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Music Row Friends...Cruising...Hall Of Famer Lunch

Jun 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First day of summer tomorrow and rain on the way for a few days in Nashville.  That will make for some soggy hillbilly singers.



A fun day writing with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti yesterday at Curb Publishing on Music Row.  Actually…we ended up at Word Music now owned by Curb because all the writing rooms were busy with other writers.  So before the three of us sat down to rhyme I had a chance to visit with Billy Montana who’s written a bunch of hits including  "Suds In The Bucket" for Sara Evans.  And then I bumped into my friend Bobby Tomberlin who wrote “One More Day” for Diamond Rio.  We talked about a song that Bobby and I wrote with Linda Davis “Looking For Audrey” that Bobby was kind enough to record on his album.  Linda and Hillary Williams (Hanks grandaughter) both sang on this track.  Bobby loves that song maybe even more than I do which is hard to imagine and continues to pitch that song in hopes that some artist will eventually love it too.  Time will tell.



So a very fun day writing a new tune with Lauren and Wil…especially when young Lauren offered up a title idea that made Wil exclaim, “that’s the best thing you’ve said all day”!  Made us laugh…but it was great idea and we wrote the heck out of it I think. Truly another reminder of why I love being a small part of this creative town.



Our “Evening In The Round Show” has a little two city run coming up next month starting in Crossville, TN at the Palace Theater followed by a run to the Rabun, Georgia music festival down there.




My friend Lang Scott posted this great VIDEO of his wife and our “Evening In The Round” star Linda Davis that slayed me.  I have the privilege of sitting by her some nights on stage and hearing her sing and watching her engage the audience.  I never take that for granted…but something like this does make one back up a bit and just go…”gosh…is she ever great or what”?  Watch the video yourself.  You’ll see what I’m seeing.


I’m so looking forward to doing more dates with these two great folks.



I mentioned my cruise down the Rhine yesterday with Brent Burns starting in Amsterdam and ending up in Switzerland and mentioned Brent had already sold 66 tickets.  That number jumped to 72 yesterday and counting!  So I’m posting this LINK again with all the info on how to sign up and join us on this amazing European cruise next July. Yes…Brent and I are bringing guitars and will be entertaining our group several times along the way.  There’s a special discounted price for all who sign up before the end of this month.  Come cruise with us!




The Canadian Senate apparently just voted to make marijuana legal.  So it won’t just be the maple leaf their smoking up there.  Somewhere on a bus right now…Willie Nelson is grinning and buying stock in brownies.



Police got a tip that a felon MIGHT have a few guns in his possession in LA.  They got a warrant…and they found a few.  432 in all.  Good grief.  I’m sure for sporting purposes only right?



I probably need to get a gun.  Everybody’s got one or two or three.  Heck…I don’t even own a knife.  Remember when everyone used to carry a pocket knife around?  Been awhile.  Which is why I was fairly startled at my Starbucks yesterday when I tried to pull a newspaper out of bundle that had one of those hard plastic ties wrapped around the bundle.  I asked the Barista if he could grab some scissors and open it.  He laughed and snorted “scissors”?  Then promptly reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife and slashed open the bundle.  Okay then Jim Bowie.  Thanks.



I probably SHOULD have mine removed because I do watch the Bachelorette with my wife.  How can you NOT watch this train wreck when there’s a suitor on there who is trying to convince everyone the world is not round…it’s flat.  And he’s serious.  That alone should make it okay for red-blooded males to watch too if they want.  These are the kind of folks I LOVE to interview on the radio.



I’ll be on the radio…WSM this Friday right in the middle of your day from 10-3.  Listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com



Off to write with Gerald Smith this morning and then meeting up with my friend Jim Mantel who’s flying into town today for the Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame inductions where our mutual friend Steve Harmon will be inducted tonight.  Congrats Steve!  Mr. Mantel was inducted last year…so deserved so we are going to sit down after his plane lands and catch up and talk about Jim’s retirement from radio coming up in a couple of weeks as he signs off his morning show for the last time in North Carolina.  What a great career Jim’s had for sure…and now he’s going to put his feet up a bit more and do a lot more voice over work which will allow him to control his own schedule for the first time since forever.  I know the feeling.  Welcome to the club Jim.


Have a great Wednesday!

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