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Radio Interview...Chart Action...Top Gun

Jun 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning in Nashville. Sunny and hot. That sunny and hot thing brewed up a pretty good storm here on Friday that was not on the radar. Winds were stiff, and a lot of folks had downed trees and no power. We lost power for about 5 hours, but no trees this time so we felt good about that. Calmer today. Just blazing hot.


Getting ready to do a “live” interview on KWRE Radio in Warrenton, Missouri at 9 am my time with my buddy Mike Thomas. We’re going to talk about the 50th Anniversary of “Mo Mo” the Missouri Monster as I’m getting ready to be part of that anniversary by doing a concert July 1 in Louisiana, Missouri where the whole thing started. If you catch this in time, you can listen in “live” right HERE. It sounds like we’re going to have a big turnout, and I’m looking very forward to this event.



I saw a picture on Facebook where a store owner taped a sign on the front door that reads, “Due to high temperatures we will not be accepting money out of your bra”. That’s how HOT it is.



Uneventful for the most part. I did write a song Saturday for my publishing company. I did get into the new Obi Wan Kenobi series on Disney+. It’s not the Mandalorian kind of good, but I’ve enjoyed the first five episodes so far.



AND…I finally got to see Top Gun Maverick this weekend. As advertised. Great!  And I’d go see it again for sure just for the aerial shots. Amazing. It was the first time my wife and I had been in a movie since the pandemic began. And we used to be in the movie theater a LOT! So if felt great to see such a fun movie on the big screen again. Two big thumbs up from me.



Hope all of you had a great Father’s Day. My daughter is in Alabama, so I did not get a chance to hug her in person, but we did do a little video chat where she showed my Father’s Day gift. Because of a mailing issue, she wound up with my gift and is having to resend it. But it’ safe to know that Heather knows her Father well and that her Dad really likes baseball. So I have a new Nashville Sounds baseball hat and t-shirt on the way that I’ll be wearing soon. I could not be prouder to be that girl’s Father.



I also go word over the weekend that the “new look” for this website will launch on July 1. The blog will still be part of it, the calendar will be there too along with the other features already on there. But it will be a fresh look with more bells and whistles. A lot of work has gone into it, and I’m looking forward to sharing it online in just a couple of weeks.



I found out the bluegrass song “Details” from artist Greg Dumas moved up to the #10 slot on the bluegrass chart over the weekend. I do love this song that I got to co-write with a couple of great bluegrass writer-artist Becky Buller and Tim Stafford. Tim had the idea and a start on it, so I felt lucky to be part of finishing up his great idea. And Greg cut a heck of a record on it. Thank you, Greg and Becky and Tim.,


And also coming July 1, I’ll have a new single being released in Australia for artist TC Cassidy titled “Love Hate Love Again Relationship” that I wrote with the producer Angus Gill that we think could do very well on Australian country radio. TC was a big star in Australia when she first broke into the scene down under, and then just walked away from the business several years ago. Now she’s making a big comeback with the help of Angus and her new album that will be out later this year. Her first single off that upcoming album “Ain’t Too Late To Start Again” went to #1, so we’re hoping this one might get to the top of the charts too.



The CDC is now recommending COVID vaccines for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It will be interesting to see how many parents take that advice. The youngest Americans can start getting the vaccine tomorrow if parents do choose to go that route.


Florida’s Governor DeSantis was initially saying “no” to the vaccines in Florida but has now had a change of mind and the vaccines will also be arriving for infants there as well.


Pfizer just invested another 95 million dollars to buy stake in French vaccines company Valneva. Buy stock in vaccines folks. They ain’t going away anytime soon.



A new study just out suggests that if you drink one beer per day that it will reduce the risk of having a heart attack or having diabetes. I can’t make myself do one sit up a day. But THIS?  I’m happy to do that for my good health.



How much would you think the co-founder of Google would be worth?  His name is Sergey Brin. He’s worth 93 BILLION right now at the age of 48. I never would have guessed that amount. Guess I should have “Googled” it.



It is truly hard to believe that Paul McCartney is 80 now. And looks that great! USA Today his top 80 songs in their opinions. Everyone who tried to put that list together would probably have different opinions. They put “Let It Be” at # 7 for instance, and that would have most certainly made my top 5 for McCartney songs.


Their top 5?


5 Yesterday (number one for me)

4 Eleanor Rigby

3 Two of Us (had to look that one up)

2 Penny Lane


And at #1 they chose “Maybe I’m Amazed” a song he did with “Wings” and that band era. Thank you for all the great songs, Mr. McCartney.



A shrewd observation from whomever wrote, “Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow internet speed to see who they really are.”



I’m doing that radio interview I mentioned at the top and then it’s a “working ahead” kind of day on songs and upcoming road shows, the first being at the Bluebird Café this Saturday night. A 6 pm show with my “Hits & Grins” trio that also includes Steve Dean, and Victoria Venier.


Have a great Monday!







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