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Funny Song...Gaggle Of Girls...Hot Dogs

Jun 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday in Music City.  Summer is officially a couple days away.



Full Monday that started with writing a parody song for New York about how the World Health Organization now says that “gaming” is now a mental health deal.  Not good mental health. 


Don’t know why…but I just never got into gaming.  My worst addiction was to Pac Man and Donkey Kong on breaks with the band playing Julie’s Country Showcase in Cincinnati back in the day.  A little pinball in High School at the Dew Drop Inn in Elsberry, Missouri with a bowl of fries on top of the machine.


So…I’ve got a clean mental health bill…I think. 



My songwriting appointment was with Gary Cavanaugh and I’m fairly sure we wrote a really funny song yesterday.  The thing about comedy is you can think that…but until you test the song out a couple of times in front of a “live” audience…you’re just guessing it’s funny.  So…I’ll test it out soon and see if any laughs come back at me. 



I wasn’t planning on going out but at the last second I got an invitation from one of my co-writers and ex American Idol talent Janelle Arthur to come see her and a gaggle of girls at the Listening Room and the Swon Brothers who many of you saw on “The Voice”.  Another co-writer Andrea Thomas…also a “Voice” contestant on Team Blake was part of this talented group.  So…I stayed up a bit late rooting some young talented friends on who concentrated on singing 90’s country girl songs.  Think Shania, Faith, Dixie Chicks, Trisha Yearwood and others.  A very entertaining evening and I enjoyed sharing a table and the show with another long time co-writer Gerald Smith…who always makes me laugh.  Thanks for the invite Janelle.







My sister Vickie texted me last night and ask if I had tried the 5 Guys hot dog?  Nope.  I always choose their burger that is delicious.  BUT…I am a big hot dog fan too…so that’s on my list now next time I stop there.


I read that Oscar Mayer now has a “Jet Pack” dude who can fly and then hand you a hot dog.  I’ll be shooting him my address.    Why not a drone delivery?  Drone Dog?






I did have one personal experience with the Weinermobile once.  Here’s the story on that.  I was doing the morning radio show at the country station in Milwaukee and the Weinermobile was coming to town.  We got to do a contest where we selected a couple of winners to be picked up in the Weinermobile and then transported to school for one…and work for the other lady.  Now that’s an arrival almost anyone could RELISH. 



Someone is now offering beer ice cream. Not a root beer float.  Just a regular ole beer float.  Gonna have to order the Mich Ultra float.  I’m watching my calories ya know.



In San Francisco…Miami…or Long Island if you believe the global warming news that those cities someday will be have lots and lots of flooding.  I’m buying property in Bismarck betting it will someday have ocean front views.


They are hard at work on a new Jumanji movie with “The Rock”, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and company. I have to say, the first one was a pleasant surprise.  My wife and I went not expecting much and walked away thinking how fun the movie was…with several laughs.  And I’m not one to laugh a ton at movies.  So…I’m all in for the next one. 



 I’m looking at my calendar and seeing Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Italy, Amesterdam, Colgone, Zurich all ahead between now and early Fall of 2019.


The calendar is updated frequently and you can find details on all these shows by going there.



“Why We Can’t Resist Donuts.”  Seems like a waste of column space to me.  They made a feature article out of that when the answer is short and simple.  We can’t resist donuts BECAUSE…they taste so damn good!



Off to write with Wil Nance and young talented Lauren Mascitti who is hard at work recording her album with her producer talented boyfriend Shawn Camp.  I can’t wait to hear how that’s going today while we sit on Music Row and try to write something new for her.





Have a great Tuesday!


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