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Toy Story 4...Teaching....Rhine River Cruise

Jun 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday…and welcome to the first day of Summer.



I spent a fair amount of time preparing for a class I’m teaching today on songwriting and radio for an Entrepreneur’s Conference here in Nashville led by my friend Amanda Williams.  Here’s hoping I half way know what I’m talking about and that some of those who’ve signed up to listen today are able to take away something they can use.


And last night I got to spend some quality time with my daughter Heather up in Clarksville as I drove up and we took in a dinner and got a sneak preview of “Toy Story” 4 that was very fun.  This will be a big movie once again for that franchise as it was very entertaining and fun.  I think I gave my daughter the “Disney” bug when she was young and she, like her Dad remains a big fan.  Ya can’t beat spending time with your kids no matter what your doing.


Keep your ears open for celebrity voices in this one.  Carl Reiner, Carol Burnett, Don Rickles, Mel Brooks, and Betty White are all in this one.



This made me smile a bit.  I sat down with my publisher to listen to new songs I’ve written for them since signing a publishing deal with Billy Blue Publishing. One of the songs they mentioned that made them laugh and share was a song about “beer and exercise” that I wrote with Brent Burns down on the Gulf that will be on Brent’s next album sometime next year.  It’s nice to work with folks who have a sense of humor especially since they are so big in the Christian Music world.  God has a sense of humor too folks.



Congrats to my bluegrass friend Irene Kelley who I’ve blogged about numerous times as I’m fortunate to have a couple of songs on her new album “Benny’s TV Repair”.


I just found out that Irene has 7 of her songs being played on the charts from this one album.  It’s like the Beatles accomplishment way back in the day…on a smaller scale but so impressive to say the least.  I’m so happy and proud for her…and certainly I’m happy to have two songs on this amazing project as well including this gospel song “Walk With Me Today" that features amazing harmony from our friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge.  Thank you Irene for letting me share your kitchen table and create songs for this album.



The richest female musician?  That would be Rhianna.  I’m thinking maybe I should actually listen to one of her songs now.  Maybe.



I filled up for $2.15 per gallon this morning in Nashville.  The price of petro is dropping again and you'll get no complaints except for those folks we just visited out in Texas and New Mexico that make their living off of oil.  The question be with tensions building up with Iran…will prices stay down?



Well June 21 is not just the first day of summer.  It’s International Yoga Day.  So, do you have your mat on the floor, your Lulu lemons on and a goat handy to jump on your back while you “downward dog”?  Me neither. 


I will celebrate summer though…by not putting myself in a pretzel position.  Nobody needs to see that.  But to all yoga enthusiasts…”Namaste”…whatever that means.



People collect all kinds of things.  I joke all the time that my friend and hit writer Steve Dean who’s part of the “Hits & Grins” trio I play in has a studio that’s chock full of Beatles memorabilia.  And what isn’t Beatles stuff is Three Stooges stuff.  And the rest of the studio is a collection of lava lamps.


He’s also got a collection of guitars…maybe 20 or so.  That seems like a lot until I read this morning that Sheryl Crow has over 200 guitars and counting!  I could not understand why folks, musicians in particular collected so many.  But now that I’ve been in this business awhile I kinda do get it.  Each guitar is different…some are collectible if you hang onto them long enough.  I have five in my possession…and I wouldn’t mind having at least five more.  Explaining why I need those to my wife will be a challenging proposition for sure.



There are always creatures in the news.  Today comes a story about a truck drive in Florida hitting a pretty good bump.  That bump turned out to be a 500 pound gator!  I don’t want that!  Here we look out for deer. 


And then there’s this guy who took his bulldog to the pet to have his stomach checked.  The Vet pulled out 19 baby pacifiers. Must have driven them crazy wondering where every pacifier they bought went.



I’m off to teach at that conference I mentioned at the beginning of this blog.  And then it’s serious packing time for a trip to Europe for a Cruise down the Rhine River with Brent Burns and about 90 serious beach loving fans.  We’ll play 4 times between Amsterdam-Germany-Switzerland so it should be incredibly fun and the scenery from the boat looking at all those castles as we float by should be very special.  I’ll be posting pictures on my socials so check those out if you’d like.


With that said, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog next week.  But if we have internet connection…I’ll try to share some of the experience right here.  Bon Voyage.


Have a great weekend!







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