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Last Second Songwriting...Radio Interviews...Bluebird Show

Jun 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday. Oh yea. Hot again. 100. Lather, rinse repeat. 2,000 folks here in Nashville were without power yesterday…heat related.



I had a day free of songwriting yesterday…or so I thought. That all changed when I got a text from Brooke Aldridge about a song idea that she thought we could tackle yesterday evening. I had it on my calendar for July 14, they had it June 14. So, when I got the text at 4 pm, I scrambled and the next thing I know Brooke and her husband Darin are on my computer screen from their home in North Carolina and we did indeed write that great idea Brooke sent to me. And it could not have turned out better.


My friend Lisa Shaffer introduced me to Darin and Brooke years ago when she sent them the song “Corn” that we had written, and they recorded it. And that song is still one of their signature songs and fan favorites to this day. Lisa is no longer in the music business, but that song opened the door for me to really get to know Darin and Brooke. Since “Corn” they’ve recorded several of my songs and have become Grand Ole Opry stars too. Brooke has won Best Female Bluegrass Artist multiple times. Not only are they talented, but they’re also truly great folks too. And I’m blessed to be able to call them co-writers AND friends these days.



First, I’ll be on KWRE Radio in Warrenton, Missouri this coming Monday morning to interview with my friend Mike Thomas to talk about the July 50th Anniversary show I’ll be doing in Louisiana, Missouri at the Elks on July 1 to talk about Mo Mo the Missouri Monster that is still a legend back there where I grew up. The interview will be “live” with Mike, and you can listen in at their website Monday morning.


And then at 9 AM the next day, Tuesday June 21 on the Eagle Radio Station which is housed in a barn in a cow pasture where I worked when I was a kid (as I did the radio station in Warrenton) I’ll be on the air to do the same thing. Talk about Mo Mo. And it’s at this radio station now called “The Eagle” where the whole Mo Mo thing started. Back when I worked there the radio station was in a single wide trailer and the call letters were KPCR.


So it will be fun promoting this show and talking about old Mo Mo stories one more time on both of those radio stations where I spent some time on air during my youth. Looking forward to it.


And here’s a great article the St. Louis Post Dispatch ran about our show on July 1 if you’re curious.



Canada will no longer require proof of vaccination for its citizens traveling in Canada. However, international visitors will still need proof of vaccination…for now.


A lot of folks who have never had COVID are now coming down with it. They say it’s the SARS-COV-2 variant that seems to be the culprit. Sounds like some alien colony, doesn’t it? SARS-COV-2.


Ironic, and non-discriminatory. That’ how you could describe the news that our HEALTH secretary now has COVID.




My wife has gotten into growing stuff. She was giddy when she found two full sized green beans had sprouted on one of her plants. Cool. She has to forgive me for my non-excitement about growing stuff. I talk about how I was over gardens quickly after growing up in Missouri with a HUGE garden that required weeding, digging taters, hoeing and more. Wasn’t my thing. And I’m not a veggie guy which didn’t help. And I don’t see me hoeing a row or two anytime soon.


That kind of life seems more romantic to me these days than it did back then but only in the sense that it made for a good song that I wrote with Steve Dean called “Living Out In The Country” that landed on our first “Hits & Grins” CD. 


BUT…big time congrats to my wife Kathy and her two green beans. The woman is talented now.



I didn’t write this, but I fully agree with the guy who wrote, “I have learned only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. First, let her think she’s having her way. Second, let her have it.”



Are you looking at the stock market every day?  Me neither. I don’t look at it, like I don’t look at the price at the pump. Or at least I TRY not to look.


One stock guy this morning says NOW is the time to buy and not sell which always makes common sense if you have the stomach for it. He suggests buying stock in necessities. Oil, gas, food, etc.  Necessities. So I bought some shares of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.


I keep reading we’re about to peak as far as making big money on selling our houses. But here in Tennessee they revealed that Tennessee homeowners home equity jumped another $66,000 in the first quarter.



That’s fast arriving. I want to thank my very funny friend Richard Bowden who was half of the hysterical musical duo Pinkard and Bowden back in the day. Richard sent me a poster advertising the “Testicle Festival” coming up in Bentonville, Arkansas. So nice that he THOUGHT of me for this!  I guess since Richard didn’t have the balls to play it himself, he sent it to me. I guess.



I’m playing at the historical Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia this Saturday night with Linda Davis and Lang Scott with our “Evening in the Round” show.


And NEXT Saturday I’m at the Bluebird Café here in Nashville with “Hits & Grins” and my buddies Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. A reminder, tickets go on sale at the Bluebird website the morning of June 20 (next week) for our 6 pm show there. And the shows sell out instantly. So, act very quickly on your computer if you want to score a ticket. Looking very forward to playing the Bluebird which is still the Holy Grail for all songwriters.



“A Woodpecker Jumps On Top of Woman’s Nest Like Hair”. Maybe don’t tease or spray the hair quite so much if you don’t want a pecker in your “do”.



I’m back in a writing room today with American Idol Alex Miller and my talented buddy and piano player Josh Shilling.  Alex and his team are starting to look ahead for his next batch of songs to record, so we’ll be trying to write something that might fit for him today. Alex is just such a great young kid, talented, and impossible not to love. And he’s STONE country which I like a lot too. We’ll have fun today.


Have a great Wednesday!







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