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Summer Solstice...Another Radio Interview...Amazing Chart News

Jun 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and it’s Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. And it’ll be hot like summer. Almost 100 again here in Nashville.



I was on air at another radio station in Missouri where I worked when I was young KWRE in Warrenton, Missouri. My old friend Mike Thomas was nice enough to give me a chunk of airtime to talk about the big anniversary show coming up July 1 in Louisiana, Missouri and he played that 50-year-old song on the air. It never ceases to amaze me that this story about a sasquatch roaming the neighborhood in that little town on the Mississippi could still be going strong. All I know is that July 1 show is going to be way too much fun, and it’s going to be great to see so many old friends that I’ve not seen in years. Come join us if you can.


AND…this morning I’ll be on The Eagle 102 in Bowling Green, Missouri to talk about old Mo Mo again. I think I’m chatting with Marianne Everhart who will be talking to me from inside that red barn in a cow-pasture where the entire Mo Mo thing was birthed 50 years ago. A bit surreal.



I found out yesterday that the album “Shades of Blue” from Australian Kristy Cox has now been sitting in the number one slot for albums on the Roots Music Report Chart in Australia since it’ release back in February.  I have 4 songs on this great album including “Person of the Year” that I co-wrote with my friend Jerry Salley which was up for a Golden Guitar Award a few months ago (didn’t win) but it it is also still in the running for this year’s IBMA Bluegrass Song of the Year.  Pretty danged cool. Congrats to Kristy and to my co-writers on those four songs that include Jerry Salley, Kristy Cox, and Tim Stafford.



In New York City Hall is offering jobs back to over 600 employees who left because they did not want to be vaccinated. The catch is, they get the job only if they roll up their sleeves. How many will do that?


I am glad my dear friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott are now over their little bout with COVID. It did force us to cancel a show we had all been looking very forward to in Marion, Virginia this past Saturday night, but we’re optimistic it will reschedule in the spring of next year. Stay tuned.


Today is the day the youngest Americans can start getting vaccinated for COVID-19 if parents so choose.



For my pickup friends who want a redneck pool?  They do make inflatable pools that fit snuggly into the back of pickup truck. Speedos and diving boards are optional.



Learn to fly a plane. American Airlines are halting service to three US cities because they don’t have enough pilots to fly the planes. Overall according to some reports the industry is 12,000 pilots short of what they really need. I’ve got a flight to Colorado in a few weeks so I’m hoping there’s someone available to sit in the cockpit seat.



Folks use whatever they can sometimes to fight off a critter or two. A 90-year-old woman here in Tennessee just successfully fought off a black bear using her lawn chair.


And topping that is the guy who grabbed a skillet when a gator showed up at his campground site and fought the croc off. Wow. I grew up with cast iron skillets. They are an equalizer for sure. I think my Grandma may have used one to keep my Grandpa in line at one time.



A wife says to her husband, “I don’t think I look thirty, do you, dear”. He replies, “No, darling, not now. But you used to”. Things to never say to your wife.


I believe she grabbed a cast iron skillet after his reply.



“I Gave Up Being A Millionaire To Live On A Deserted Island With Two Mannequins.” You know how you have to click on a headline to find out what happened? I didn’t bother to “click” for this one. As my comedian friend Heywood Banks pointed out in one of his songs, “There’s No 12 Step Plan For Stupid.”



I’m getting prepped now for the 9 AM radio interview I mentioned at the top of today’s blog, then I’m online writing a Christmas song for a project with my Maryland friend Rick Lang. Yep, it’s that time of year when songwriters are trying to write a few Christmas tunes because this is the time of year artists are recording Christmas songs. Yep, always weird to be singing Christmas tunes when it’s 100 degrees outdoors. And then I’m going to catch a little baseball in the heat later this evening. Full day, grateful


Have a great Tuesday!



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