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The Opry...Pete...and Whiskey

Jun 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here's hoping you had a great Father's Day too. 



So...my daughter Heather and her fiancee' Casey took me and my wife out to a Japanese dinner yesterday and then we piled on a couch and watched "Despicable Me" with Steve Carell voicing the lead character.  I got introduced to the "Minions" officially.  Of course the movie and the dinner were secondary to just being able to spend time with our little family.  As hard as we all seemingly run in different directions...you do cherish those quieter times.  Glad to be Heather's Dad.



There was no full blog this past Friday because I was on air at WSM again doing the morning show.  It turned out to be a very busy Friday period.  In studio that day we had three "live" acts one being Pure Prairie League.  I was sitting as close as one could be when they sang "Amie"!  Great guys...and a very cool moment.


We also had a young new act Catie Offerman in studio who's young...talented...sings great...plays everything.  She's an accomplished fiddle/violinist..and that skill set has taken her around the world playing for a lot of well known folks.  In fact...she even opened once for Andre Bocelli.  Ranch girl...grew up in Texas and I liked her a lot.  In fact...we'll wind up at a writing table in the not too distant future.  Pretty cool to meet a brand new artist you like that much...and then an act you've admired forever like Pure Prairie League all in one morning.


And I don't want to overlook Summer Brooke and the Mountain Faith Band that made it to the semi-finals on "America's Got Talent" recently.  A great North Carolina bluegrass group...young...and they sang a Lady A tune on the radio show and then later performed in on the Opry Friday night that my wife and I attended.  So it was a huge morning at WSM...and I thank you for listening.  I'm back on again this coming Wednesday and Thursday morning with David Ball slated to be in studio Wednesday.  "Yes I'll admiiiiiit...I gotta drinking problem".  That guy.



And yes Friday night we went backstage at the Grand Ole Opry.  It had been awhile since I've done that...and I'd forgotten how much fun that is.  We went to root on our friend Linda Davis who was just so great...as always.  An interesting side note..."Mountain Faith" who I mentioned above came on right after Linda and sang that Lady A song "Perfect Day".  Significant because Linda is of course Hillary Scott's Mom with Lady A.  Kind of cool to witness.  And Linda also sang "20 Years Ago"  (a Kenny Rogers hit) that a frequent co-writer of mine co-wrote with Mike Noble who is part of the Opry band.  Wood was there to witness it....and Linda pulled Mike out front with her to play guitar to his OWN song while Linda played piano.  It was a terrific Opry moment for sure.


And we enjoyed just going dressing room to dressing room backstage and hanging with Linda's family and friends who gathered to support her including Lang Scott her husband and Riley Jean the youngest daughter.  It's just an informal gathering backstage.  Music rings out up and down the hallways....doors are open...folks say "howdy". 



Our Friday night did not end at the Opry.  We stopped at the Opry Backstage Grill where some friends were playing "The Willies".  Wil Nance who wrote "She's Everything for Brad Paisley, Steve Williams who wrote "Redneck Yacht Club" and their talented singing wives Teri Williams and Holly Nance make up "The Willies" and we loved their set of original songs and hits they have written for other artists.  A perfect musical nitecap for Friday.



I made a trip down to Franklin, Tennessee to a wonderful house concert series that I've been a part of a couple of times. Terry and Wanda Seay open their house for songwriter concerts all the time...and this past Saturday night Shawn Camp (one of my favorite writer-singers) was there wit his girlfriend and my co-writer Lauren Mascitti.  Lauren texted asking if I could come as she was going to debut a brand new song that she and I and Wil Nance co-wrote and it went over big time with the crowd singing along the last time the chorus came around.  A nice moment to witness.  Thank you Lauren for doing that.  Girl can flat out sing now.  And if you've never heard Shawn Camp sing "Magnolia Wind"...do yourself a favor and open up the link and your ears.  You'll thank me later.



Paul McCartney celebrated his over the weekend and this makes me realize I'm no teenager no more.  He's 75.  Sir Paul is 75!  Gosh...and I still don't know if he's the "Walrus" or not.



My daughter Heather's fiancee is in the Army...and he's in shape.  Muscles.  My daughter has taken his lead and lifts a little too.  So they both like muscles.  She showed me a new patriotic t-shirt (just in time for July 4th) that has a picture of George Washington showing off his muscular biceps.  The T-shirt says, "Washingguns".  Looking at my daughter and her husband to be makes me realize I don't have one thing on my body that's in shape anymore.  Maybe my mouth...maybe.



I've mentioned here before they are bringing back the Gong show to national TV.  I will HAVE to watch the first few shows because one of the contestants plays harmonica with a tarantula in her mouth.  I've heard some harp players who sound like they have something crammed into their mouths...but I never would have guessed big scary spider.



I'm a big Reds fan.  And yes...I'm a Pete Rose fan.  And yes...I think it's time to put him in the Hall of Fame.  I have no idea if that will happen ever or not.  And the Reds and their fans who loved watching Pete play all out all the the time still love Pete Rose big time.  To prove that..this past weekend they put up this tremendous statue outside the ballpark of one Peter Edward Rose diving head first into the dirt.  What a great statue.  All of his old teammates...the Big Red Machine showed up too.  I wish I'd have been there.  Congrats Pete.  I've interviewed Pete, I have an autograph baseball from him...and I don' collect many autographs, and he showed up and played at a Reds Fantasy Camp one year that I was at which was a real treat.  Seeing him get off a bicycle he rode in on (he lived close by) and walk out onto a field where an 80 year old man was taking batting practice and giving his some tips is a priceless memory.  4192.



Those strings you see hanging on your bananas when you peel them has a name?  They're called "Phloem Bundles".  True.  To me it sounds a little grosser that "that stringy thang" that I've called them for year.  Now ya know.



A Matador was gored to death this weekend.  Bullfighting.  I'll never get that one.  Bulls are big...really big.  With horns.  I don't ever seeing me getting into a cowpasture with one to wave a red flag at an angry bull.  Uh-no.  I think I'll play cornhole on the weekends instead.



With technology...there's always good and bad.  Drones do amazing things.  They're getting smaller...and cheaper.  And anyone can go fly one.  Our police folk are now reporting that prisoners are getting drugs, and smokes and you name it smuggled into prisons by drones.  Besides machine guns and bincoculars...they're going to have to hook up radar to track what's flying around prison walls. 



More Nashville is getting bigger and bigger signs.  I read yesterday that the area of town we live in...about 30 miles east of downtown may become the next HOT spot for development.  Ya know what that means of course.  We'll be getting a 3rd Starbucks store soon!  A huge new entertainment complex is being built complete with housing, movie theaters, and a big "live" music venue...ANOTHER one to add to the countless others we have.  Amazing.  AND...Jack Daniels down in Lynchburg has noticed all the traffic too and is getting ready to launch a "whiskey trail".  Think of "wine trails" with more kick.  You'll be able to go from one whiskey place to another to another and do the "tasting" thing.  If you go...two words.  Desginated Driver.  And for police who need to hit a quota...I know where they might wanna set up.



I have a first time writing appointment with one Scott Southworth this morning.  Scott and a friend of his host a songwriter show on WSM every Sunday evening called "Music Row Show" and he's a singer and writer himself of course....getting ready to do a mini-tour of Europe where some radio stations there are playing one of his songs.  He likes "country"...so do I...so this should be fun.


Have a great Monday!

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