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Sir Paul...Taxes...Face To Face Co-Writing

Jun 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday and the heat is sneaking back in again.



Twas another gorgeous day in middle Tennessee…no complaints here.  Perfect weather again for a little hike and I took advantage of it.  Things start to get a little busier over the next couple of weeks with writing appointments every day and then next Thursday my friend Brent Burns from Gulf Shores will be here to start work on his new album.  So, we’re spending time going through the list of songs he’s got to consider and tightening them up before we spend a couple of long days in studio next Friday and Saturday.  That’s always a fun time with a group of great musicians.  Looking forward to it.



Paul McCartney is 78 today.  Wow.  Favorite McCartney song?  “Yesterday”.  Favorite video of McCartney?  This one with James Corden when Paul jumped in his car in Liverpool England and toured some famous old haunts including the house he first lived in, Penny Lane, and a pub where he surprised everyone in a big way.



The VW Beetle?  Some guy turned a 74 Beetle into a pickup truck that looks pretty cool.  Why?  Cause you can I suppose.  I had an Uncle in Missouri who was a Studebaker nut.  He would chop off the back end of those and turn them into a truck too. Because ya can.



Davidson County…our Metro County and upscale county here in Nashville just raised the property taxes like 37%!  Folks have been quarantined, businesses have been closed, some closing permanently because of that…and now they want a huge increase in the property tax.  Good timing is everything I suppose.



Arizona hospitals have reached 85% capacity after a huge spike of Covid.  That’s an all time high for them.  Folks are getting out.  A lot of them not practicing social distancing.  And a lot of them are getting sick.


Walmart may get rid of all of its human checkers…to be replaced with self-checkout stands only.


Now we have a shortage of coins.  Not many being distributed or drawn from banks because businesses have been closed.  Bad enough that banks may ration the coins they do give out.  Wonder if the price of the loose change in my car will go up?



Say goodbye to Aunt Jemima.  Uncle Ben’s Rice, Mrs. Buttersworth?  They might be next.  I’m wondering what Martha White flour will have to change it’s name to? 


I got an e-mail from Regal Cinemas yesterday announcing they will be open again in Mid July. Less seats will be closed, show times will be staggered so that less folks are in the building at the same time and ticket payments will be cashless.  Use your phone.  Will folks sit in the theater and wear a mask?  I dunno. 



Elon Musk…the dude who just revolutionized space travel into a private venture with Space X is now hiring engineers to help design a vehicle that will let one fly from LA to Sydney Australia in 2 hours. These will be rocket type flights.  And his overall goal is to be able to fly people around the world in 30 minutes.  Save up. 


Speaking of which, scientists are saying there may be up to 6 BILLION planets like earth that exist in our galaxy.  Wonder how many of those are quarantined?


And in other “moving forward” news Lyft has announced that all of their vehicles will be electric by the year 2030.  Electric planes are on the horizon too.  Buy stock in charging stations folks.




The LA Chargers might sign Colin Kaepernick.  We’re going to see a lot of football players kneeling again during the national anthem whenever football starts again.  Wonder if they’ll sign him as the punt holder and take advantage of his knee kneeling skill set?



Well, we have no baseball.  Our Minor League stadium for our Nashville Sounds is closed like all the other parks.  BUT…the team just announced they will open the “Third and Home” outdoor bar out in centerfield.  It’s a hangout for a lot of folks who come to party, play cornhole, watch the big screen TV’, play putt-putt golf and never see one play in the game itself.  I always want to say to some of them, “Did you see there’s a game going on!?”  So…the bars open but there’s no games.  Those folks will never know the difference.



I’m back to writing in person today with two of my favorite co-writers and people…Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard.  The pandemic has slowed down their roll too as they’ve seen a lot of dates get cancelled that they had teed up.  So Jenny has been using some of her “down time” to do other creative things online like…cooking and baking.  Check out one of her episodes HERE. She’s also continuing to write songs for her follow up album to “Jennyville” that was a big critical success and I’m happy to have a lot of songs in their consideration stack including this “I Know Some Cowboys”.  So we’ll see if we can add another song onto that pile today.


And on the trip over and back to their place I’ll have my new Jimmy Buffett CD “Life On The Flip Side” that came in the mail yesterday blasting in my car speakers.  Wonder if Jenny & Dave might want to write a beach song today?


Have a great Thursday!



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