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New Baby Songs...Old Friends...Doo Moo

Jul 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday…and the start of another hot July week here in Twang Town. We had some wind and rain over the weekend…some hail tossed in for good measure too. California had some 120-degree weather over the weekend so…pretty mild here compared to that sauna.


I did read over the weekend that Tennessee has more nighttime tornadoes than any other state and that we also had more tornado deaths in 2020 than any other state. Great. And here I thought it would have been Kansas or Oklahoma.



I had a Friday morning songwriting session with Paul Bogart out on his little ranch in Oklahoma. Paul his wife, two boys and now a little girl moved back to his home state after being in Nashville several years and I surely miss seeing and writing with him in person. That said, he and the family are happy, he’s still playing a lot of music and they’re raising a little family and some cattle in God’s country.


Paul and I wrote songs about his first two boys Jett and Ace that he recorded after their births. So Friday we turned our attention to Paul and Tanya’s six-month daughter Gentry. Paul had a verse and part of a chorus, so I was more than happy to help him finish his thought about his little girl. I feel like I’m an extended part of the family now having written songs about his 3 young-uns.



On Sunday my wife and I had lunch in town with some good friends Don and Madeline Williams. Don served in Vietnam and was right on the front lines a lot…a leader. His post military career has him working with FEMA and he and Madeline are in town for a month as he was assigned to come up here and help organize some relief plans for Nashville. We met Don and Madeline through our mutual friend Brent Burns whom they’re big fans of. And the two of them went with us on our Rhine River Cruise as well as our Italy Tour a few years ago. Madeline comes from a very Italian family and has had an interesting career herself. The two of them own a second home (they live in Texas now) over in Italy in a small village. From the pictures it looks incredibly quaint and beautiful.


The two of them plan on joining me and Brent again when we cruise down the Danube River in September of 2022. Details and sign up info will be available soon. 



I had missed the memo somehow that You Tube now broadcasts “live” events…like baseball games. I’m looking all over for the Reds-Brewers game on Friday night and finally searched and found that the game was not on a TV network, but it was being streamed on You Tube. I searched for the App on my Smart-Ass TV and sure enough…I typed in “Reds” and up it came. On my big screen. What was different about it was that You Tube runs no commercials…at least they didn’t for this ballgame. So in between innings when I would normally have to watch someone try to sell me insurance, they ran baseball highlights from the Reds or Brewers. I could get used to this.



I got a nice note from my friend Bobby Mackey up in Northern Kentucky who told me that his version of “I’m Looking for Audrey” will be out August 1 digitally…everywhere. Bobby recorded the heck out of this song I wrote with Linda Davis and Bobby Tomberlin, and I can’t wait to share this little ghost story about Hank Williams with folks. Thanks for the cut Bobby Mackey.



An unvaccinated Belgian woman caught two Covid variants at the same time somehow. Not good.


When the pandemic started the rental car companies sold their fleet and now, they can’t get enough back to supply the demand for those back to traveling. How bad is it?  In Hawaii over the weekend one customer had to pay $1200 for a car for the week.


And Uber prices have shot up 40%. No cheap way to get there.


Employers continue to have a problem with staffing. It’s so bad that at a Taco place in California the owner put out this sign that reads, “Sadly, due to government and state handouts no one wants to work anymore. Please be patient with our staff that did choose to come to work today to serve you”.



One restaurant owner had fun with his sign too. The Restaurant is called “The Karma Café” and he wrote on his sign, “Please be seated. There are no menus. You will be served what you deserve”.



On a flight recently a woman came unhinged at had to be restrained. The found a roll of duct tape and taped her to her seat. For real. Proving once again that there is nothing duct tape can’t do. Wonder if they Gorilla Glued her hands to the tray table?


And this would be a good place to share the “Duct Tape Song” that I wrote with and for Gary Cavanaugh.



During the pandemic 8 million new folks bought guns. And now it’s almost impossible to find ammo. Some folks apparently leave their computer open to an “ammo” website and wait until they announce they have new ammo in stock and then buy as much as they can. I’ve got a sound cue on the website of a Remington being cocked so that I know it’s time to horde bullets.



The Black Widow movie starring actress Scarlett Johannson raked in 215 million over the weekend between movie theaters and or online streaming. That’s a record for a movie since the pandemic began. A sign that more folks are going back to the movies and that more folks are sitting on their couches paying to a streaming ticket.



Richard Branson and some folks went into space yesterday on Virgin Galactica…his company. Jeff Bezos will soon follow on his own jet set with some folks. Someday in the not-too-distant future, ticket prices might get cheap enough for a lot of folks to get onboard. I’m sure I’d have to settle for “coach” …but I’d go if they let me.



A 14-year-old girl Zaila Avante-garde who has set 3 Guinness Records for being able to simultaneously dribble several basketballs at once just won the Spelling Bee Championship by spelling the word “Murraya” correctly. That’s some kind of plant…Murraya.


She also correctly spelled the word “Solidungulate”. That’s a mammal that has a single hoof on each foot. I knew that…sure…I knew that.


Now if Zaila can spell those words WHILE dribbling multiple basketballs at the same time…we’ll have something.



A bride and a groom went to sign their marriage license and it was only then that the groom found out his bride to be did not know how to spell his last name correctly. I’m betting the bride to have been later wrote, “we decided not to exchange I du’s”.


Reportedly Special Ops Forces are starting a clinical trial on an anti-aging pill.  If I’m on a Special Ops team I’m guessing feeling younger would be an advantage. So can the rest of us get one too when they’re available?  I could use a few less wrinkles.



There’s a new energy facility in Arizona that converts cow manure into renewable fuel for cars. Wonder what that smells like when the car backfires?  More ways for farmers and cows to make money and that’s fine by me. I do think they should change the name of the company though to what I suggested here in the headline…”Doo Moo”.



My day is open, but this evening I’m writing with Darin and Brooke Aldridge whose new album is out next month I believe that has 3 songs that we’ve written together including a dandy about the Grand Ole Opry that will also be their next single release on Billy Blue Records. I always look forward to writing with these two who have now become Grand Ole Opry regulars.


Have a great Monday!









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