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WSM...A Concert Review...Squirrel Arrest

Jun 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump day in the middle of June…here we go.



I was on air once again for WSM Radio filling in for Bill Cody so had no time for a real blog yesterday.  It was great hanging with Charlie Mattos who’s so easy to work with on the air.  My co-writer red-haired buddy Amanda Williams dropped by and we plugged her big Entrepreneurs Conference for songwriters that starts today and runs through Sunday.  I’ll be a guest speaker this Friday and talk about both radio and songwriting so I’m looking forward to that.  It’s always pleasure to hang for a few hours on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry.


It was interesting yesterday as Joey Monteleone joined us for his daily “outdoors” report talking about hunting and fishing.  Joey grew up near St. Louis originally so we had a connection when he talked about opening day for trout fishing and remembering going to Montauk State Park in Missouri where hundreds of fisherman would line up waiting for the opening buzzer to go off and then get their lines tangled up because so many were cast at the same time.  My Dad used to go there all the time when I was growing up so it made for an interesting walk down memory lane yesterday on the radio.



My friend Linda Davis forwarded me this review of our “Evening In The Round” show that we had in Hot Springs, Arkansas recently.  Nice article if you’d care to read it although the writer mistakenly calls the song “Safe Haven” I helped write “Safe Harbor”.  Sigh.  I’m thinking I need to get busy now and write his idea into a song now.  But thank you for the great review of our show for sure!



June they say could be the best Dow showing in June for the last 80 years.  Up well over 300 points yesterday.  My neighbor gave me a tip yesterday noting he’s bought stock in weed…CDB…all of that is turning into a huge legalized business in several states now.  Been to Colorado lately?  Rocky Mountain High and higher these days.  And for Country music fans, one can bet that the stock there could go “Willie” high.



I’m thinking the guy in this story must have loaded up in Colorado before this happened. A true story:


A guy in Alabama kept a caged squirrel and then gave it meth to make sure it stayed aggressive. The 35-year-old dude was arrested on multiple charges of possession of a controlled substance.  I don’t know why we can’t arrest folks on “stupidity” alone.



Some so-called experts are saying a Dad bod is more attractive to women than a six pack abs guy.  A little beer belly sexy if you will.  I don’t know if that’s really true or not…I can only hope so. I’m just glad I read it in print because I think there’s surely a song in that.  And WAIT til you see the video!



In Japan a first bidder paid over $40,000 for two melons.  Melons apparently that take a long time to ripen.  Yubari brand melons…can’t make this stuff up.  If you ever see me or hear of me wanting to bid on melons…please come get me.  And “thump” me upside the head.



For those who love to play board games manufactures are now designing tables to put your games on.  They can cost as much as $27,000.  Yep.  I’m thinking you’d better own Boardwalk and Park Place if you’re playing monopoly on a 27 grand playing table. 



My Wednesday will be spent prepping for a writing-radio seminar I’m teaching at this Friday with my friend Amanda Williams who was on the air with me yesterday morning.  I’ve got a little publishing meeting and a comedy parody song to write and then need to turn some of my attention to figuring a way to get everything I need in one suitcase for our Rhine River Cruise that starts with a long flight this coming Sunday. 


Have a great Wednesday!










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