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Early Morning In The Netherlands

Jun 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s 6 AM in Amsterdam….11 pm back home in Nashville and I’m in Amsterdam with my wife.



Well…we had quite the challenging trip to get her to the Netherlands.  In Philly we got on a plane, off a plane and back on another plane after mechanical issues.  A 5-hour delay…the last thing anyone wants on a LONG uncomfortable flight.  And this on the heels of back-to-back day of losing power because of high winds that blew threw Music City.  No power, no air, no lights, no sleep.  So we arrived here beat up.  Then an hour through customs and praying my guitar would make it undamaged as I had checked it.


The good news is…we made it safe, the guitar is good to go and this morning I have the second deck of the ship “Destiny” all to myself drinking coffee and blogging with a look of this gorgeous city and the water that surrounds it.  And it is beautiful.


Today my wife Kathy and I will take a canal trip to see the historic buildings and explore.  We’ve got 88 fans of Brent Burns who have joined me and Brent.  Many of these folks I became friends with on our trip to Italy last year that was so fun and they’re all geared up and ready to go again.  And we’ve added a bunch of new folks on this one.


Tonight Brent and I will play our first show onboard as we float heading for Germany in Switzerland.  Not only will our Parrot Head fans be out front but so will about 88 others who came on their own from all over the world to enjoy the castles and the scenery that we are about to witness.


Music has afforded me this opportunity to be in places I could have never imagined.  I’m so grateful every day that somehow a guitar found me and I learned to play a few chords when I was young.  Who could have known?


So Day 1…here we come.


Have a great Monday or Tuesday or whatever it is where you are right now.  Bon Voyage.

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