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New Writers...Flying & Pythons

Jun 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning with a busy day on tap in Nashville.



On a sauna like Wednesday I was in a writing room with a new duo named Caleb and Leann that my friend Mark Hauser, who’s also a singer songwriter, introduced me too. And their guitar player Andrew Buckner also showed up. So we had a room full of writers yesterday for sure, and we also had a lot of fun finishing up an up-tempo duet song idea I had been working on. They are getting ready to go into the studio with noted producer-singer-songwriter Keith Stegall in a few days to start laying down tracks for their first major project. Fingers crossed that this little song might make the final cut. We’ll know soon.  I know the song itself is fun and just rockin’ so that’s all you can do as a writer is help deliver a good song, they sit and wait to see what happens to it. Really enjoyed getting to know them and working with them yesterday.



I finished watching season 1 of Obi Wan Kenobi on Prime, the latest Star Wars thing.  If you’re into Star Wars, a pretty good finish to this series. The fight scene between a younger Obi Wan played by Ewan McGregor vs a younger Darth Vader played by Hayden Christensen is spectacular. And there is speculation that there could be a second season coming. Stay tuned, and may the force be with you.



So, bragging about my wife Kathy a bit here. For those who have been asking about her book?  It’s getting closer. A lot of back and forth and tweaking going on with the editors of the publishing company that is going put out the book when it’s completely ready to go. It’s fiction, but a heck of a great story if I do say so. And we can’t wait to be able to share what she’s come up with hopefully by years end…we’ll see.


And on top of that, my wife has been taking tap dancing lessons for quite a while now, and she’s gotten so good at it that she’s now teaching a few classes to beginners. I have two left feet. So it’s her thing completely. But if I ever need a squad of tap dancers to come out and tap dance while I’m singing “If I Had Boobs” …I know how to get that done.



Word is the newest Omicron variant that’s possibly coming our way could attack the lungs, sort of like the first wave and it could escape antibodies. Let’s hope that’s not true.


Vaccines have arrived for children under 5 now. Yesterday, without explaining why, Publix said it will NOT participate and will not carry vaccines for that young age group.


Related. The CDC has now recommended that Seniors get the “souped up” version of the flu shot this year. I didn’t know they had a “souped up” variety. But now I do.



This might give one pause before moving to Florida. Besides the alligators that you have to keep your eyes open for, so much so that golf courses encourage you to NOT look for lost golf balls, the Sunshine State has pythons. Big pythons that they hunt regularly. Yesterday they found the largest python ever in Florida weighing in at 215 pounds and it’s 18 feet long!  Man I hate snakes. So now if you look for a golf ball near water, you could lose an arm or a leg to a croc, or you could just get swallowed whole by a danged python. I think I might choose to play pickleball instead if lived there.



During my songwriting session yesterday morning we got to talking about how expensive it is to get to shows now. IF you can even get there.  I mentioned a couple of days ago I have flight coming up in a couple of weeks to Montrose, Colorado with 4 other songwriters that has a connection in Dallas. Those flights cost over $800 a piece. Mark Hauser, who was in the room, shared that he is trying to book a flight to Spokane and the cheapest airfare he found was $1,200. Geez.


And on top of that, flights are cancelling left and right with passengers being stranded. Pilots are protesting long hours.


You want to hear a real horror story. Watch this video, or some of it. This is my old radio partner in Cincinnati Amanda Orlando to traveled to NYC for an award she was receiving. Congrats Amanda!  But what happened after that at LaGuardia is unreal. Stranded for maybe two days with no way to get home. Stuck in an empty airport with just the clothes she wore because it was supposed to be a there and back trip. This will make you not want to fly for sure. And now I’m most certainly worried about what our trip experience is going to be like to Colorado and back, which is right after the 4th of July. God help us.



I did read some flight attendant tips for those who MUST fly. Take the first flight of the day. We are doing that on our Colorado trip. 5:30 AM. Book direct flights only. (no such luck). And strictly take carry on luggage. I’ll have a guitar and a bag. Here’s hoping they’ll let us (as they should) store our guitars in the overhead.



Amber Heard is reportedly in talks to write a “tell all” book after her trial with Johnny Depp that she lost. Gosh. If I ever have anything to tell, I think I tell all too. I just need something worthwhile to tell that I can monetize.



A Baptist Church had this on their sign. “Whoever stole our AC Units Keep One. It’s Hot Where You’re Going”. Amen.



Airbnb is offering up $100,000 to 100 folks who win their global competition of building and creating quirky places to stay in. Folks seem to like to do that. Spaceships, A Potato House, A Shoe, and other quirky places already exist. And they stay rented out. Considering what’s happening for flyers, maybe I’ll build an airport terminal folks can stay in.



A woman posted this, “Did you know that if you garden naked, your neighbors will build a privacy fence at no cost to you”?  I’m not sure I want to know how she knows.



A busy Hump Day. I’m writing this morning with Irene Kelley who’s recently had a number one song “Lonely” on the Bluegrass Charts. Congrats Irene! She continues working towards releasing a new album and we will have a gospel-grass song on that project together. Hoping I might get to hear that today before we write.


And once that wraps up, I’m off with my “Hits & Grins” buddies Steve Dean & Victoria Venier to do a songwriter’s podcast that my friend Dave Lenahan hosts. You’ll be able to listen to that soon. I’ll tell you how and when as soon as I find out.


Have a great Wednesday!













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