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More Show Dates...Beer...Apollo 11

Jul 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Throw up some fireworks.  The 4th be with us.



Well…back home from an overseas trip it was time to re-set and catch up on things.  The temps have gone up to summertime here in the 90’s so getting out for a walk was a humid affair.  However, a little rain fell just enough to cool things off while I was trying to get in enough steps to walk off the endless food intake that goes along on a cruise like we were on.  Ain’t no Keto on a boat folks.


I did turn in a “fireworks” parody song for my folks in New York yesterday about folks who always seem to get injured while drinking and then lighting a fuse.  The ER rooms tend to stay busy.



And another date got added to our “Hits & Grins” calendar for September 13.  A house concert in Hot Springs Arkansas that Steve Dean and I played last year that was awesome.  Victoria Venier got sick and did not make the trip, and now we’ll get to take the entire trio to that beautiful house overlooking the Arkansas woods following a show the night before in Hot Springs.  Looking forward to seeing the “Hunts” and their family and friends again.



To my Missouri buddy Becky Blackaby who’s little beach song I helped write “Take Me Back To Tybee” has now climbed up to #6 on one of the Trop Rock charts.  Good for her ad her husband-musician Will Denton who also helped pen this song about their favorite beach place.  Good news!



My Saturday night show back at the Duck River Café down in Duck River, Tennessee that I mentioned is really going to be fun.  They’ve now paired me up with my friend Bobby Tomberlin a great hit writer.  Both of us have played this quaint little place once before and now we get to do it together.  Come on down and join us if you can and hear Bobby sing his smash hit “One More Day” for Diamond Rio.  And his funny tune, “Wherever She Is I Hope She Stays There”.  This will really be a fun night.



The Country Music Hall of Fame here (which is more than worth your visit) has just opened a Kacey Musgraves exhibit.  What’s cool about that is that Kacey has never had much chart success.  Many of you may be thinking, “I’ve heard the name but…who”?  Exactly.  It’s encouraging because it proves that folks find great artists without them being on the radio or the charts.  Enough so that they can pack arenas and sell a ton of product without it.  If your music is truly great enough…or special…folks will find you.  Ask Kacey. 



We were in Germany quite a bit last week.  If you missed it, the Germans do beer really well…and a lot.  Summertime, 4th of July…gonna be a lotta beer involved.  With that comes one of the great beer quotes of all time from funny columnist Dave Barry.


“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza”.



I’ve watched that movie with Tom Hanks at least a dozen times.  If I see it flipping through channels I always stop and watch a little.  In honor of the 50th anniversary of that flight NASA celebrated by reconstruction the exact control room that somehow managed to get those guys back to earth safely.  I hope they leave it up for lots of folks to visit in the future.  To this day, I still marvel at what we can do if set our minds to it.



Taco Bell is in panic mode as apparently there is a tortilla shortage going on.  Add to that the fact that nobody has seen that danged little Chihuahua forever and you’ve got a real “run for the border” panic thing going on where they ring that bell. 



One can order this pair of Nike Betsy Ross tennis shoes now just in time for the holidays.  Cost?  Just $2,500.  Uh…no.  What part of “sneakers” do they not understand?  I’ll buy a pair of Keds instead and stick bottle rockets in the tongue and have a cheaper 4th of July thank you.


“Crossbow Stunt Goes Wrong Leaves Magician With Head Wound”.  Hey Houdini…point the arrow in the other direction!  Hard to shoot a Gala apple off your own head.



I’m off to write with a very very talented Josh Shilling for the second time today before my publishing company closes the door for the rest of the holiday weekend.  Looking forward to that.


Then tonight our Minor League baseball team is in town and even with the humidity…I may have to go and get a pre 4th of July hot dog.


Have a great Wednesday!








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