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On The Charts...Hall Of Fame Buddy...Ice Cream

Jun 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning starts with a little more rain in Nashville after high winds and tornado warnings last night.  Gearing up for the start of summer round here.



I did some prepping for a class I’m teaching tomorrow for my friend Amanda Williams who’s holding a multi-day conference that will cover all aspects of songwriting and the business of songwriting for folks who have signed up from all over the country to attend.  I’m her guest speaker for a couple of hours tomorrow and will focus on comedy song writing and radio.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give those in attendance something of value that they can take and apply to their own writing careers.


Amanda besides being a very smart business woman who teaches all over the world about copyright infringement and why one should not steal intellectual property is a songwriter herself of course.  Here’s proof.  She helped write this song with her Dad…a Hall of Fame writer Kim Williams (who passed a few years ago) and my friend Keith Anderson of “Pickin' Wildflowers” fame that Amanda’s Dad also wrote.


Here’s her song “Beer Run” that Garth and George Jones recorded.



To my bluegrass buddy Irene Kelley who’s song I helped write, “Faster Than Angels Can Fly” showed up out of nowhere on the Top 10 Songs list for Alternate Root Magazine.  What’s amazing about this little bluegrass song is that as of yet it’s not a “single” but some folks are finding the song off her new album and playing it on their own. Thanks for putting a spotlight on it!


There are a lot of “charts” out there…not all major of course but it’s always great when a song you wrote lands on any chart anywhere.  And while this song is catching on…another song I’m on with Becky Denton just hit the Australian country charts at the very same time “Take Me Back To Tybee”


So color me grateful this morning.



They had the Country Radio Broadcasters Hall Of Fame induction last night here in Nashville for the latest class to go in.  I couldn’t get there last night so I want to say big time congrats to a friend who is now in the Hall.  That would be Kyle Cantrell.


Kyle Cantrell was the Operations Manager at WSM and WSM-FM when I first came here and did the morning show for the FM side.  Kyle was a long time Opry announcer and is now the head of the Sirius XM Bluegrass Channel.  And he’s just one of the nicest guys in the business to boot.  I always hated that we did not have longer to work together back then.  Congrats Kyle…and thanks for playing some of my songs on Sirius!



Who knew they had a Wine Theme Park?  They do.  That’s what they call it and of course it’s located in France. No roller coasters but a LOT of wine. If you are curious…here’s a little sneak peek VIDEO


I’m thinking there are going to be a lot of designated drivers assigned to those checking it out.



Some of our Senators were apparently given a briefing by the Government on recent UFO sightings.  Call me a skeptic…but until they introduce me to a Martian I’m just not a huge believer.  But, as long as some do believe in scientists, Roswell, New Mexico that I recently visited will continue to have tourists checking out their UFO stores and museum.


The only UFO, Loch Ness, Sasquatch thing I do continue to believe in of course in ole Mo Mo The Missouri Monster that I recorded a song about.  He lives still on Star Hill in Louisiana and is still turning over cars as my KPCR morning pal Joe Lewis reported on the air all those years ago.  I’m telling ya…the hairy thing is alive and well!



Some parents had fun naming their kid “Marijuana Pepsi”.  True.  Marijuana Pepsi never changed her name and now?  At age 46 Marijuana is a Doctor.  Don’t believe me?  Read the STORY.



There’s a blue banana that grows in Asia called Blue Java Banana that they say tastes like ice cream.  Apparently a couple of islands in Hawaii are now growing it too.  Cool.


I’m an ice cream lover.  My fave is still the kind you make yourself although I can’t remember having any of that like forever.  The kind where you mix the stuff in that silver cylinder add ice and salt and crank until it’s frozen and then fight with other kids to lick the ladle.  And don’t remind me about electric ice cream makers.  If you don’t crank…it’s not the good stuff for me.


Now a Keurig like machine is making an ice cream.  Pick your flavor in a pod like your coffee and ice cream!  I think I know what I want for Christmas now.  It’s just a prototype machine right now…but it’s coming.  I’m stocking up on cake cones right now.



More working on my class I’m teaching tomorrow and then a little time with my daughter this evening as we’ll sorta-kinda celebrate a belated Father’s Day that I missed while being out on the road in Branson this past weekend.  Looking forward to that.


Have a great Thursday.











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