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Father's Day...Ghost In This House...Prepping For Studio Time

Jun 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Start of another week.  Here’s hoping you had a great Father’s day weekend.



Friday my writing appointment took me to Jimmy Fortune’s house where Sydni Perry met us to write and catch up.  And Jimmy and I got quite the surprise when Sydni showed us a black and white picture of a little baby boy on the way for her and her husband Hani. SO happy for her and her husband.  And then she asked Jimmy and me if we would be honorary grandpas.  Why yes we would.  Pretty emotional moment in the writing room to say the least.


And then some real magic happened.  Jimmy had a little melody he was playing on the guitar and looked at me and said, “What does that sound like”?  And I said, “It sounds like There’s A Baby On The Way”.  When we finished it Sydni had to try more than once to sing it because she broke down the first time. For me?  That’s the ultimate compliment to a song…that it moves you that much.  I’m so proud of this song and this musical gift we were able to give Sydni, her husband and that little baby on the way.


When we finished writing the “baby” song Jimmy had his wife Nina come in and tape a session of what he calls “Jimmy Jams” that he puts up on his Facebook page.  Basically it’s a nightly video…featuring a song that Jimmy sings…or songs that Jimmy and his special guests sing.  Friday it was me and Sydni…and mostly Sydni as she sang “Ghost In This House” which is a wonderful song that Sydni used to sing a lot in shows traveling with Jimmy.  These days she travels with Carrie Underwood, although nobody is really traveling right now.  I got to help sing harmony with Jimmy under and over Sydni’s wonderful voice.  If you missed it…watch THIS and you’ll see and hear why I brag about these two so much. Thanks Jimmy for having us.



Yesterday my daughter Heather came down from Clarksville to spend part of Father’s Day.  Normally we’d go to a movie or better yet a baseball game if the home team were in town.  Both of those choices or course were not on the table this year so we just chilled had lunch and watched some Netflix together.  Any time together with your kid or kids is time well spent.  Her husband Casey who’s in the Army could not be with us in person so he called on Facetime to say Happy Father’s Day.  So…I had a pretty great Father’s Day despite the restrictions.  How bout you?



My Arizona friend John Carpino sent me a text telling me they are not allowing entertainers back on the Grand Canyon Railway that runs from Williams AZ to the South Rim of the Canyon every single day.  The train has been running a couple of weeks without the entertainers who go up and down the train aisles singing and entertaining the tourists headed to and from the biggest hole in the ground ever.  So John says, “get out here again”!  I’d love to of course but will probably have to wait a bit.  Maybe Fall if I’m lucky and it feels safe again.  It’s certainly and wonderful experience riding and singing on that train and getting to see such beauty every day at the Grand Canyon. Quite the experience.  And if you want to get a feel of what that train trip is like check out John singing this original song he wrote "Ride This Train" complete with a video tour of the ride.



Scott Southworth is an independent artist that loves and sings traditional country music in 2020.  He just recorded a new album and put a song on it the two of us wrote called “Less To Break”.  Stone country…but pretty danged good if you like that kind of country music…like I do.  The album got a wonderful review in Country Music People.  You’ll see by reading that the reviewer singled out this song as perhaps the best song on the entire album and gave the album 5 stars...the max.  Always nice to hear other folks like your songs too.  Congrats to Scott on his new album!



Shawn Hammonds makes his living as a top flight Martial Arts expert.  He’s really good at it.  But he’s also a great country singer…and now bluegrass singer.  Shawn has been in studio with a terrific bluegrass player-producer Randy Kohrs.  I opened up a text from Shawn inside the studio and he played me part of one song he’s recording that we wrote several years ago that I had almost forgotten about.  Those are nice surprises.  Thank you Shawn for recording our song!




Daunting news yesterday as the WHO announced the largest single day spike for the virus worldwide.  183,000 new cases yesterday.


Victoria Canada is shutting down again because of such a spike in Covid cases.  I’m fearing we’ll see more cities and locations having to do the same thing.  Some of the so-called experts are pointing out that a lot of the spiking is because of the crowds in the bars and on the beaches.  Two places I like to hang.  Sigh.


All Spring Training baseball camps are being closed for the same reason.  All of them will be cleaned and dis-infected before they think about re-opening again.  Major League Baseball may never open there’s this year with all the squabbling going on so they won’t have to worry about that.


And it was really weird watching the Belmont Stake race…the first leg of the Triple Crown with nobody in the stands.  So weird.



He’s playing Mike TysonJamie Foxx…in a movie.  He’s already added 50 pounds to look the part.  And he’s practicing on biting ears.  Can’t wait to see it.  After seeing Jamie portray Ray Charles?  I’m sure this will be great too.



I am looking forward to seeing the Broadway musical “Hamilton” coming to Disney Prime on July 3.  The trailer has been released to give us a sneak peek of this blockbuster.  Pretty amazing how you can learn so much about history with the help of “hip hop”…and I’m not a hip-hop fan. But there is a reason this was such a huge worldwide hit.



My wife and I don’t have grandkids.  We have grand cats.  My daughter has two she’s crazy about.  She’ll be happy to know that one can buy certain kinds of music that will help calm them down when they’re too active or crazy. Must be an odd conversation to ask a record store clerk to show you the section for cat music.  If you can find a record store.  I’d probably pick up “Cats In The Cradle”, and the soundtracks from both “Octopussy” and “Cats”.



A young couple in Florida are ready to get married.  The bride wants her Grandma to see it.  Grandma is in a retirement home quarantined in San Diego.  The bride’s husband a young Marine pilot is all for it.  So they drive across the country and get married in the retirement home in front of 91 year old Grandma…all of them with a mask on.  Pass the Kleenex.



No writing appointment today so I’m free to catch up on stuff and do some prep work looking over some songs that Brent Burns will be recording in Nashville this coming weekend.  And my wife Kathy has a pretty big day of conversations about the book she’s written with folks who are interested in it…so I’ll help where I can there.  Her book is going to be published…and there will be more as details are worked out. It’s always a pretty good period of time from the time one signs a contract to the date of any kind of release…much like how the music business works when they sign a new recording artist.  But…it’s pretty dang exciting and we’ll share more when we can. 


Have a great Monday!





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