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Some Shows Coming Up...Old Bachelors...Hot Light Donuts

Jul 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning has rolled around again after some heavy rain and straight-line winds plus hail in parts of town.  For once, we were lucky.  At the house it rained hard, the wind came up, it got LOUD outside from thunderclaps but our power stayed on.  Normally we always lose power it seems when a good storm happens…but not this time.  The news is not the same for over 10,000 customers or so here in Music City.



I had such a great writing session with husband and wife team Darin & Brooke Aldridge this past Friday. They’re such a great bluegrass duo and have won multiple awards by now and deservedly so. Darin is a terrific guitar player and you can’t not love Brooke’s voice.  I’ve been so blessed to hear her sing several of my tunes including “I’m Going Under” that the released a couple of years ago that got nominated for the “Best Collaborative Recording Of The Year”.


The two have not written a lot, which is great for songwriters like me who are always looking for artists who record songs that they didn’t write themselves.  But no they’re dipping their toes into those waters and I’m glad to be one of those they write with. Brooke read an article online that spoke to her that was all about the difference in falling in love as opposed to staying in love. So we wrote that thought into a song on Friday.  It turned out so great and it’s just a pleasure to get to spend time with this rock solid couple in North Carolina.  With any luck some of these songs we’re writing might wind up on their next album.



Like me, Darin and Brooke’s only shows they’ve done (and they travel a ton) have been online shows for the most part as Covid-19 has slowed the industry down to a crawl.  But, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon.


I actually go word of some dates that are actually going to happen for me over the weekend. 


First…I’ll be part of a great online songwriters show you can watch coming up this Thursday night July 16 at 8 pm eastern time.  It’s the Virtual Lighthouse Songwriter Showcase that Sam Densler hosts on line and I’m excited to be part of an all FUNNY song night that will also feature my friends Brent Burns, Eric Erdman, Donny Brewer, the great hit writer Paul Overstreet and others.  You’ll be able to link to it on my Facebook page Thursday night.  Gonna be some funny funny songs. 


Then I also found out that our “Evening In The Round” show starring Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me is going to happen in Toccoa, Georgia at the Ritz Theatre on Friday night July 31. They are selling every other row tickets for safe social distancing.


And so far it looks like every show that I have on the books for September is going to hold including September 4 at the Grinder House Coffee Shop in Crossville, TN. 


September 22-24…three shows in Branson, Missouri with Billy Yates and Gerald Smith at Shepard of the Hills.


And a big outdoors show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott in Canoe, Georgia on Sunday September 27.


Gosh…I’m going to have to dust off my guitar and pack some bags again.  All the details for these shows are on my calendar at billlwhytecomedy.com



Brent Burns and I wrote this song from an idea that I had called “Same Boat”.  Brent is a Trop Rock beach singer dude so I’m always looking for beach tune ideas for him.  This one has a bigger thought to it though than just folks out on the water having fun in their boats.  This thought is about how all of us are alike really…and we live on the same planet…or, we’re all in the same boat.  This weekend on You Tube someone posted how much this song accurately describes the world we live in today with the virus, and protests and everything else that’s going on.  A great compliment to our little song, which we appreciate.  Thank you.



They laid Charlie Daniels to rest Friday after a wonderful ceremony featuring lots of fan, and artists loved Charlie Daniels. I thought the most accurate thing said came for one of Charlie’s long time friends Roger Campbell.  Roger said of Charlie, “You might not have agreed with his politics, or even cared for his music.  But you could not help but love the man”.  Amen.



Florida just keeps breaking the wrong kind of records.  15,299 cases…NEW cases in one day.  I keep thinking any morning we’re surely going to see the numbers drop…but no.


And remember that theory that was put out how hot weather would knock down the numbers?  Not so much.  Yesterday in Phoenix they hit a one-day high temperature of 106.  And the corona numbers in Arizona are through the roof as they are in hot Florida.


It’s also amazing how many conspiracy theories get floated out there that some buy into.  I’m about as into conspiracy theories as I am psychics and palm readers.  I think someone conspires to make a theory…that part I believe.  But over the course of time, how many conspiracy theories have ever proven to be true?  Except for that one about how the government is hiding aliens…that one is most surely true…right?



The “Bachelor” franchise is about to get interesting as they are going to film a “Senior” version of the show handing out roses.  How old?  Well…Senior normally means 65 and older.  We’ll see.  It will be fun to see some of those dates with the contestants asking for the Senior discounts at restaurants.



There are already articles about Halloween and Halloween costumes.  Geez.  I say choose one that looks good with a facial mask. Hannibal Lecter might be popular again this year.



That little headline is Bob Uecker’s home run baseball call that Brewer fans have heard for years.  But it also describes the power in the swing of this 18-year-old girl softball player.  Her batting practice swings have gone viral.  Watch this VIDEO of her launching ball after ball after ball way over the wall.  The real deal here folks.



This Friday Krispy Kreme will be 83 years old.  And to celebrate, if you buy a dozen they’ll give you another dozen for free!  Hot sugar in the mouth.  I’m not a huge donut fan anymore…BUT…if there’s a dozen Kripy Kreme’s in a box that’s opened on a counter?  Takes a stronger willed person than me to not grab one.



“Man On Drugs Arrested For Biting Seagull After It Tried To Steal His Big Mac”.  Pretty sure if I “Googled” that I’d find out there’s just not ever been a whole lot of folks through the course of history that have ever taken a bit of a seagull. 



I’m writing for the second time with Rick Lang who runs a huge lumber place called “Highland Hardwoods” in New Hampshire that sells high end lumber.  They’ve been in business forever.  But Rick is also a writer and singer and last year his album “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout” got a couple of Grammy nominations.  Folks like Marty Raybon, The Whites, my friend Jerry Salley and many others all sang Rick Lang songs on this gospel project.  Here’s one example from the Cox Family.  So…it’s great to be writing some of Rick’s ideas as he’s working toward his next project. 


Have a great Monday!





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