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Koblenz Germany

Jun 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A short little blog from the Rhine River this morning.  No time to do regular blogs but you can follow along on this amazing European adventures on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages where I’m posting pictures if you’d like.


We did Amsterdam the first day.  Yesterday we did a walking tour of Cologne, Germany and saw a MAGNIFICENT cathedral and right about now we are prepared to dock in Koblenz, Germany.


I’m on this tour once again with my friend Brent Burns with 88 of his die-hard Parrot Head fans who have become friends of mine.  We’ve played one show, this afternoon we’ll do a second show before stopping everything to watch castles start to sail by and that should be unforgettable.


All the grief of the long travel hours and delays have been wiped away with wonderful new scenic memories at ever bend and turn on the Rhine.  We had record heat yesterday but found a shady sidewalk café where we had a pretzel and tried out the local German beer that comes in small glasses “Kolsch”…and yea…the Germans do now how to make beer. 


And one music update as our trio “Hits & Grins” secured a new date in Hot Springs in the beautiful “Villages” retirement community there.  That will happen in mid-September.  More on that to come in the future.


Right now my view at the front of our boat demands my attention.


Have a great day back home. 

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