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A Cancellation...Snickles...A New Baby Song

Jul 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And…hello weekend! I’m hearing a little rumbling in the sky this morning…rain is on the way.



My songwriting appointment was online with Brady Seals who lives in way south Nashville, and I live in way east Nashville. And though we love to write in person when we can now that pandemic restrictions have eased a bit, it’s easier and by golly it saves on gas too. Have you checked the price at the pump lately?


Brady brought a terrific idea to the table with an “outlaw” sorta kinda Chris Stapleton vibe to it that really worked. And because Brady sings so great…it really works. One more song in our catalog which continues to grow.



We had to cancel an “invitation only” house concert for “Hits & Grins” yesterday due to unforeseen circumstances. We’re looking further down the road now to make that happen. So, my next “live” show will be with “Hits & Grins” with my musical pals Steve Dean & Victoria Venier at the Listening Room here in Nashville August 11. It’s a 6 pm show. After that it will start getting a lot busier with road dates. Check my online calendar for where and all the details.



To two co-writer buddies of mine Rick Lang and Becky Buller. Both have been nominated for Songwriter of the Year by the IBMA...the International Bluegrass Music Association. Couldn’t be happier for my talented friends. Way to go guys!



Tokyo has pulled the plug on any “live” crowds at the summer Olympics as the virus has raised its head enough in Japan to cause concern. It surely makes watching that kind of sporting event feel very different without the enthusiasm of a crowd cheering. It certainly did for baseball when there were no fans in the stands. Nobody will be starting a wave this go around at the javelin competition.


Meanwhile here in Nashville the world-famous Bluebird Café is opening its doors again July 16. They’ve been shut since the pandemic began. It’s still the best place to go and hear songwriters play their original works and hear the stories behind those songs. Hard to get a ticket but worth the effort. Welcome back.


Pfizer is looking for emergency authorization now for a third dose vaccine. They claim it will hike one’s immunity 5 to tenfold and will be extremely effective against the Delta variant. One more poke in the arm for those willing to be poked.



“My wife just broke up with me over my chronic gambling addiction. But it’s okay, I’ll win her back”.



The last of the troops are coming home from Afghanistan. Even the President is suggesting we may not have won that war. I can only guess some of the Viet Nam veterans must be experiencing déjà vu all over again. For those who have had kids deployed over there…like our son in law, you can’t blame them if they’re wondering was it worth it.  History tends to repeat itself unfortunately.



How about a Snickles?  In England someone came up with the idea of tucking a Snickers Bar into a dang pickle!  Gosh…what an awful way to ruin one of the best candy bars ever. I hate pickles. I guess it’s kind of a thing right now for some in England. My face just involuntarily scrunched up at the thought of it.



A survey says that real men eat red meat. The study actually says, “Men who adhere to muscular stereotypes more frequently eat beef and chicken and show a reluctance toward going vegetarian. (Yes!)


Men who often eat fish and pork?  Not so much…according to this survey.


And if you eat a Snickers Bar wrapped in a pickle? They come and revoke your Man Card all together.



In Taiwan: “Woman Had Chopsticks Embedded in Here Skull for A Week and Didn’t Even Know It”. They said she and her sister got into a fight. So I’m betting there’s now a 3-week waiting period before one can buy chopsticks.



This will be fun. My cowboy buddy Paul Bogart who’s back home in Oklahoma these days with two boys and three girls doing the ranch thing and still singing will join me for the first time since he moved back there from Nashville. I’ve mentioned this before, but I had the extreme pleasure of writing a song about both of Paul’s young cowboys. The first was “Buckaroo Lullaby” (which is still one of my favorite songs I’ve ever helped write). The second boy was born in the truck on the way to the hospital one night in Nashville and his song is the “Ballad of Exit 199” …the mile marker where “Ace” Bogart was born.


So today we are going to tackle a song idea Paul has for his very young and cute daughter. I’m hoping the writing God’s will help us write something as cool as we did for the boys this morning.


And then…it’s the weekend!  Nothing big except my wife and I have some friends who are in town so we’re going to hook up and spend some time with them on Sunday. Other than that…my Reds are playing the Brewers in a big baseball series. Feet up.


Have a great weekend!









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