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Christmas Tunes...Coffee House Show...Maps

Jun 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s June 24…a Wednesday.  Just wanted to point that out to the folks near us who have been popping fireworks for the last three nights.  The 4th of July is still a few days away.



Well, Christmas broke out.  Musically speaking.  I wrote a Christmas tune in the middle of June with Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard yesterday all of us on the computers from our homes.  Brent knows of a country artist that you would know who looks to be making a Christmas album not this year but next.  So we tried to write something in that guy’s wheelhouse.  The good news is I think we more than did that but it’s also going to be a song we can pitch to almost any male artist.  So we all felt good about that.  I had a verse written by the time both of them appeared on my Apple.  They both loved the start so it helped us move the song along pretty quickly.  Here’s hoping somewhere down the line this little song will show up on someone’s Christmas album.



I blogged about my longtime broadcast friend Duke Hamilton in Cincinnati who’s been there for over four decades but has finally decided to retire on his farm in Northern Kentucky.  And old columnist friend John Kieswetter wrote a very nice article and used some of my comments about the broadcast legend in his piece.  If you’re curious…here’s that ARTICLE.  Happy happy retirement Duke.



I got a nice note from the owner of the Grinder Coffee House in Crossville, TN…about an hour and a half east of where we live.  He wanted to know if I was still good for our September 9 date?  Am I?  So that’s the FIRST show that’s on my calendar that I know will happen for sure.  It’s just me in a solo gig telling stories and playing songs.  Can’t wait..and if you’re anywhere near do come by.  Great food!  And of course there’s coffee.  Thank you Asa for having me back…and I’m glad to know you guys are up and running again in Crossville.



Seven states yesterday reporting record high cases for Covid-19.  And now the Texas Governor after opening the Lone Star State is asking folks to stay home.  Again.


Vegas re-opened but they are now saying the return of tourists?  Pretty slow.  The pandemic is keeping folks away from the slot machines…at least so far.  If you do go to Vegas, considering what’s going on with the virus?  You’re actually gambling twice.


Meanwhile here in Nashville and Tennessee we lead the country in hotel and restaurant spending.  Folks are coming back to the honkytonks. Folks can’t get enough of those country singers wearing rhinestones and facemasks.


And how about the one GOP Senator trying to pass a bill that would give all of us a $4,000 tax credit if we take a vacation in the United States between now and the end of 2021?  And yes, it would be $8,000 for a couple.  I have no idea if that will ever pass but if it does?  I can see booking flights say after March or so of next year betting that we’ll have a vaccine and it will be perfectly safe to take advantage of that. 



How about Columbus Ohio?  Some petitioners are trying to get the city name changed to “Flavor Town” in honor of Guy Fieri the host of Diners-Drive Ins and Dives.  He’s from Columbus.  So, it makes perfect sense to name the town after a guy that eats for a living as opposed to the guy who discovered the country.  Right.



Well, we are going to have baseball of some kind.  The Major Leagues will start a 60 game season July 22 or 23.  It will be odd, historic and different for sure.  No fans in the stands for the most part and the divisions will have different teams than normal.  But, I can still grill a hot dog at home sit on the couch and watch some games.  I’ll take it.  It will be interesting to see the first argument with an umpire.  Will the manager come running out and social distance before screaming in the umps face?



Someone has invented a waffle maker that makes 3-D cars and trucks.  Pour some syrup on your fleet of vehicles and play with your food.  Who doesn’t want to do that?



“How To Take A Road trip Without A GPS”.  Good grief.  That article suggests we have an entire generation now that’s never used a road map. Wow.  No more stopping at a gas station when you’re lost looking for a folding map.  Now, I would not want to NOT have my GPS but…there is kind of romanticism about looking at a map and finding your way.  Of course I won’t miss the FRUSTRATION of figuring out how to fold the dang thing back together.  That was like a Rubik’s Cube for me.


I have two great memories of maps right off the top of my head.  One was receiving a big Rand McNally map in a big leather jacket that said United Artists on it along with my name in gold letters at the bottom.  Here’s the short story on that.  I was an artist once upon an eon a go for United Artists here in Nashville when I was very young.  Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn owned the agency.  Crystal Gayle, Johnny Russell, Karen Wheeler and many other artists were on that roster.  I was the little nobody.  But…at Christmas time one year they passed out these personal maps to each artist on the roster…me included.  I still have it today.


The other map memory for me was the motorcycle trip I took out west for two weeks all by myself.  Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and a Grand Canyon stop, Kansas, Missouri.  I had a folding map…that was it.  So every so often I’d pull off the side of the road or make a rest stop and unfold the map on the gas tank and try to figure out which road I should take next. 


So yea…I miss the memories of maps…but I wouldn’t give up my GPS to go back to one.



“How To Stop Your Butt From Burning After Eating Spicy Foods”.  I didn’t want to know…so I didn’t read the article.  And to be honest?  The only time I ever remember my butt burning was when I sat it near a crackling fireplace and a cinder flew out and landed in my backside nether regions.  And that’s all I need say about that.



Pretty weird.  Yesterday I wrote a Christmas song with Nathan Woodard and Brent Baxter.  Today I’m writing with Steve Dean and Jessie Ritter.  Jessie sent me a text from Pensacola letting me know she has a great Christmas song idea she’d like to write.  What are the odds?  Some artists are going in studio to record Christmas albums in the middle of summer and they’re looking for Christmas tunes.  So the songwriters are putting on their Santa thinking hats and trying to write some Holly Jolly tunes.  I’m putting on my Santa thinking hat right now.


Have a great Wednesday!






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