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Hamilton Polka...President Yeezy...Garage Bars

Jul 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s Monday…and I think the poppin’ and bangin’ of fireworks just now stopped over Old Hickory Lake outside my blogging window this morning.



Mine started Friday when our daughter came down and watched the Broadway smash “Hamilton” with us on Disney+.  If you’re into Broadway musicals or history?  This is pretty spectacular.  I don’t know how one person managed to write this.  The dialogue spits out so many words in a minute sometimes that it’s mind-boggling.  And you do get a pretty good history lesson as to whom Alexander Hamilton was.  Most Americans might remember his image is on the $10 bill but probably don’t remember why.  And many will remember that he was killed by Aaron Burr in a pistol duel.  But, you learn a lot more watching this musical.  I pulled up an article after watching it that claims that Aaron Burr when talking about Hamilton after he shot him would tell people, “Alexander Hamilton was my friend…whom I shot”. 


And this is pretty danged funny...especially if you've watched "Hamilton".  Weird Al Yankovic turned the whole thing into a polka as only he can do.  And THIS is the creator-star Lin Manuel's reaction as he listens to it for the first time with Jimmy Fallon.



I’ve been doing nothing but removing one show after another on my tour calendar for this year on my website. Yesterday I got to add a date that will indeed hold up.  It’s an online funny songwriters round that I’ll be part of with Brent Burns and some other Trop Rock writers that rhyme funny lines.  The show will be on a Thursday night at 7 pm.  It’s the Sam Densler Songwriters Island” show that’s done very well with each writer taking turns in the “Zoom” online world and interacting with each other.  You’ll find the show on Sam’s Facebook page and it will be linked to mine also the night of the show.  See you then.  



Here in Nashville on Lower Broadway it was business as usual as if there was no virus.  Young folks packed the sidewalks and waited to get in the honkytonks side by side, no social distancing and few masks.  And the city is supposedly under a mandatory mask order.


In NYC Tattoo parlors say Covid tattoos are really popular right now.  Seriously.  Some have “Covid” burned on their flesh and some choose the virus symbol itself. 


Folks have gotten creative with face masks too.  This Corona Beer virus mask is one of my favorites.


Here in Nashville one local bar that features songwriter rounds, Belcourt Taps and Tapas has put up a plastic sheet in front of the songwriter that hangs between them and any audience that may come to watch.  I’ve played there a couple of times. Thanks to the management for going the extra step…but how weird.  It must fell like you’re playing from inside a car wash.


And reportedly school systems are buying MILES of plexiglass.  A lot of that will be used to help isolate students at their desks with a sheet of plexiglass. Wonder how they’ll social distance kids at recess time?



Some thirsty folks are getting creative and instead of crowding into some of the bars on Lower Broadway in Music City or other places, they’ve built bars in their garages. If I was skilled with tools I might take that on and then hire my wife to be our bouncer.



Kanye West says he’ll run for President.  Giving us a chance to have a President Yeezy and first lady Kim Kardashian.  Considering the lyrical content of some of the Kanye songs?  They’ll need to have someone operating an 8 second delay button when he gives a State of the Union address…that will be rapped of course.


In reality…Kanye is most likely just stirring up some free publicity for his upcoming album. 



A woman is snapping pictures of the Grand Canyon and not watching her step apparently and falls to her death. Gosh.  And it’s not the first time.  It is majestic and jaw dropping in beauty.  And it can certainly be dangerous if you’re not careful.  I hiked down a few miles of the Bright Angel Trail one year…the trail the mules walk down with my friend Roger Naylor.  We sat on a flat red rock jutting out over the canyon drinking water and snacking on a health bar and I was struck by how easily one could fall if not careful. 



Yes…there is such a thing and they are thinking about making it an Olympic sport.  Some guys can climb a big rock wall in 7 seconds or less.  Me?  I’d have to take the elevator to the top. 


I still hope that one day Cornhole will make the Olympics too.



How bout the guy in St. Louis who caught a monster 112 pound catfish in the Mississippi River?  He thought his line had got snagged at first before realizing he had a huge fish on the other end of the line.  It took him 8 minutes to reel that bad boy in.  Then he released it.  My youngest brother would have kept it and held about 4 fish fries with it.



“How To Remove Shoe Scuffs”.  File that one under things I no longer worry about.  I’m looking for an article that will teach me how to shine my tennis shoes.



It’s the start of a very busy week of writing for me.  First up today is Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  Lauren whom many saw on American Idol this year is also a dedicated young nurse and did the all night shift on the 4th of July.  So we’ll try and keep her awake this morning while Wil and I pull her up on our computers from Wil’s great little writing shed he built this past year on his property. 


And congrats to Wil who has this new single on Mo Pitney “Local Honey”!


Have a great Monday!



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