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Late Radio...Mr. Springer...Father's Day Weekend

Jun 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

So I’m in Starbucks early per usual…5:15 AM and one of the baristas asks if I want a part time job.  I might have become too much of a regular there.



I was on air 7-Midnight last night filling in for Eddie Stubbs.  Always great to be on air for that radio station and dig deep into the country archives.  And a shout out to some friends from Jacksonville who came by and got the nickel tour of our studios inside the Opryland Hotel.  My friend Juanita Hotard was in town with a young 12 year old girl singer and her Mom and the young lady took a “performance” class from my friend Linda Davis.  They shared a little video of this young lady singing…at 12…and I just had to shake my head once again at how talented some young folks are.



I look forward to seeing them in November down in Jacksonville where I’ll perform but also teach a songwriting class.  It’s November 9…and all the details are on my calendar here on my website.



My friend Dave Lenahan sent me this picture of the two of us performing at Alley Taps in historic Printers Alley this past Wednesday night.  Apparently everyone had enough fun that I might be making a return engagement there.


The next time I’m going to insist that they NOT be out of Guinness on tap as they were Wednesday of this week.  Geez.  How do you run out of beer at a bar? 




I took a liking to Guinness in Ireland…which certainly surprised me.  One of many things my family fell in love with while we were over there.  I saw an article listing the top 20 places to visit in Ireland…we saw at total of 2 of them I believe.  We stayed on one side of the country because of the wedding we had…but I feel like we saw some incredible places as we got off the well worn path some and saw some ruined castles and beautiful countryside and seaside views. To be honest…we enjoyed doing more of the non big touristy things that a lot of folks do when they tour for a week.  If nothing else…it’s a reminder of how much more there is to see of that beautiful country.




A survey reveals that 24% of us have not taken a vacation in over a year.  Wow.  I’m hoping a large part of that 24% are comprised of folks who have jobs they love so much that they feel like their on vacation every day.



El Nino.  Next year they say it comes back.  The only person celebrating that may be Al Gore who can say, “see…I told ya so”.  I’m not sure which is worse.  Being on a coast line when El Nino shows up or being on the island of Hawaii for Vol-Ca-No.



They are ending production of Jerry’s crazy show after 27 years of that staged insanity on television.  I know Jerry a bit from my Cincinnati days.  He was Mayor, a leading TV anchor all before going to Chicago for a show nobody saw lasting this long.  One of the smartest quick minds I’ve been around and very self effacing funny.  He knew exactly what he was doing with the show and laughed the hardest at himself about it.  And almost all of the mayhem was staged.


A radio friend of mine once was on the show in diapers running around stage like a madman for an episode.  All staged. 


Jerry was a radio guest of mine several times…showed up once and sang on stage with my band as he LOVES traditional country music.  He’s not a good singer…but he just belts it out…and folks love it.


Congrats Jerry on your crazy long run.  It will be fun seeing what his next thing will be.



He’s got folks like Jimmy Buffett singing on his new album about to be released.  He’s announced that all proceeds from this album will go toward Virgin Island Relief.  How cool is that?  He’s chilling in St. Thomas or St. John or some Carribbean island most of the days he’s not touring so he has a vested interest.  But that’s just pretty cool to do that.  I’ll buy the album for two reasons now.  One because of the great cause…two because I really like his current single “Get Along”.



That huge Broadway show is being made into a feature movie.  Anne Hathaway has a lead role as one of those singing cats.  I’m auditioning for the role of “Hair Ball Bill”.  I’ll let you know if I get the part.



In the little charming town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee where I used to make a trip to once a week to emcee a “live” radio country music show…they are holding the RC Cola-Moon Pie Festival.


I’ve heard that all my life.  RC and a moon pie.  Now…I’ve had an RC…and I’ve had a moon pie…but never together.  I’m up for the challenge.  I can find a moon pie pretty easily…but an RC Cola?  That may be tougher.




The US Open is also going on this weekend where the censors will have to be on their toes because the course is designed to be the toughest the pros play all year.  That means high scores…bad shots and uh…maybe cover your ears if you’re in the gallery.



And yes…it’s Dad’s big day this weekend too.  Hug em’…spoil em’ if you are lucky enough to still have yours around to celebrate with.  My Dad was a hard working man…had to be with five kids.  The lessons I learned?  Too numerous to mention.  But I do believe a hard work ethic was one of the best tools he gave me and my siblings.  Nothing given…you want something?  Get a job.  He also had a great sense of humor…and you know by knowing me…that passed down too.  Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s everywhere.  Hope your kids spoil ya.



Off to write with Jenny Tolman today who has two shows to do after we get done writing.  Busy girl who’s career is growing…deservedly.  I’m looking forward to creating something new with her today.


Have a great weekend!





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