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2019 Cruise Tour...Italy...Eveing In The Round Show

Jun 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a happy Monday morning to ya.  Hope you spoiled your Father if you’re lucky enough to still have that guy in your life.  Gotta say it was fun seeing so much love on Facebook for Dad.  Sometimes the world seems so crazy when the reality often time is…we just hear about crazy more.  Yesterday the good folks showed up in numbers.  Good to see. 



Pretty quiet this weekend…nothing on the calendar…a chance to chill and try to get out of the heat that has gotten into the ridiculous part of the thermometer.  That ole heat index thing claims we were in the low 100’s Saturday and Sunday.



Friday I finished up a fun song idea with Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman…and wrote a parody song for New York about Jerry Springer’s show coming to an end after 27 years or some ridiculous amount of years for such a ridiculous show.  Jerry laughed all the way to the bank with that insanity. 



I got the word from my friend Brent Burns that in 2019 I’ll be on tour with him on a Rhine River Cruise!  The dates are June 24 through July 1.  We start sailing from Amsterdam with stops in Cologne and other German cities and end up in Zurich, Switzerland.  It’s all-inclusive with meals, entertainment, wine and beer and more covered.  A really great value.  You pay your own airfare but other than that you’re good to go.  Brent has already sold 66 or so but there’s room for a few more.  If you’re interested click on this LINK for more info and you’ll see where you can sign up and go with us if you’d like.  Yes…the two of us will perform multiple times during the float down the Rhine.  So join me and my wife Kathy, Brent and a bunch of his fans for an unforgettable time.




Our tour-trip to Italy that starts at the end of this September with overnights in Rome, Florence and Venice is sold out…except for two spots.  We’re looking for one couple and this will be sold out.  This LINK will get you all the info for “Viva Italia” with us.




All of a sudden…I’m using my passport…a bunch.



For those in and near Nashville…I have an “Evening In The Round” show coming up in July with Linda Davis and Lang Scott at the historical Palace Theater.  Tickets are on sale now and the info is on the poster you see here.  The show is in Crossville, Tennessee and this will be the first show our trio had done in awhile…so all of us are looking forward to hitting the stage together again.  We hope to see you there.





A McDonald’s very near the Opryland Hotel Resort & Convention Center has a stage…with “live” music from time to time.  A serious sign you are in Music City.   McMusic if you will.  A guy named Ron Crites is the feature entertainer.  I keep thinking the Hamburgler will show up and sing harmony sooner or later.



Nashville hosted those fast speedboats on the Cumberland River that flows by downtown Music City.  Get this.  The guy that won those races this year is 74 years old!  Wow.  Go old and go fast.



I’ve never gotten folks who will roll down their windows and toss trash out onto the road or ditches or wherever instead of simply waiting to stop somewhere and get rid of their trash the right way.  Maybe that’s why someone invented the car trash can you see here in the cupholder?








One airport in London is going to crack down on sleeping in their airport.  No more.  Even if it’s not your fault and your stuck waiting for the next morning flight…they are now going to wake anyone they see and will close the terminal up tight at night so no one can sprawl out and sleep.  That of course will mean taking a cab or Uber…paying for that…and then paying for a hotel room if one can find one. 


I’ve always thought airports ought to have their own rentable beds and places to sleep inside the airport.  That gives them a chance to make more dollars off of us when we do get stuck.  Surely that’s coming.



Besides the weather and the inside of our cars?  Retro cigarette merchandise.  Jackets, T-shirt etc with Camel, Winston, Pall Mall logos. 


Now that we know the real harm of smoking…less folks do light up…but the iconic brand names are now hot on merchandise.  I’ve never smoked once for whatever reason…but I do think that Marlboro Man logo was pretty cool. 



Someone is offering up a pizza bouquet.  Say your vows…and chow down while you’re walking back down the aisle  Ya gotta love that.






Word is that a 23 foot python swallowed a woman whole.  Not making this up either.  My theory?  The woman was walking back down the aisle with a pizza bouquet in hand.



Kim Kardashian was quoted that at this point she could not say she would not run for President.  Gonna need a wider oval office chair if she wins.



“Is Diarrhea An Early Sign Of Pregnancy”?  My answer would be no.  I’ve had diarrhea.  Not once did I get pregnant.



I have a writing appointment for the middle part of the day today to start my week.  And looking ahead…this Friday I’ll be on air once again on WSM from 10-3 filling in for Mike Terry


Have a great Monday!   







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