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Cabin Writing Magic...Charlie Honored...Scrabble No No Words

Jul 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s Thursday…and it’s really HOT…almost like it’s summer time or something.



Man I had a really great writing session with two big hit songwriters yesterday Wil Nance & Brian White out at Wil’s writing cabin sitting next to a little pond with ducks and geese that’s stocked with big ole catfish. Wil’s had number one songs like “Roundabout Way” for George Strait, and Brian had a big hit with John Anderson called “Money In The Bank”.  But both of them have a list of hits and cuts that make me jealous. I brought an idea I’ve had on my books for a while and was waiting to share it with the right folks. Wil and Brian were those guys for sure as we cranked out what I think is a really timely commercial fun idea. Wil and Brian…and myself loved it so much on completion that we’ve decided to fast track this one to a recording studio so we can start pitching it to artists.  That doesn’t happen all that much…and normally happens only when every writer in the room thinks the song has potential.  We finished up…and drove off and grabbed lunch and caught up on each other’s lives.  And that was pretty much centered on how the pandemic has changed almost every creative person’s life.  Right about now all three of us would be on the road a lot performing.  Not so much anymore.  So all of us writing even more than we have before because of the time on our hands.  Just a really great and productive Tuesday with a couple of talented good guys.



After finding himself on a packed airplane, a Senator now wants to eliminate all middle seats on planes. Amazing how it takes experiencing something before your motivated to try and do something.


Englewood, Colorado is getting REALLY serious about face masks.  If you don’t wear one there you can be fined and spend a year in jail. 


In Japan at one of their amusement parks they ask all those riding roller coasters to not scream for fear of spreading Covid.  How the heck do you ride a roller coaster without screaming going down that first huge drop?  Next thing you know they’ll put up a sign asking us not to pee in our pants when we’re riding a coaster.  C’mon!


A skincare specialist was told she could not give facials because of the virus. You can go to the dentist, get Botox or acupuncture BUT…without a medical license she cannot give facials right now.  So…she got creative.  And she’s now offering “butt facials” for $159 a pop.  It is bikini season at the beach. 



Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Blake’s buddy Trace Adkins will be the latest country ensemble to play drive in theaters. He’s copying the page Garth wrote on by filming the concert then the show will be on screens on a whole bunch of drive ins all across the country.  Cost is like $144 per carload. We’re going to see more and more of this.



They had a great ceremony to honor Charlie Daniels yesterday in Mt. Juliet where Charlie lived…just up the road from us. Tracy Lawrence, Darryl Worley, and Trace Adkins all spoke and sang.  His funeral will be tomorrow and Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, Gretchen Wilson will sing for that.  And the capitol here in Nashville will fly the flags half -staff in Charlie’s honor.  Pretty much impossible not to like this man if you were ever lucky enough to be around him. Folks forget I think that he started as a studio musician before he got his own record deal.  Heck…he played on a Bob Dylan session.  And as a songwriter many know that Charlie wrote the songs the Charlie Daniels Band recorded through the years but most don’t know he wrote hits and songs for other artists.  Elvis recorded one of his songs “It Hurts Me”.  Everyone in the music community here and outside of that circle seem to have stories to share about Charlie.  A sign of a life well lived.



A friend of mine was telling me stories about how his wife is making a pretty good check every month from selling essential oils.  Even better, his niece who’s done that for a while makes some jaw dropping checks monthly.  Makes sense. We’re staying home…folks want anything healthy or anything to help keep them healthy to fight off the virus and they can order it online. 


Same kind of trend for some in Rodan and Fields selling those cosmetics.  And many are doing well with online workout classes and big numbers of folks are not anxious to go back into a gym.  While some business suffers…others flourish. 


I will warn you though that essential oils do not make your car feel better.  Don’t ask me how I know.



Wanna move to an island?  Barbados is offering a 12-month stay and work thing.  Move to the island and reside 12 months so they can get some money back from lost tourism dollars and they will give you plenty of incentives to do so.  Heck, I can rhyme songs just as easily from a beach as I could in Nashville right?



Scrabble looks like they will ban slurs and other offensive words at their Scrabble Tournaments in the future.  Well, I didn’t even know they had organized tournaments.  I didn’t know they have an organization for it…the North American Scrabble Association. And I didn’t know you could use curse or derogatory words to begin with.  I’m guessing now that one cannot draw certain images in any Pictionary Tournament held. 



I’m writing with my talented bluegrass friend Tim Stafford online today.  Tim will be in Knoxville…I’ll be here in Nashville so we’ll pretty much cover the state of Tennessee today.  Tim is one of those guys thats such a great guitar player that I won’t pick mine up so I don’t embarrass him or me.  Should be fun.


Have a great Thursday!

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