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A Studio Weekend...Pirates...Muppets

Jun 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hard to believe it’s the last Monday of June.



Brent Burns was in town to start recording his new album of beach and funny tunes.  Normally it takes us two days to get six songs recorded but on Friday we started at 9 AM with a great group of musicians along with session leader Dave Francis and engineer Marv Truetel and got what we needed to get done by the time 7 pm rolled around.  Pretty amazing.  Brent will be back in August probably to record six more songs to finish up the album that hasn’t been named yet.  5 of the six songs we recorded we’re songs I’ve written with Brent including a funny one I’m sure his beach and water crowd will love titled “I Bought A Boat”.  Anyone who’s ever bought one will get a laugh out of this I’m sure.  Thanks to all those really talented guys in studio yesterday who focused and made some magic happen. And thanks also for being so great about wearing masks when needed and practicing social distancing. 


And of course for me it’s always fun to get to spend some time with one of my very best friends in Brent Burns.




Texas and Miami were forced to roll back with bars shutting down again as the virus has really spread in those two states.  And the bars have been crowded and have become a hot spot because folks just can’t seem to understand the importance of being smart and safe. 85 young folks tested positive after hanging at one bar in Michigan. If the numbers keep advancing?  I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of a step back in a lot of places.


Houston hospitals have hit ICU capacity and can’t take anyone else in. 


Meanwhile with that news American Airlines says they will start booking FULL flights again starting in July. My daughter flew with American for several years.  As her Dad?  Kind of glad she’s not doing that anymore.


The humongous downtown fireworks display in Nashville?  Not this year. Every city his cancelling their fireworks shows…cancelled because of Covid.  That means I’m going to hear a LOT more neighborhood popping and banging going on, as firework tents are really busy selling a lot of loud stuff. A lot of dogs are going to be under the porch.


And of course…production is under way for a Coronavirus movie.  You knew that was going to happen right?  I'm waiting for news on a Protest movie now. 



On the business side of Covid…Chuck E Cheese and Remington are both declaring bankruptcy.  Chuck E Cheese I kind of see as folks would not want to throw their kids in a crowded ball pit.  But Remington?  I would think gun sales would be through the roof.  Turns out Remington made the AR-15 rifle that was used in a mass shooting in Connecticut that killed 26 students and educators and the lawsuits are massive.  So I guess that kind of splains that.



Microsoft has decided to close all of their retail stores.  Online shopping if you want the product.  I guess that surely means the Microsoft is boarding up all their WINDOWS then.  (rimshot)



Margot Robbie will head up an all female cast for the next Pirates of The Caribbean coming from Disney.  Johnny Depp be gone.  That will be interesting.  If you’ve never seen the video of Johnny Depp surprising the tourists on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World?  Watch THIS.



How bout something to make ya feel better with all the bad news?  Check out the Muppets on the James Corden late night show wailing on this Beatles tune.



Man…Jennifer Hudson can really sing.  And she’ll be proving that big time in the upcoming movie “Respect”…playing the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.  My wife and I saw the movie “Dreamgirls” years ago.  We had seen her on American Idol and knew she could sing.  She’ll kill the part of Aretha I’m sure.



A company called Space Perspective will give you a chance to fly in a balloon up to space and float around for awhile. Think big weather balloon. Here's what that could look like.



Aroldis Chapman…the fireball reliever for the Yankees at the moment just bought a Jeep and customized it.  Total cost?  $150,000.  For a Jeep!  Baseball has been “berry berry good” to Aroldis.



“Does An Octopus Make A Good Pet”?  I have no idea.  But, if you buy one keep it on a dang leash if you’re out walking it.



I’m writing with Irene Kelley again this morning at her kitchen table hoping to make a little bluegrass magic happen this morning. We’ll be practicing a little social distance rhyming at her kitchen table.  Should be fun


Have a great Monday!



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