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Bluegrassin'....Bad Movies...Great Beaches

Jun 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and I’m looking for my umbrella for a whole bunch of days in a row.  Monsoon season apparently in Nashville.  Now I’m hoping that Saharan dust storm they’re talking about doesn’t make its way to up here.



It was a pleasure to sit once again with Irene Kelley at her kitchen table with her faithful little dog and talking parrot and write a new up-tempo bluegrass tune.  This song allowed both of us to recall the way we grew up a bit out in the country.  She in the hillsides of Pennsylvania near Latrobe and the Amish and me from the  hills and cornfields in Missouri.  The song is titled “Small Talk Is A Big Deal Around Here”.  It was Irene’s idea about real and often times simple conversations that took place on front porches and in farm houses…a simpler way of living.  So…it was a bit of a nostalgic kind of writing session yesterday.



California is now spiking like crazy to go along with Florida, Arizona and Texas.  The military yesterday announced that soldiers will not be allowed to travel to Florida, Michigan and California or business or pleasure while Covid is running amok.  My daughter Heather is married to a young man in the Army who will be going to flight school early next year and will have some well earned downtime before that takes place.  The two of them had decided to take a trip to Disney World but that’s off the table for now with this announcement. 


More folks are trying to get tested.  LONG lines are developing almost everywhere still.  And the more testing they do the more the numbers will go up.


Parents will soon be faced with a really tough choice as to whether they will let their kids attend school when those start re-opening.  Two income families can use the money with the economy suffering….yet…are they comfortable letting kids onto a school bus or into a school system where it will be very hard for kids to social distance?  Especially when that’s not natural to them.  I’m glad I’m not having to make that decision.


And now we know if we do come down with Covid it will cost us $3,100 for the complete treatment using the drug Remdesivir to help us get over the virus sooner than later.  Yikes.


The AMC theater chain announced the will now delay opening for a couple more weeks in light of the numbers rising.  So don’t cancel your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions quite yet.



I kind of want a pick up truck.  I’ve never had one and now that I do they cost too much for one I’d really like to have.  Like the new Ford F150.  The sticker price on this tailgate bad-boy is almost $50,00.  I grew up in Missouri where pick up trucks were always dirty because they were work horses.  If I were to spend 50 grand on a truck…I would never want it to be dirty or have anything dirty tossed into the bed of the truck.  Geez Louise.  BUT…it’s tempting because the new Ford has 18 speakers in it!  18!  That might force me to reconsider.  For the record, at that price I will not put mudflaps on that has a picture of that little boy peeing on anything.



The online magazine Tempo just listed their 100 worst movies of all time.  I had to look to see how many I’ve seen.  I did better than I thought I would.  I’ve seen 5 of their top 100 worst.  And they are:


Look Who’s Talking Now with John Travolta and kids.


Speed 2 with Keanu Reeves.


Batman & Robin


Holmes & Watson starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly


Captain America.


It could have been worse…much worse and I see a lot of movies.  How’d you do?  Here’s the LIST.



Here’s the LIST for the top 25 beaches in America according to Southern Living and their readers.  Wonder how many of these will be open July 4 weekend? 


Amazingly, I’ve been on all of their top 5 choices.


5…Pensacola.  Big white sand and look for the beach ball water tower.


4…St. Pete.


3…Panama City…again big wide beach.  I played music on a stage that sat right on the sand for a big Parrot Head event a few years ago. Folks were out front on their lawn chairs and I had the Gulf Of Mexico behind me.  Pretty cool


2…Ka’anapali in Maui.  Hard to top that. On vacation our beachfront hotel view sitting on that beach allowed you to see the island of Molokai off in the distance. 


They gave their number one choice to Clearwater Beach in Florida. 


All great choices.  Gulf Shores is still my beach place, but all 5 of those are great.



Well, now that the MLB and the players have agreed to play a shortened season starting at the end of July some players are announcing they will sit out the season.  Ryan Zimmerman for one…and All Star and vital member of the World Champion Washington Nationals is one of those.  The consensus seems to be they don’t think it’s worth catching the virus.  And it is hard to imagine that they can play even a shortened season without players contracting Covid.  It’s going to be a very weird baseball season.



I do love this idea.  The 4th of July weekend at the greatest race track…the Brickyard in Indianapolis they will run the Indy Car race AND Nascar Race on the same day.  No crowds but at least one can watch on TV.  Usually on Memorial Day weekend the race the Indy 500 early in the day and then NASCAR has a race that night in Charlotte.  There’s been a few drivers drive both in one day…brutal.  They should do this every Memorial Day when the virus is done with us.  More drivers could choose to do both which would make it interesting and would save them a plane or chopper ride from Indy to Charlotte hoping to get there by the start time.  Wave the checkered flag.


And…if you ever do get to Indy?  Take the track tour.  The museum on the infield is very cool and you can take a lap on the track.  Sign up for that little bus lap to give you a feeling of what the feels and looks like and you get a great history lesson at the same time. 



So, police pulled out a dude who jumped in a swim tank inside the Bass Pro at Bossier City, LA.  He was trying to get followers on Tik Tok or something stupid like that and promised he would pull that stunt if he got 2,000 likes or hits or whatever.  Wonder if any of those folks who egged him on will post his bail?



Well, my writing appointment was cancelled for today. So I’ll be doing some catch up work and hoping it doesn’t rain all day so I can sneak a little hike in before the sun goes down. 


Have a great Tuesday!









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