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A Kendall Surprise...WSM Tomorrow...Europe This Weekend

Jun 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning on the road home to Nashville.  Hoping you did get Dad something for Father’s Day…right?  I got the perfect Father’s Day present several years ago when my daughter Heather arrived.  Happy to be a Dad.



I spent the weekend in Branson, Missouri doing three shows at the Americana Music Theater for the Billy Yates “Hit Songwriter Series” with Billy and Alan Rhody.  My second time in and I’m back twice more this year in November and December.  Such fun to play with these two guys.  Billy had several of his songs recorded by big artists through the years including two by George Jones “Rockin’ Chair” and this great song “Choices” that George passed on twice before finally saying “yes” to recording it.  Good thing…big ole hit.  Come to Billy’s show once and hear the entire back story…it’s funny.


And Alan Rhody who’s from Louisville originally has also had a lot of his songs recorded by folks through the years with this song from the Oak Ridge Boys being his biggest…and a number one hit “I’ll Be True To You”


I mention on stages all the time how lucky I truly am to get to do what I do.  I wrote my first song when I was like 16.  Sat on a bed in Missouri and wrote something called “It Must Be Tears”.  I played it on an old Silvertone acoustic guitar ordered in the mail that my Mom had ordered and never got the hang of.  When I played it for her you would have thought I wrote the biggest hit in the world…and I got hooked on rhyming and playing. 


Then for years I kind of dreamed about just being considered a half way equal to some of the great songwriters I admire.  And now I find myself on stages with them singing my songs and listening to theirs.  Life can be surreal sometimes.



And we wrapped up this musical weekend with a treat.  An old friend Jeannie Kendall of “The Kendalls” dropped by and I got her up to sing “Heaven’s Just A Sin Away”.  What a cool moment.  Jeannie lives about 30 minutes away from the theater.  We sat backstage and caught up…and she’s excited about her new album, which will have some songs I wrote on it.  And we chatted on stage…on Father’s Day about her Dad the late Royce Kendall who sang all those harmony parts on all those great Kendall hits.  Just a great walk down memory lane for sure.


If you’d like to see our conversation and hear our version of that big hit just click HERE…it should take you to it.  Thank you Jeannie for coming by.  It was a treat.



I don’t have time to do a lot of tourist things when I’m in Branson…or haven’t.  But I did go see the Titanic Museum this time that was within walking distance.  Gotta say…it’s pretty cool.  If you like history even a little you’ll like it.  The stationary tour guides dressed in the ships uniform tell some unbelievable stories that I had not heard before.  Those alone made it worth going through.  So…if you come to Branson…take the tour.  And steer clear of the danged icebergs.



I knew I was back in Missouri when I crossed over floodwaters and then read a sign that said, “Warning…Feral Hogs Are Dangerous”.  I just don’t see that posted in Nashville folks.  Ours would would read “Beware of Bachelorette Parties”. 



I did get a text from WSM asking me to fill in for Bill Cody today and tomorrow on the morning show but I’m traveling home today so I had to miss this morning…but tomorrow morning I’m on early at 5:30 with Charlie Mattos and you can listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com  And if your heart is strong enough you can watch us on TV at watchheartlandtv.com  See you on the radio again.



“Alligator Spotted Swimming With A Steak Knife In Head”.  Wow.  Would ya like some A1 with that?



A very busy week starting early tomorrow morning on the radio.  Then Thursday a Songwriting Seminar  with my friend Amanda Williams in Nashville.  Then Sunday my wife and I board a plane for our trip to Amsterdam where we jump a boat to sail down the Rhine River with Brent Burns and a bunch of his Parrot Head friends.  Here we go.


Have a great Monday!



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