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Writing Cabin...Charlie Daniels...Popsicles

Jul 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Rolling into more summer heat here in the south this Tuesday.



I went to Wil Nance’s little writing cabin about 30 minutes from the house where we connected with Lauren Mascitti to write a new song.  Lauren works some as a nurse, and all three of us were talking about what everyone is talking about right now.  Some are upset with politics, some are concerned with the virus, some are hollering about the protests and riots and some attitudes are being changed in not a great way.  All three of us agreed that watching too much gloom and doom news can damage a positive outlook right now so we wrote a song titled “Unplug”.  I’m trying to do more and more of that myself…less news.  More taking a walk and unplugging from the constant loud shouting of bad news from the talking heads on…pick your TV talk channel.  So if nothing else, it was therapeutic for the three of us and we all three finished in a great mood.


Do click on the video link of Wil. The song he sings is the true story of the World War II veteran you see sitting next to him on stage at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival a few years ago.



While we were writing Wil saw the news that Charlie Daniels died at the age of 83.  Gosh.  What a great entertaining man who lived not very far from me.  There’s a park named after him, which is where we also go to vote every year. And with Charlie…you knew who he was voting for.  A proud Red White and Blue American and he pulled no punches in the many interviews I had with him over the years when it came to politics or the country’s temperature.  Always a great great interview.  And so popular here and around the world.  Yesterday police escorted his body to the funeral home in Mt. Juliet out of a sign of respect.


I could tell you several stories but I’ll just share this one. Charlie probably did not get enough credit as a songwriter. I’m a fan of western cowboy music and a fan of a cowboy trio called the “Sons of the San Joaquin”.  I bought one of their albums and fell in love with a song called “Wyoming On My Mind".  I played it several times then one day got curious about who the writer was of this song.  It was Charlie.  So one day I got to surprise him and play the song while he was in studio with me.  That made him smile big time, as he was surprised I even knew about the song.  It was just a fun moment and it was so great to have him share the story with our audience about writing that song.  Impossible not to love Charlie.  RIP Mr. Daniels.



Fauci is now saying the average age of those testing positive had dropped by 15 years on average.


Sadly, some experts are predicting that Americans could be wearing masks for several years. Man I hope not.


In France they have re-opened the Louvre Museum.  Wonder if Mona Lisa is now wearing a mask?



This was encouraging to see.  A new young country artist named Granger Smith just held a concert at the minor league baseball park in Round Rock, Texas.  And they DID social distance.  Take a look at how they spread people out in the stands and on the field itself.  If venues could adopt this kind of social distancing?  We could see a lot more “safe” concerts coming back into play. 



The Hamilton Broadway show on Disney+ right now drove up the Disney+ app downloads by 72%!  Tell me that’s not popular right now.  But for good reason…it really is excellent.


With that in mind the new Tom Hanks war movie “Greyhound” debuts on Apple+ this Friday.  Looking forward to seeing that.



Kanye West who may or more likely may not run to be Potus is getting set to build a 56,000 square feet house on the property that he and Kim Kardashian bought in Wyoming.  Well, they’ve got six kids so they need the room.  Usually when folks sing about the wide-open spaces in Wyoming they’re usually not referring to square footage in a house.  That may change some cowboy singing in the future.



The young KC Quarterback Patrick Mahomes who won the Superbowl last year for Kansas City just got paid…and paid…a paid some more.  A 10-year contract worth 450 million dollars.  Add that to his existing contract and it’s more like 503 million dollars.  He’ll be able to build a house big enough to put the one Kanye is building inside his.  With the NFL trying to launch again with no or little fans in the stands?  That’s really a lot of money. 



It’s that “sweltering” time of year.  How bout this for a “cool” idea.  A pocket air conditioner that tucks into the back of a specially designed T-shirt to keep you cool while your out running, hiking, doing yard work, up on a roof…whatever.  Yep…literally a cool idea.  Could have most surely used one when I was young and skinny and up in hayloft stacking bales of hay.


Used to be if you worked outdoor you took your lunchbox at lunch time and tried to find a shade tree to cool off. Or, find a cool treat like a popsicle.  When’s the last time you had a popsicle?  As a songwriter those “popsicle” memories never go away and sometimes you use that imagery in a song. 


One of my favorite songs I’ve helped write is called “Dear Hometown” that Australia Tamara Stewart recorded.  She’s a co-writer on this song too.  She wanted to write about her small town down under and as we wrote it some of my small town memories wove into this song as well including the line “purple lips from a popsicle”.  Click on the link and listen to the entire song to hear that line if you’d like.



Ringo Starr is turning 80 today.  80!  And tonight he’ll have a virtual concert on You Tube to celebrate it with friends like Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow and others.  8 pm start to see Ringo.  80!



I’m writing at my publishing company for the first time since the virus took over.  They’ve set me up with Ron Mills who is the Father of two grown boys that form a gospel trio called “The Sound”.  So I’m hoping to bring an idea that will work with great three-part harmony.  Should be fun.


Have a great Tuesday.

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