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One Last Little Blog From Germany

Jun 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

We are about to dock in Mannheim, Germany...the latest off shore excursion on this beautiful Rhine River Cruise my wife and I are on with my good friend Brent Burns and a bunch of his Parrot Head fans. 


Yesterday we toured the city of Cologne that was built again after World War II when the Nazi's destroyed the city completely.  We took a tram ride over the beautiful Rhine River to tour the biggest fortress I've ever seen that was built to try and protect the city from war after war.  Our historian was German and gave us great perspective and sobering reminders of the stupidity that is war.  I'm sure Cologne would be even more beautiful if some of their old buildings would have been preserved and not bombed out.  When they rebuilt they chose to rebuild in a more modern fashion so you don't get a lot of that kind of architecture there.


After that tour Brent and I played our second concert on board the "Destiny".  We absolutely love this ship.  Smaller than the big Carribbean ships we've been on and easier to navigate with great food and staff and much calmer waters because of course we're on a river and not bouncing up and down on an ocean.  I would highly reccomend this kind of trip to anyone.  In fact, Brent is talking about doing one down the Danube River in the future and if invited I'd jump on the boat in a second.


Yesterday afternoon was spent cruising past castle after castle after castle that dotted the countryside overlooking this water passage we're on.  Mix that with extreme uphill acres of grapes dangling off vine and you get the picture sort of.  And if you don't just check out my Facebook page for some photos.  They're must have been at least 50 castles we went by.


And today...more of that on tap before we set sail again.  Our trip ends with a long flight home on Monday.  Quite an adventure.


Have a great weekend.

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