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Year In Review Song...Another Cancelled Show...Bet On The Wiener

Jul 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Thursday morning.  4th of July is sneaking up this weekend and nope…have not bought one bottle rocket yet or sparkler yet.  I think this year I’ll stand out on the lawn in my pajamas and wave a lava lamp.  Lot quieter and it won’t scare the neighborhood dogs. 



My friend Brent Burns was on the other end of the computer looking back at me from beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama and had a great idea for a new song that pretty much captures how a lot of us feel about 2020. I’m sure this one will be on his new album that we’ll finish up here in Nashville in a few months and I think it could be a favorite of Brent’s fans for a while.  It’s always great when someone has a really cool idea like this.  So thanks Brent for that.



And another show cancelled yesterday.  The Songwriters Round in Bowling Green, Kentucky that I was scheduled to play with host Dan Modin and my friend Steve Dean next Monday night won’t happen but will be rescheduled at a later time when it’s safer.  Best to be safe now…play later.  And on it goes.



50,000 new cases in one day yesterday as the trend keeps going higher in the US.  In Baldwin, County Alabama (Gulf Shores) they’ve seen a big spike closing some businesses.  The beach is beautiful there but with all the tourists and teens on summer break and not social distancing?  Bound to happen.  Brent Burns pulled up to his Monday night gig last night and found a note on the club door that said “closed for cleaning”.  You can pretty much guess what they’re cleaning for.


Also in Alabama. A group of college kids in Tuscaloosa held a Covid game where they knowingly had a kid with the virus in the room.  The rest of the kids put some money in a pot to see who would catch the virus first.  That person won the pot.  Hopefully it will cover some of their hospital bill.  Geez.  And the virus spikes.  Might be time for some parents to pull tuition money.


Box wines sales have jumped 36% or more in places.  You get more wine in a box that you do in a bottle and folks are trying to minimize how many times they have to make a trip to the liquor department.  Do you smell the cap on box wine?



Nashville has decided to no longer prosecute minor marijuana charges.  I’m pretty sure those who like to imbibe are thinking…”Dude…it’s high time”.  Or not.



The Nathan’s Hot Dog Championship will happen this 4th of July in front of now crowd on ESPN.  For the first time ever in the states of New Jersey, Colorado and New Hampshire… one can place a bet on who they think will win, place or show…for both the male and female contestants.  It’s tempting to do so for this kind of event just see if one can be a wiener or not.  Proof you can bet on anything.



Most Americans say they think E-Sports should be part of the Olympics.  So those out of shape kids in the basement sitting in front of a screen could possibly wind up on a medal stand.  See…there’s hope Mom and Dad.



And one more cool sports note here.  The “Field Of Dreams” game in Iowa is still scheduled for August 13.  The Chicago White Sox (had to be there because of the movie) will play the Cardinals on that iconic field Kevin Costner built in the movie that’s one of may all time favorites. I’m not sure if they will allow fans in the stands but it will be televised on ESPN.  Surely Kevin Costner will be part of the broadcast team right?  “How bout a catch Dad”?



  • To Grand Ole Opry Star Jeannie Seeley who is turning 80 and is as sharp, creative and funny as ever.  And not “old style” funny.  Jeannie keeps up with the times and is quick with a line. I’ve interviewed her a couple of times on air and she’s really entertaining. And what is she doing to celebrate?  She’s releasing a new album of course…at 80!  Love that.  My friend Bobby Tomberlin and country star Steve Wariner finished a song that the late Dottie West had started writing before her death.  Steve played guitar for Dottie for several years before becoming his own star.  Happy Birthday Jeannie. 



Mike Judge who created Beavis & Butthead will be rebooting those two moronic kids and bringing it back to TV.  Why?  Mike says, “there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on right now”.  Yep…meaning there’s a lot going on in the world right now that’s ripe for lines from Beavis & Butthead.


Netflix has a new show out called “Warrior Nun”.  I can only guess that her weapon of choice is a ruler.


Wal-Mart is jumping on the trend and will turn some of their parking lots into Drive In Theaters at select locations.  No one could have predicted ever that there would be a time when folks would say, “Honey…let’s go to Wal-Mart and watch a movie”. 


And I do love that they are colorizing a Dick Van Dyke TV show to air to honor the late Carl Reiner who just passed.  He of course wrote and starred in that show…produced it too I believe.  The man has such a rich history of being creative…on so many shows.  His early work with Sid Casesar should be studied by all aspiring folks who want do comedy.  Carl Reiner was the best straight man ever who gave up his funny lines to the comedic character.  There’s no better example of that than the shows he did with Mel Brooks…”The 2000 Year Old Man"


I’ll be watching the tribute just to watch Dick Van Dyke trip over that couch in color.



And I’m putting this Sunday at 5 pm on my calendar as ESPN will air “The Eagles Live”.  They taped a “Hotel California” tour show a couple of years ago and then the tour got cancelled because of Covid.  This is the tour where they sing every song off the iconic “Hotel California” album.  And…in this show we’ll see Glen Frey’s son Deacon take his place and Vince Gill is also in this version of the Eagles.  My favorite “live” show ever that I’ve seen?  The Eagles “Hell Freezes Over Tour” that stopped in Milwaukee when I was there.  Incredible harmony. 



A Russian couple rebuilt the Great Pyramid of Giza in their backyard.  It’s 19 times smaller than the real pyramid but one can stay inside theirs for a price to meditate or do whatever one would do in a pyramid.  I think I’ll go out in my backyard and start working on a miniature Stone Henge today.  I’ll call mine “Pebble Henge”. 



Nothing big to do today.  So, catch up time and get out for a little hike time.  Temps are in the 90’s so I’ll be looking for a shady trail for sure. 


Have a great Thursday!




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