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Change of Plans...Eagles...Snake Driving

Jul 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello you ole Hump Day you.



My day got upended on short notice Tuesday as my appointment with Rob Mills who’s the Dad part of “The Sound” with his two boys in that gospel group had to cancel as his van broke down on the way to the writing appointment.  So, before the temperature here hit 100 with the heat index I pretty much sprinted out the door and hit a little walking trail to take in some sun before it fried me.  I did ask my publisher though, “If a gospel songwriter cancels on last second notice isn’t that breaking some kind of thou shalt not commandment”?  We’ll re-schedule the appointment for another day and I look forward to it. 



On my way back from my little hike I went right through the town of Mt. Juliet where Charlie Daniels lived for a very long time. He kind of adopted the city, and the city adopted Charlie. I got goose bumps as I drove maybe four miles and saw American flag upon American flag dotting the route to the Charlie Daniels Park in his honor.  It’s a sign of how many lives Mr. Daniels touched in a positive way.  I interviewed Charlie for the last time on WSM Radio a couple of years ago on a big anniversary date for the radio station.  Charlie was great as always.  Man, what I’d give to have been able to get his take on what’s happening in the news today.  It would have been memorable.  RIP Charlie.



I got lucky and ESPN 2 re-ran the Eagles concert from the Forum in LA that ran a few nights ago on ESPN 1.  And I’m hoping they’ll re-run it again and again.  Gosh, so cool to see Vince Gill with them singing some of those iconic songs and blending in perfectly with the group.  I was surprised to see them let Vince sing one of his own hits “Slipping Away” and they added the Eagles harmonies and Joe Walsh on slide guitar, which gave it that Eagle sound.  And seeing Glenn Frey’s boy Deacon on stage with them too was kind of goose bumpy…especially if you’re an Eagles fan. I don’t mind being quarantined so much when this kind of stuff is available to watch.



The EPA approves Lysol Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist as something to use against the virus.  Lab tests claim both products kill the virus just two minutes after contact.  Anyone think to buy stock in Lysol?


In London they just re-opened the pubs and now many are closing their doors again because of the virus breaking out.


In Italy…a bunch of nudists got fined because they were not social distancing. The question I have is if you are a nudist, do you still have to wear a mask?  And if so, where?



I was looking at an article talking about using olive oil to cook your food and we do that some too.  In fact I think my wife even uses coconut oil some…healthier options.  But it makes me wonder what my Mom think if she were alive today and saw people using Olive Oil instead of Lard.  Or drinking Soy Milk instead of removing skim from cows milk.  Or making bread that’s gluten free instead of using Fleischman’s Yeast and watching the dough rise in a pan in a windowsill on a warm Missouri summer day.  Pretty sure she’d be scratching her head.



Add another thing to 2020 that will make it highly forgettable.  Fire ants are going to move north.  More north than ever before. Look for big ole soft hills in your backyard.  So now we’ll need to quarantine our yards so we don’t get bitten by one of those guys.



And then there’s the story of the Australian truck driver all of 27 years of age who was speeding down the road and swerving.  Police pull him over and find he’s wrestling with a dang snake that got in the cab and he was using a knife to try and unwrap the snake that was coiling around his body…while driving!  He said he was never happier to see blue lights in his mirror.  Me?  I would have never gotten to my knife.  I would have died from a heart attack long before I could grab one. 



Now some reality TV shows are going to give a bonus to the contestants for good behavior.  Uh huh.  No fighting, no slurring etc.  And of course no ratings if they do that.  It’s called train wreck TV for a reason.



I read a story about a Swiss couple that was on vacation in Canada in a decked out RV that can go off road. The virus broke out and they’ve never gone home.  They’ve decided to just live remotely on Vancouver Island until a vaccine is found.  That’s one way to quarantine pretty safely.


If you want to just grab a tent and head out to the hinterlands to self isolate and wait for the vaccine?  Take this pop-up tent.  It sets up in two seconds!  That would be the one for me, as I can’t construct a dang thing.  Pull the cord…and there ya go. See ya when the world is fairly normal again.



Off to write with Wil Nance again this week for the second time at his writing cabin. This time Brian White will join us.  Brian had written a lot of hits including “Watching You” that he co-wrote with my buddy Steve Dean. We have a Cincinnati connection as Brian is from there so I’m sure we’ll talk about the Reds and Skyline Chili before we start rhyming. Brian has a funny idea and that’s why I got invited to this writing party I think.  Looking forward to it.


Have a great Wednesday!


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