Bra

Jul 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of another week…Hump Dang Day.



I spent part of Tuesday at Billy Blue/Daywind the publishing company I write for and caught up on songs and songs I’ve written that they’ve sent out to put in “demo” form to pitch to other artists and to schedule some studio time to record the song that I wrote veteran Tim Lorenzo a few days back out in Montrose, Colorado with Freedom Sings USA. It’s a cool thing to help a veteran like Tim write his story into a song, and then be able to record it and give it to him along with a framed lyric sheet to hold onto forever. Freedom Sings USA records most of the songs that the writers write for veterans. And I’m sure within a year or two this one will be included on one of those projects too. It’s truly a pleasure and honor to get to do this.



I sat with a bunch of hounds at the Nashville Sounds game as it was a “bark in the park” evening with lots of dogs in the stadium. Made me wonder if you order a hot “dog” for a dog or not. I didn’t look. The weather was just perfect last night, and the good guys won it in the bottom of the 9th. Can’t beat that.



To those entering the Songwriters Hall of Fame this year. That list includes Amy Grant, Toby Keith, Rhett Akins (who had hits as an artist like “That Ain’t My Truck”. And his boy Thomas Rhett is burning up the charts these days)


Add to that, producer-writer Buddy Cannon who wrote “Set Em’ Up Joe” for Vern Gosdin to name one…and he produces Willie, Kenny Chesney and others.


And rounding out this year’s class is John Scott Sherill with hits like “Wild and Blue” for John Anderson and the “Church on Cumberland Road” for Shenandoah.


All five are more than deserving of receiving a songwriter’s highest honor.



What a nice gesture. Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood were invited to a 75th wedding anniversary for Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. They surprised the former President and First Lady by gifting them with a 146 red convertible that was built in 1946. That was the year those two got married. Too cool for the room.



Every country music fan owes it to themselves to see the Grand Ole Opry at least once in their life. I’d try to make sure I saw it once at the newer Opry House, but I’d also try and get a ticket to see it at the Mother Church of Country Music the Ryman Auditorium. The Opry goes back there in the winter months so you can sit in one of those old church pews with the stained glassed windows behind you and soak up the history of that great building with incredible acoustics. And take the tour of both also when you’re in town.


One of the great things about going to the Opry is you never know who might show up. Last weekend actor Dennis Quaid walked out on stage and sang with the Bellamy Brothers!  Get a ticket folks.



All eyes on Delta. The US averaged 19,455 new Covid-19 cases per day over the last week. That’s an alarming 47.5% increase. And 43 states saw increases in cases from the week before. Hospitalizations are rising again, and the death rate looks to climb again too. It ain’t over yet.


In Mecklenberg County, North Carolina 49% of residents have received on shot or more. Not enough for health officials who along with outreach programs will be going door to door to offer a free shot. As you can imagine, reaction is mixed at best right now.


Experts pretty much agree that humor is good for getting us through troubling stuff. Like Covid. I agree. With that…I hope this story puts a smile on your face.


Question: How did the heath experts lie?  A woman answers, “They said a mask and gloves was enough to go to the grocery store. When I got there, everyone else had clothes on”.



I can’t wait until someone invents a phone battery that never needs to be charged. Apple has a little help if you own the new iPhone 12. They have a battery now that will stick to the back of that phone giving it longer battery life. Costs something like 99 bucks. That’s almost reason enough to get me to upgrade to the 12. There’s just nothing worse than trying to take the 75th selfie of yourself only to find out your battery is low. Right?



Some Tik Tok girl (of course) showed that one can whiten their teeth even more by using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. True. And now lots of folks are following suit. I would have never thought that bald headed guy on the bottle could help make my teeth glisten. Who knew?



We take biscuit making serious in the south. In Nashville folks line up at the Loveless Café just to eat breakfast there so they can have the biscuits that the “Biscuit Lady” makes. Yes…a biscuit lady.  I waited in line once. They are good…really good. Worth a 2 hour wait or more?  You’ll have to decide. One article I read today said the secret for making great bicscuits is using White Lily Flour.


Heck, biscuits are so serious in the south that Montgomery, Alabama named their minor league baseball team “The Biscuits”. My daughter and her husband don’t live too far from Montgomery. I’m planning on making a trip down there and check out the Biscuit Ballpark where they fire biscuits out of a cannon to the crowd. Maybe we can catch one. I just hope they don’t then fire gravy at us.



The Van Leeuwen Ice Cream shop is releasing a limited edition of Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream!  One can order a pint online for $12. I’ll let ya know how it tastes. That might be two of my favorite foods. Mac and Cheese…and Ice Cream. And now I can get them together? 



Actress Gillian Anderson famous for her role in the TV series the X Files says she will no longer wear a bra at the age of 52. They’re too uncomfortable. Her exact quote was, “I don’t care if my breast reach my belly button”. She ain’t wearin’ no bra…no more.


Seems like a perfect time to shamelessly plug a rewrite of one of my songs that Cledus T. Judd recorded, “If I Had Kellie Pickler’s Boobs”.



“Ohio Hospital Apologizes After Giving Wrong Patient A Kidney”. That must have been an interesting post-surgery discussion with the Doctor.



This morning I’m writing with my Maryland friend Rick Lang, and I get to congratulate him. Rick got some big news this week. He was nominated for both “Mentor of the Year” as well as best bluegrass songwriter of the year by the IBMA…the International Bluegrass Music Association. Now that he’s a big deal, I’m going to have to treat him nicer. Congrats.


Have a great Wednesday!





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