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Miller Time...Virginia Show Cancelled...Immaculate Innings

Jun 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Nashville and even my ceiling fans are hot. Up near 3 digits again today.



Well, I could not have had a better songwriting “hang” than I did yesterday with former American Idol star Alex Miller and my ridiculously talented friend-piano player-guitar player-songwriter and he’s an unreal vocalist too…Josh Shilling. This is the second time for this trio. Josh and Alex met in Branson during the Rhonda Vincent Christmas show last year when young Alex was one of their guests. And I was introduced to Alex through my friend Jerry Salley who produced Alex’s first CD “Miller Time” that’s out now on Billy Jam Records. Josh brought a GREAT title that we wrote into a “radio” friendly song for Alex, we hope. Pretty sure all three of us were on a high when we wrapped up yesterday because we feel so good about this song. Now we’ll wait and see where it goes. But it was a good day at the songwriting office.


And i have to say how great it was seeing my friend Josh Shilling looking so great after being in a horrible ATV accident with his wife and son a few months ago that was flat our scary.



I hate to have to announce that my show in Marion, Virginia with Linda Davis and Lang Scott had to be cancelled because both came down with what’s going around. Yep. COVID. So all my good thoughts are with them. We are hoping that this show will be rescheduled at the beautiful Lincoln Theatre in the Spring of 2023.Tickets are being refunded already for those of you who bought in advance. And when we do reschedule, I’ll share the new date here.


My summer looked to be very busy, but with two shows now cancelled because of COVID, one to Little Rock to write with veterans and now this one in Virginia, it’s not quite as busy.  Anybody else ready for COVID to go the heck away?



Well, two of my dearest friends have COVID, and now so does Dr. Fauci. Nobody is immune, nobody has enough antibodies, nobody seems to have enough shots and boosters and more shots, and no mask is full proof.


The New England Journal of Medicine just printed an article quoting researchers who say that if you get two vaccine shots without the third booster it offers essentially no lasting protection against the Omicron variant. And at the same time, any immunity to the Omicron variant, either from having been infected or from the full round of shots offers significant and lasting protection against SEVERE illness, hospitalization, or death. So if I’m reading that right, if you’ve had COVID, your antibodies are as good as being fully vaccinated as far as the “severe” cases go.


There certainly is some holding back as far as fully vaccinating children. North Carolina officials say that only 4% of the kids in the Tarheel state have had a booster shot.



It’s gotten expensive with high gas prices for sure. I just got my airline ticket for a flight to Colorado in July where I’ll be joining several other songwriters to pair up with veterans and write their stories into songs. This will happen in beautiful Montrose,Colorado and it will be the third time I’ve had the pleasure of doing this with Freedom Sings USA. Steve Dean, Wil Nance, Bobby Tomberlin and Wood Newton will be the other songwriters going.  Even though I don’t have to pay for my fight from Nashville, I could not help but notice that the airfare is over $800. It cost maybe a third of that for same flight a year ago. There’s just no cheap way to get anywhere right now.



Don’t forget Dad this Sunday. Dads have proven from time that they can be very clever and resourceful with their kids. Like the Dad in this story. His wife says, “Well, I’ll be darned! That’s our son out there mowing the lawn! How in the world did you ever manage that?”


The Father says, “He wanted to borrow the car, and I told him I’d lost the keys in the overgrown grass.” 



That would be the July 4th weekend. That means we have 100 firework tents already up here in middle Tennessee selling you stuff that will explode. Once again, I encourage you not to shop at “Nervous Nellie’s Fireworks AND Liquor Stand.”  Stay safe patriots. I think old Three Finger Fred still runs that place.



Admittedly, I’m a baseball geek. By far it’s still my favorite sport. If you watch enough baseball every now and then something happens in a game that you’ve never seen before. Or it’s a rarity. That happened last night in the Houston Astro’s game against their in state rival the Texas Rangers. Houston pitchers Luis Garcia and Phil Maton pitched back-to-back immaculate innings That means they threw 9 pitches each and each of them got three strikeouts. First time in Major League history. If you love baseball, ya gotta love that.



Team building exercises have been around for a while. The company takes you out to some camp and they challenge you to do stuff that supposedly will help bond and work better with other folks. you with the rest of your co-workers, management, and staff. Things don’t always go well.


A company in Switzerland challenged their employees to walk across a hot bed of coals. 25 got burnt. 10 were burnt badly enough to wind up in the hospital. Those 10 will be participating in a Team Rebuilding Feet challenge now.



I’m writing online this morning with my Pennsylvania bluegrass friend Troy Engle. Though we’ve written several songs together by now, we’ve yet to meet in person. One of the odd things about technology and songwriting these days.


Have a great Thursday!














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