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Jun 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |



No blog this morning as right now I'm inside the WSM studios tucked inside the Opryland Hotel.  It's going to be a busy show too with 3 "live" guests this morning including Catie Offerman at 7:30 and up and comer.  Then at 8:30 we'll have Mountain Faith...a gospel bluegrass group that many of you have seen "America's Got Talent".  And at 9:15 Pure Prairie League will join Charlie Mattos and me.  The regular host Bill Cody is taking a morning off so I'm happy to be here again. Listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com and watch us if you dare on Heartland TV.



I'm off to the Grand Ole Opry where one of our WSM guests will perform...Mountain Faith as well as my great friend Linda Davis.  It's been awhile since I've been so I'm looking forward the evening for sure.



And this is Father's Day weekend.  If you are lucky enough to have yours...make sure ya love on em' big time.  I think my daughter Heather is taking me to a baseball game on Sunday which makes me realize I raised a great kid!


Have a great weekend!

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