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4th Of July...The Opry Is Singing My Song...So Is "The Young & Restless"

Jul 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy 4th of July.  And as we celebrate our independence may we take a second or two and salute those who keep us free. 



I wrote a new tune with talented Josh Shilling of the group Mountain Heart…one if the few if no only bluegrass groups that has a piano player in it…Josh.  And yesterday we used his piano skills to write a bluesy Jerry Lee Lewis kind of feeling song and that was certainly fun.  Josh is just a heck of a singer so for me it’s almost like a free concert when I’m in writing with young talented singers like him.  Do yourself a favor folks…if he and his group are ever near by go take a listen.



My friend Darin Aldridge called me who’s half of Darin & Brooke Aldridge the bluegrass duo I’ve blogged about before.  He was calling to invite me to the Grand Ole Opry this Saturday night because they are going to be performing “Corn”…a song I wrote with Lisa Shaffer several years ago that’s become a song that’s a favorite with their fans.  Dang!  I’m playing myself Saturday night down in Duck River, Tennessee with my co-writer friend Bobby Tomberlin so I can’t go experience that.  Good grief.  So…I’m going to try and get my wife to tape it for me off of WSM Radio who carries the Opry.  But what a nice thing to have happen. 



So I’m at the Sounds baseball game last night where I saw a young batter on our side get beaned…badly.  It was ugly to look at.  I’m hoping he’s okay today but I’ve got to go online and see how he is.


While I was in the ballpark Erika Jo who won a season of Nashville Star came up and said hey.  She and her husband were taking their young boy to his first baseball game ever and she spotted me.  Erika is a great friend of my daughter Heather and I used to write with her before she moved out of music and has started to raise her own family happily.  Gosh it was good to see her again.  And if you don’t remember…here’s Erika Jo doing what she can do so well.



Never did I think a song I helped write would be on a danged soap opera.  But yesterday “It’s A Small Price To Pay” that I helped write with a duo called Watson & Nash was played…at least some of it on the “Young & Restless”!  I found that out sitting in the ballpark too when Shay Watson texted that news to me.  It’s amazing how songs that lay around in your catalog for years can just show up out of nowhere.  Thanks for letting me know Shay…and I hate that I missed hearing it used on yesterday’s episode!



Gas is up again…so is the stock market.  Seems like we went from a little over 2 bucks a gallon to over 2.50 in quick second.  I’ll never understand how that happens and happens.


Meanwhile the stock market closed at almost a record high again. So…the good news is if you’re in the stock market it offsets the money your dropping at the pump.



That would be Mad Magazine that will basically stop printing.  Mad Magazine was THE publication for college kids back when I was at Central Missouri State University.  Funny, satirical and it could take some creative jabs at politics and the likes.  Hard to imagine we won’t see that freckled face kid Alfred E. Neuman on the cover any longer. It’s been around for 67 years. 


I never subscribed…but always enjoyed thumbing through those pages.  File it under nothing lasts forever.



Ya love Florida right?  I dunno.  They’re chasing monstrous pythons in the Everglades all the time.  Crocodiles are showing up in folks homes.  And now they say the Sunshine State is being overrun by Iguanas!  It’s so bad that homeowners there can now legally shoot the green ones on their property.  Wow.  Some homeowners say they’ll come home sometime after being gone and see 20 or 30 of them hanging around.  Look for a run on scopes and Winchesters.



On this 4th my wife and daughter and I are going to catch this movie with a Beatles theme that looks to be fun.  I’ll let ya know. 


I hope you and yours has a very fun patriotic 4th too!



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