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Home Runs...Danube River Cruise...Doe Snorts

Jul 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Tuesday morning from Music City USA. Glad not to be living in Death Valley Utah where it broke an all-time record of 130 degrees yesterday.



My co-writing session yesterday evening got cancelled with my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge as they had something come up, so we rescheduled that appointment. So that opened my Monday wide up for catch up stuff.  Then last night I caught the Home Run Derby on ESPN where Pete Alonso of the Mets owned the night jacking one baseball after another out of Coors Field in the thin air of Colorado.


The best part of watching it though was seeing how well Trey Mancini of the Baltimore Orioles. Although he came in second to Alonso, he surely must have felt like a winner considering he beat colon cancer and came all the way back and almost won the Major-League All-Star Home Run Derby. Good for him.



Yesterday I mentioned I would post a link soon for details of my Danube River trip with Brent Burns and another Trop Rock artist Sunny Jim. Here’s the link for all the details and where will be stopping along the way. I had a conversation with some friends who went with us on the Rhine River Cruise this past weekend and they like me, and my wife agree it’s one of the best experiences we’ve had in our lives. The ship is awesome as is the staff and the food and the wine and on and on. The onshore tours are spectacular. No seasick as you’re on a river and not the ocean. We’ll play at least 3 shows onboard this cruise that has stops in Budapest and Vienna and more. I could not recommend a trip more.  Sign up and join us before they sell it out.



We have deer in our backyard all the time. It’s like a small zoo looking out at them and the turkeys and a fox and the squirrels and what have you traipsing through it. It’s that time of year when the new babies arrive, and we’ve got a mom and two young’uns with spots on that come out and lay down in the lawn on fairly regular basis.


Yesterday I walked out in the backyard to remove some fallen limbs from a recent storm and the mom and one of her small one’s were out. The Doe snorted at me and the two ran off. I wasn’t exactly sure what the snort was all about until I remembered asking my wife the other day what she would think about me buying yet another guitar?  She snorted at me. So I do think I know what the Doe was thinking now.



The FDA has slapped a warning on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The warning is that their vaccine could lead to a risk that one could contract a rare neurological condition known as Guillane Barr Syndrome.


A new study just released suggests that getting a flu shot could help one resist severe Covid side effects.


And yet more research from Northwestern University is suggesting that drinking at least one cup of coffee a day might lower one’s risk of catching the Covid-19 virus. Gosh, I hope that’s true. And if we find out in fact that it is true, I’ll be rushing to buy stock in Starbucks.



A woman buys her and her husband NBA Championship tickets to see their Phoenix Suns play the Milwaukee Bucks. When she bought them, she assumed that game 3 was in Arizona where they live. Nope. Game 3 was in Milwaukee. So they had to buy a plane ticket and get a hotel to use those tickets. Yikes. And, to add insult to injury, the laid out all that money and then watched Milwaukee beat their Suns.



US News & World Report just listed the top 10 list of metro cities to live in. They base it on affordability, jobs, quality of life etc.


From 10 to 1 the list is



Portland, Maine

Naples, Florida

Colorado Springs


Fayetteville, Arkansas

Huntsville, Alabama

Raleigh, North Carolina


And the best Metro City to live in?  That would be beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  If you’ve been, you know how beautiful Boulder is. Hard to argue against that.



“To improve your relationships, stop giving advice.”  Sounds like great advice to me but I’ve decided not to give you my advice.



I’ll be spending a little time at my publishing company today going through songs and stuff and setting up a recording session for a song I wrote with a veteran in Colorado last week. And then if the rain holds off, I see me at the ballpark tonight to watch our Sounds take on the Louisville Redbirds…the Cincinnati Reds AAA team. And it’s “bring your dog to the park” night. I’m going to have to rent one if it’s mandatory to bring a pooch.


Have a great Tuesday!







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