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Jun 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


First and foremost...how do you like the new look here?  We've redesigned the web page as you can clearly see with a lot of help from my friend Lang Scott and his company MCN which specializes in website development for artists and more.  We have some tweaks left to go but I think the changes will allow me to give you better and more content.  It's been long overdue and I'm glad to be able to freshen it up with some new features you'll notice as you click around on billwhytecomedy.com  I'd certainly love to hear your input too...do you like it?  Anything else you'd like to see added?  Feel free to shoot me a note at info@billwhytecomedy.com


If you need a website developed...reach out to MCN.  You can check them out at the link provided just above.


I'm pretty sure most folks are not able to say they wrote a song about a one piece hairy swimsuit for women.  But I can lay claim to that.  Quite a looker isn't it?  I'm not sure what kind of woman wants one of these...but she'll be easy to spot on the beach.  I took the big Maren Morris hit "My Church" and turned that into "My Swimsuit" for my comedy syndication folks in New York...and hopefully some folks around the country are laughing at it right now.  If the folks who made this bad boy are smart...they will package the suit with a razor.



I also spent some time with my friend Lang Scott working on this new website look and catching up.  He and his wife Linda Davis and myself have this songwriting-performing trio called "Evening In The Round".  We kicked around ideas about putting this trio back out on the road some in 2018 which would be great.  At the moment Linda is busy opening for Kenny Rogers and more so just keep checking here for those dates in the next year.


Incidentally...if you go to "Bookings" here on the new website you'll see a video presentation of "Evening In The Round" as well as my other songwriting trio "Hits & Grins" with info on how you can book either.  And in a few days there will be more info on how to just book me if you want for a house concert, show, festival, fair...wherever one would need a guy with a guitar and a bag of funny songs. 



The "Soupman" that Jerry Seinfeld made famous in New York..."no soup for you"!!   He just filed for bankruptcy.  Full circle.  He's in the soup line.



Apparently...if this is true...a Russian kazillionaire is building a huge space station...a place where folks can live if they want and look down at earth full time.  Over 500,000 folks have reportedly signed up already.  Makes that Jefferson TV theme "Moving On Up" work even better doesn't it?



Check out this little VIDEO that's gone viral of a little girl offering up encouraging words to our Nashville Predator hockey team who came up just short in the Stanley Cup Finals.  So cute. If you need a smile on your face today...this will do it.  Of course right after she filmed this...I'm sure she went and slammed her little brother into a wall. 



The news channel just removed their little logo of "fair and balanced" that they've touted since the network signed on and hired a lot of talking heads to shout politics.  No word on what the new "branding" will be.  But I'd love to have a chance to submit an idea or two wouldn't you?  I'd submit, "We May Not Be Right ALL The Time...But At Least We're Loud".  I'm not holding out much hope that they'll take my idea.



Just wanted to share this picture on my new website that I posted on my Facebook page...which you can now access on the website here.  Gosh...I had a TON of the nicest responses to this yesterday and they are still pouring in.  Thank you!  I tell people all the time that writing the song actually turns out to be the easiest part of being a songwriter.  The challenge is getting someone to really listen to your songs...and finding ways to get it to those ears.  I will be forever grateful to Hillary, Lang, Linda and Riley Jean for not only listening...but loving this tune which has not only been a great blessing to me...but apparently to folks across the country who relate to this song and it's message.  If for some reason, you have not yet listened to "Safe Haven"...click on and do so.






I read an article today listing things NOT to do if you want to be a happy person.  I have my own list...but one thing on this one that I nodded my head in agreement to was, "never let the fear of disapproval or criticism hold you back".  It's amazing what one can do if they shut that noise off and believe in themselves and their God given talent.  Had I not adapted that policy there was no way I would have been accepted as a Chippendale Dancer.  No way.



How about the woman on the airplane who noticed a man looking really sad in his seat.  What does this woman do?  She goes over and gives him a lap dance on the plane.  Great.  Now every plane is going to be filled with pitiful looking men. 



Who knew that the movie "Dodgeball" was successful enough to have a sequel?!  It's true.  Apparently America can't get enough of watching men in little shorts with red bruises on their pasty legs.  I HATED that sport in High School.  My salvation was I was so skinny back then that the big brutes had trouble finding me.  Thank goodness.  Pretty sure most of those obnoxious beefy kids who LOVED that sport are now bill collectors.



Lots of kids going to camp this summer.  Swimming, boating, making campfires.  But some are going to learn all about hacking and coding on computers.  In Pensacola...at the local college...the are offering up "Cyber Security Camp".  For real.  I get it.  I would have so opted for that when I was that age as opposed to a camp that let you play dodgeball.



So much so that one woman disguised a dog to look like a baby so she could sneak it into a hospital and take the dog Grandma who was a patient.  I'm sure it made Granny feel better.  Nurses are still hedging their bets as to whether it looked like a really cute dog or a really ugly kid.



Off to finish up a song with Jenny Tolman this morning that we started a few weeks back.  Talented...and great people.  Hard to call what we're going to get to do work. 



I have three more days teed up to be on WSM radio...all in the morning show.  Tomorrow morning...Friday 5:30-10 AM working with Charlie Mattos as Bill Cody takes the day off.  And I'm on mornings next Thursday and Friday too for the same reason.  Short blogs those mornings because I'll be in studio and won't have time to blog.  But tune in if you can worldwide at wsmonline.com and or watch the show on Heartland TV.


Have a great Thursday!

A pleasure!

Thanks for the plug Bill. You are a cyber, Interweb Ninja!

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