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Studio Time...Lightning...A Frames

Jun 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning and I’m getting ready to head to the studio with Brent Burns.



My Gulf Shore beach nut ball of a friend Brent Burns arrived at the house and we went to work on the six songs he’s going to record this weekend.  And last night session leader Dave Francis joined us with his guitar to chart out all the songs and talk about arrangements that he’ll share with the four other musicians and engineers that will be joining us in studio this weekend.  These are always fun sessions to do with a lot of laughs and some great music tracks getting laid down.  So this will be the first half of the album going down…the second half will happen later this year with the new album being out probably in November. I can’t tell you a lot about the songs but I can share one of the titles “Suntans In Strange Places”.  That song is based on a true story that Bob Karwin, another Trop Rock artist lived when he played the Nude Olympics in California where he and his band were the ONLY one’s wearing clothes.  So I can guarantee we’ll have at least one really funny song on this project.



Lady Antebellum changes to Lady A and you knew this was bound to happen next. The Dixie Chicks will now re-brand at just “The Chicks”.  I can only imagine how glad the Oak Ridge Boys are that they didn’t originally name themselves the Oak Ridge Brothers.



Some so called predictors are saying the Coronavirus tally could over 80 times larger than reported.  Your tally may vary.


A study in Scotland is suggesting that gargling with saltwater may help combat the virus. If that turns out to be true…buy stock in Morton’s.


We do live in such a weird time.  I remember hearing stories about my grandparents living through the Great Depression.  I have a feeling that long after my generation is gone they’ll be talking about how the Baby Boomers lived in the era of Coronavirus.



100 people in India were killed by lightning in a massive storm right before their monsoon season kicks in.  Wow.  We had a straight line storm roll through here a couple months ago and watched a double bolt of lightning strike two trees in our backyard that later required a big old clean up with chainsaws whirring.  It made my heart race witnessing that.  Can’t imagine what they must have seen in India.



Hard to believe but A Frames are popular again.  In New York I particular they are building more and more of those, many as vacation homes for New Yorkers.  When I was growing up they were kind of the thing…then they just sort of disappeared in popularity.  Unless you make a trip to Gatlinburg where there are still a lot of those old A Frames available to rent when you vacation.  One A Frame is owned or was owned by Hank Williams late wife Audrey where she and Hank Jr. used to stay a lot.  I’ve mentioned this before but the cool thing about that A Frame they owned?  There’s old pictures of Hank, Hank Jr. and Audrey and there’s a framed picture of the lyrics to “Looking For Audrey” that I wrote with Bobby Tomberlin and Linda Davis. Here's a PICTURE of that from inside the cabin.  Quite the honor for the three of us.  So…if you rent that cabin?  Look for our hand written lyrics on the wall.



“If you want to be taken seriously, ditch your Zoom background”.  Yep…folks like to do that when they’re doing online video conferences.  Probably should wear pants too.



Yes…there is a Clown Motel.  Of course it’s located in Las Vegas…and of course…it’s haunted.  Don’t ring the doorbell on your room door if you rent one.  I’m pretty sure it will squirt seltzer water in your face if you do.



Today and tomorrow…all day…I’m in studio with Brent Burns.  Let the musical madness begin.


Have a great weekend!






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