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Duck River...#1 Beach Tune...Shoot This Cold!

Jul 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Did you fire up all your rockets yet?  Weekends over…back to work.



Well…part of it was spent in bed with a really bad summer cold that just popped up out of nowhere starting this past Thursday.  Laid me up for sure.  I thought there would be no way I’d be able to make my show at the Duck River Country Store on Saturday night but after a lot of sleeping, naps and emptying the medicine cabinet I somehow managed to get there and sing alongside one of my favorite folks and writers in this town Bobby Tomberlin who wrote this SMASH HIT to name one.


It was fun and a tad ironic that on Friday night a song Bobby wrote for Sundance Head who won “The Voice” a couple of seasons ago on Blake’s team sang a tune Bobby helped write on the Grand Ole Opry Friday night.


And meanwhile on the Saturday night Opry…while I was singing on a stool next to Bobby, my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge sang a song I co-wrote with Lisa (Shaffer) Stone called Corn!  What are the odds?  So we were able to talk about that on stage and I actually played the song “live” at about the same time that Darin & Brooke played it on the Opry.


Our little Duck River show went on Facebook “live” Saturday night and if you’d like to watch the show just to my Facebook Page and you can do just that.



A little beach song I wrote with Becky Denton and her husband-drummer Will Denton titled “Take Me Back To Tybee” has turned out to be the little beach song that could.  Yesterday we got word that it landed in the number one spot on the Radio A1A’s Trop Rock 40 chart!  How bout that?  How did a girl from northern Missouri wind up with a number one beach song!  Really happy for the two of them getting to celebrate this success…and I’m certainly happy to have helped write this song about their favorite get away place Tybee Island.  Congrats.



America’s oldest woman just turned 114!  Her name is Alelia Murphy and when asked why she thought she has lived so long she said, “God”.  Hard to argue that.  But whatever she’s drinking?  I’d like to have a cup or two of that.



This might make ya feel that way.  Forest Gump?  That movie is now 25 years old!  Forest is walking now…not running.



I’m guessing that old Jerry Lee Lewis classic would be inappropriate to play on LA Radio stations right now huh?  If it ain’t mudslides, Kardashian’s or wildfires…it’s earthquakes out there.  It makes the chiggers and tornadoes in Tennessee seem mild.



Garth and Blake Shelton have this new fun song out “Dive Bar” that you may have heard of.  National Dive Bar Day (yes there is one) was July 7…yesterday.  Garth used that anniversary to announce he is going to add 7 “dive bar” shows to his 2019 schedule.  Only one city has been announced so far and in order to get in any of these small places you’ll have to win a ticket by listening to the country station or stations in those markets.  How fun will those shows be?  And how smart a marketer is Garth…again?



Jeff Bezos…that guy who keeps shipping boxes to my front door that my wife orders on Prime?  He just settled his divorce.  She got a small part of his empire.  Only 38 BILLION dollars.  Hopefully they’ll both be able to get by somehow.



A new survey reveals that over half of us expect to be working past the age of 65. Guilty as charged.  Just can’t seem to master putting my feet completely up when I ‘m doing what I would be doing if I did retire.  That makes some kind of sense right?


I told someone the other day that I think this may be my busiest year yet of road dates with a bunch to come in the back half of 2019.  Monday I’m on a plane for Colorado to write with veterans out in Montrose.  I get home with one day off then I’m on another plane to play a show in Pennsylvania with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as we get to open a big show for country star Gene Watson.  And then when we get home off that plane we have 2 or 3 days off before all three of us jump on another plane to Montana for a show in scenic Livingston. 


That’s enough flying that it’s motivated me to do that TSA interview and get the pre-pass for boarding planes allowing me not to half undress in front of other customers.  Nobody need to see that Gus.



“Woman Tells Wendy’s Drive Thru Clerk She Was Kidnapped”.  One can only hope that the young clerk did not ask, “want some fries with that”?



Well…I’m cancelling a writing appointment as I’m trying to do what I can to kick this danged cold I’ve got.  I may be telling the Doctor today where she can stick the needle to help!


Have a great Monday!



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