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Guitar Inspired Song...Another Cancellation...Funny Cartoon Man

Jul 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

How can another weekend already be here?  And how in the world is it possible that some folks are STILL throwing up fireworks every night?



My songwriting session online was with Tim Stafford that didn’t take long.  Usually when I write online with others there’s some conversation…”how’s things” etc. before we ever get down to working on a new piece of music.  Yesterday Tim was running a little late so almost instantly when he popped up on my screen he asked “you got an idea of any kind”?  Well...as I was waiting on him I had written a verse on a bluegrass idea but thank goodness before I played that for him I though to say, “yea I have a little something…do you”?  And at that point he played me a little melody line he’d been working on with his guitar.  (Tim is a ridiculously good acoustic player).  The melody was lazy and for whatever reason words just spilled out of me that worked over his gorgeous melody and we finished the song in not much more than an hour…if that.  Wow…didn’t expect that to happen.  And I absolutely love the song.


So…finished early…we scheduled another date for the future and I flew out the door to head to a lake trail for a little walk before the sun started melting eggs on the pavement.  Before I could get there I checked my inbox and Tim had recorded an acoustic recording of the new song that I listened to about 3 times while walking.  Man, I never get tired of magic happening like that.  Thank you Tim for such an inspiring fun song born from that little melody you were doodling on.


Tim does some solo artist work, records instrumental albums, is great in studio, writes book AND is part of a noted bluegrass group called “Blue Highway”.  Too bad he had no talent.  Let me share one example of a great acappella number from Tim’s group.  Take a listen to "Someday".



And yet another cancellation rolled in yesterday, as this years Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival will not be held because of Covid concerns.  The festival is held every year in August and I’ve been part of every one of them since it first started.  Hard to keep tourists and songwriters safe in so many little venues.  The hits just keep coming.



Fauci says some states should seriously consider shutting down.  The numbers just keep getting up.  I’m sure that you like me have friends who have different viewpoints on quarantining and wearing masks.  Some think the entire thing is political, a hoax, a conspiracy theory.  Some are judicial and trying to be safe when they do go out.  Some wear masks everywhere they go.  Out of all the confusing and different viewpoints being aired the thing that hits home to me the most is watching patients talk after they survived being in the hospital or what the Doctor’s and Nurses say that are seeing the effects of Covid up close.  I don’t want to be one of those patients tearfully looking in a camera and talking about the pain they went through or the isolation from their families.  Who knows? We may all get it before it’s over.  But, I’m choosing to be as safe as possible when I do go out.


Summer Camps for kids?  Not going as well as folks had hoped as the virus has spread pretty quickly in those camps. How in the world they’ll keep it from spreading in the school systems is beyond me.


Meanwhile, Bed Bath and Beyond have announced they will close 200 stores.  And it could be that we’re just seeing the tip of an iceberg as far as brick and mortar store closings are concerned.  On a lighter note though…here’s a funny song for you to check out that my whacky funny friend Heywood Banks wrote titled “Bed Bath & Beyond”.


On a possible positive note a Maryland man believes he may be the first person successfully vaccinated after participating in a drug trial.  Doctors are quietly optimistic.  Let’s hope it’s true.



Really good news for fans of cartoonist Gary Larsen.  He’s starting to create new cartoons for the first time in 25 years are so after taking a long time off.  About once a week I’ll go to his website and scan a few of his cartoons.  There’s rarely a time I don’t laugh as I scan through some of them.  What a different creative mind.  And right now we can sure use some laughter in our lives.  Thanks for brightening our days again Mr. Larsen.



The United Nations says the world could heat up another 3 degrees by the year 2024.  I’ll be able to grill my hotdogs on our asphalt pavement driveway.  Add to that…Florida is on track to have their hottest year EVER on record.  Lotta Senior sweating going on down there. 



Oh…and there’s this. I'm writing with my buddy Wyn Varble in a couple of weeks.  Wyn has had a string of hits like "Waiting On A Woman" by Brad Paisley to name one. Wyn has a great sense of humor and writes a lot of funnys songs like I do.  And there's certainly a smile in the thought of this new Trace Adkins song Wyn wrote that's  all about how some folks get closer to God in the outdoors as opposed to sitting in a church pew on Sundays.  The song is “Mind On Fishing” and in this VIDEO of the song you’ll see the star is T. Graham Brown.



The new Michael Jordan shoe is out.  It comes in a metal box.  And it will only cost you $200 or more for the pair of tennis shoes.  And a lot of folks will buy them, never open the box and just let them sit on a shelf and watch them increase in value.  This is why Michael Jordan has made over a BILLION dollars from Nike through the years.  Most money made on one?  A guy sold a pair of Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) shoes for $104,000.  Tennis shoes!


And…the official baseball schedule for every team has been released.  With a little luck we may actually be able to see a few “live’ games yet this year with nobody in the stands.  That will be really interesting to watch.



“Man Credits Exercising Like A Monkey For 30 Years For Keeping Him In Perfect Health”.  Likewise, I exercise like a sloth…but the results are noticeably different.



I’m writing with Darin & Brooke Aldridge the bluegrass husband and wife duo.  They’ll be at their home in North Carolina this morning as we write on the computer.  The two of them have become Grand Ole Opry regulars over the past few years and Brooke is up for her 4th consecutive IBMA Bluegrass award for “Best Female Vocalist”.  Always a pleasure to write with these two who have been so kind to record 4 or 5 of my songs through the years.


Then later tonight I plan on pulling up the new Tom Hanks war movie “Greyhound” that will air on Apple+ starting tonight.


Have a great weekend!







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