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Hello Amsterdam

Jun 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

This short blog is coming at ya from the Netherlands as my wife and I are on board a Cruise ship that will set sail down the Rhine River.  We are in Amsterdam where today we’ll get a grand float down the canal and we’ll get to see the windmills of Holland and walk in wooden shoes.  Okay…maybe not that.


Then tomorrow we’ll be looking at castles along the river, exploring several port towns in Germany and end up in Switzerland at weeks end.  We are on board with my friend Brent Burns and about 90 rabid Parrot head beach music loving fans that we will entertain multiple times which means we had to board planes with guitars…and that can be a fun experience.  Hopefully mine is in tact as you read this.


So…the rest of the week may be spotty or non-existent as far as the blog is concerned but you can follow along if you’d like on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites.


Meanwhile…a semi-regular blog as I’m “pre-blogging” before we left.



I had the pleasure of teaching a class on radio and comedy songwriting this past Friday for my talented friend Amanda Williams.  She does a multi-day music conference once per year with many attendees returning year after yea.  And she had a great turnout of folks from all over.  Canada, California, Texas, Alabama, Indiana to name a few states represented.  So I sang funny songs and talked about the method and madness of doing that…and we talked a lot of about radio and how songs get on the radio.  Folks simply could not have been nicer and I appreciate Amanda having me as her 2019 guest speaker.  I have a feeling I’ll be involved again next year and that would be great too.



We had big storms roll through on Friday night and it knocked our power out.  It went off about 8 pm on Friday night as I am blogging this today…Saturday at 10:41 pm…we STILL have no power.  Turns out 80 mph winds went through and 50,000 Nashville residents are without juice.  Sigh.  And we need to pack for Europe and get a shower!  Turn the juice on!!



To my friend Irene Kelley who shot me a note to let me know that our song “Just A Little Walk” that she recorded on her new album “Benny’s TV Repair” just landed at #7 on the gospel bluegrass charts!  What a nice surprise.  I’m so glad I was the one who co-wrote this song with her as it’s one of my favorite things I’ve written in awhile.  Here’s to it climbing to number one!


Okay…time to have fun in Europe.  Have a great week!





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