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Home From Europe...New Dates...Photog Ops

Jul 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home in the USA in time for the 4th of July.



So this will be the first blog in awhile as my wife and I were overseas on a Rhine River cruise with my long time buddy Brent Burns. 88 Parrot Head fans joined us and we simply could not have had a better group to hang with and entertain as we visited Amsterdam, Germany, France and Switzerland.


There were too many highlights to mention but you can check out my Facebook Page if you have not already and see some not beautiful pictures of the places we visited. 


We saw lots of castles along the river, visited fortresses, watched Cuckoo Clock maker do his thing in a Bavarian shop in the Black Forest as well as watching a pastry chef make Black Forest cake…and yes we got a slice.  Everywhere we went folks were friendly and the scenery just breath taking.  And there were LOTS of bicycles.


I will say if you ever do choose to do a River Cruise like this choose Emerald Waterways.  The staff could not have been better and the ship was beautiful and easy to get around on.  Much smaller than the ships your on those Caribbean cruises.  I love those too…but I’ll take the ship we were on any day over that.  And the food was ridiculous good three times a day or more.


I found out that Emerald also does a cruise down the Danube that Brent is considering and just added another one in Asia with stop in Hanoi and Viet Nam.  That would be interesting.


My thanks to Brent for taking us along on this European adventure that folks will be talking about for a long while.



A new date was added for my “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  This show will be in September at the beautiful Hot Springs Villages in Hot Springs Arkansas.  A gorgeous retirement community with a wonderful theater we’ll play in.  Can’t wait for that.  And the details are already available on my website in the Calendar section.



Honda is making a lawn mower that can go from 0 to 100 mph in 6.2 seconds.  I wish I’d had one when my brothers and I were kids mowing around tombstones in a cemetery!  Wonder if one has to wear a Hans device while mowing the lawn atop this bad boy?



Apparently Princess Diana was teed up to star with Kevin Costner in the sequel for the movie “Bodyguard” that starred Whitney Houston in the original before her untimely death.  Considering the angle the movie was going for…that could have been pretty incredible.


And one other interesting showbiz note that caught my attention is the fact that we will have a Neil Diamond musical in the future.  I can see that too.  And I can hear the theater audiences giving out a massive “Ba ba Bah!” when the actors break into “Sweet Caroline”.



“Nude Photography…Why The Do It And Why I Don’t"?  Yep…there’s a story on that. I have a one-word answer for why I don’t.  Mirrors.



“Florida Man Arrested For Pelting Girlfriend With McDonald’s Sweet and Sour Packs”.  Can’t wait to see Judge Judy’s reaction to that.



Because of the long trip and the 4th of July weekend coming up my week is relaxed giving me a chance to catch up on things.  I will play a show Saturday night at Duck River, a return engagement for me this Saturday night in Tennessee.  They’ve converted an old country store in this little town into a place that features songwriters on the weekend owned by Doyle & Debbie Grisham.  Doyle is Jimmy Buffet’s long time steel guitar player.  It’s like playing in the little New Hope General store that was nearby where I grew up in Missouri.  Thanks for having me back!


Have a great Tuesday!

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