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Jun 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

So last night I go to a baseball game and get the mandatory "I need to see your license" to purchase a beer.  State law.  The vendor says, "you look really great for your age".  I'm still trying to figure out if that's a compliment or not.



I had a first time writing appointment with Scott Southworth...Oregon native originally...a Duck.  Scott's been in this music town for a lot of years, has sold radio time, and is on the radio co-hosting a songwriters show every Sunday night on WSM radio.  He likes real country...traditional...so do I...so we had fun writing a song that probaby no one will ever record BECAUSE it's country.  Part of the deal these days. 


Scott has had a cool thing happen recently to him.  He put out a little EP...straight country...but some guy from Europe heard his stuff and liked it enough to spread the word over there.  What followed was a full length article about him in "Music City People"...and radio play at several radio stations overseas.  And now...he's headed to Ireland, Switzerland and other countries to play his "real" country music.  One of the magical things that does happen every now and then...and I'm happy for Scott.  It's truly a business of "ya just never know" sometimes.



I did get to the ballpark on a perfect evening.  You can see I brought home a present.  My wife is so THRILLED that I have another bobblehead to collect dust in my Man Cave.  Not!  These are of course the baseball equivalent of Beanie Babies...but...I don't care.  Now, I'm not a nutcase about bobbleheads...but I like them enough that when my daughter took me to a baseball game in Miami to watch the Marlins...I did spend a fair amount of time checking out the largest collection of baseball bobbleheads in the country which is tucked inside that stadium.  Like a kid with his nose stuck up against a Christmas store window.  Sad...I know.  This bobblehead pictured is of a player most of you would not have a clue about with good cause.  He's our shortstop on our AAA minor league team...BUT...he's the top guy in the Oakland A's minor league system. So...someday...my little bobblehead may appreciate a whole lot.  Maybe as much those danged beanie babies we still have a closet full of. 

It does show you how SHREWD an investor I am.  I could have bought stock in Apple back then...but chose to purchase Beanie Babies instead.  Mine is a much slower path to wealth.



Wall Street is at yet another record high. It's a lot more fun looking at your 401K's these days ain't it?  If I can just get it to climb another 20,000 points or so...I might recoup the money I lost on Beanie Babies.



Gotta be old school probably to remember comedian Bill Dana who passed at age 92.  I was young...but I can remember laughing every time he dropped is signature, "My name is Jose Jimanez". Click on the link...you might smile too.



Well...scientists say they've found a SLEW of new planets outside of our solar system.  10 of those could be places we could live on.  They are LIGHT years away.  Uber doesn't go there...yet.  So maybe don't start packing yet.




Word is now that Amazon bought out Whole Foods...which sells healthier foods at a more expensive price than the stuff we eat that's bad for us...and often tastes worse.  (weird)....but I digress.  Word is they will replace a lot of Whole Food clerks with robots and the check out counter.  Wonder if the robots are going to do the firing too?


Amazon bought Whole Food for 13.7 BILLION dollars.  The best joke following that news that somebody tweeted out?  "The bought it for 13.7 billion dollars?  That's the cheapest anyone has gotten out of Whole Foods". 




In Portland they have a Voo Doo Donut store.  Yes...there's one in the shape of a human...chocolate icing...with a pretzel stuck in it.  It's fair season now where you can get everything fried and on a stick.  You name it.  I've not yet seen fried donuts on a stick.  I'm going to need a license fee now if you steal that idea.




I don't think a bear has ever eaten a runner in an organized race and tragically that has now happened.  A young person is running a race in Alaska and out of nowhere a black bear chases the young person down and mauls them to death.  Man.  You can only file that under things that will never make sense and horrible horrible luck.  And you'll also wonder maybe like me if they'll have to have armed security folks around those races out in the wild in the future to protect runners?  Remind me not to race outdoors if I ever go to Alaska.  I think I'll stay on the cruise ship and just look at glaciers and whales instead.




Couple of "heads up" things here.  Tomorrow morning and Thursday morning I'll be back on WSM doing the morning show from 5:30 AM-10 AM.  Country music artist David Ball will join us tomorrow.


And this Saturday I'll be near Cincinnati emceeing and performing at the "Rockin' The Ridge" Festival in Dry Ridge Kentucky.  It will give me a chance to see a lot of old friends...and my wife and I are certainly going to see my old "Hits & Grins" partner Lisa Shaffer and her husband Kevin and their two young kids who are growing like crops on the 100 acre farm they bought.  Joe Diffie and Colt Ford are the headliners for the show...but I'll b on stage multiple time singing funny songs.  Hope to see some of you there.




I'm going to spend some time with booking agent Stan Barnett today and my young cowboy singer friend Paul Bogart over lunch and listening to music today.  Stan is from the same school I'm from.  Knows a ton of artists...loves the really good stuff when it comes to music.  It's just fun to sit and listen to the stories he can tell that come from having a great and long career in this crazy business.  So I'm hanging with some good folk today...and I'm looking forward to that.


Have a great Tuesday!


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